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'College Boys Live' & 'Dirty Magazines' + Sharon Gless & Gay Adoption Gone Wrong: Outfest Movies

Outfest 2009 hightlights on Friday, July 10. Synopses from the Outfest website.

Sharon Gless in Hannah Free

Hannah Free (Fri, Jul 10th 7:00pm, DGA 1)

(USA, 2009, 88 mins) World Premiere

Directed By: Wendy Jo Carlton; scr: Claudia Allen

Romantic, touching and poignant, HANNAH FREE eloquently depicts a lifelong love affair between two very different women. Hannah (played as an older woman by the remarkable Sharon Gless) is adventurous and rebellious, while Rachel is content with a traditional small town life. They tell the stories of their lives - from mouth-watering apple pie to clandestine sex in the barn, from adventurous travels to an unbearable marriage, from a world war to deep family denial. Through a history spanning nearly 70 years, their love is the bond that withstands it all.

Misconceptions by Ron Satlof

Misconceptions (Fri, Jul 10th 7:00pm, FAIRFAX 1)

(USA, 2008, 95 mins)

Directed By: Ron Satlof; Scr: Ron Satlof

Set in the buckle of the Bible belt, MISCONCEPTIONS is a comedy of manners for the culture wars. Devout churchgoer Miranda Bliss turns her small-town life upside-down when - acting on divine inspiration, natch - she decides to become a surrogate mother for a gay couple. Southern hospitality gets stretched to the limit when the boys show up unannounced to take care of the expectant mother, who hasn't exactly told her homophobic hubby the particulars….

College Boys Live by George O'Donnell

College Boys Live (Fri, Jul 10th 9:30pm, DGA 1)

(USA, 2009, 90 mins) Los Angeles Premiere

Directed By: George O'Donnell

You may have paid to watch the sexy webcams, but you haven't really gone inside this infamous online party house until you see George O'Donnell's fascinating documentary. Meet “house mothers” Zac and Jonathan and their teen and twentysomething tenants - troublemaker J.C., heartbreaker Tim and fresh-out-of-the-closet Chuck - then see what happens when their neighbors rally to kick them out. Given the voyeuristic nature of documentary filmmaking, voyeurism itself makes for a compelling subject in this unpredictable and entertaining film.

Transatlantic by David Quantic
Dirty Magazines by Jay J. Levy
Non-Love Song by Erik Gernand
Transatlantic by David Quantic (top); Dirty Magazines by Jay J. Levy (middle); Non-Love Song by Erik Gernand (bottom)

"Makin' Moves” (shorts) (Fri, Jul 10th 9:30pm, FAIRFAX 1)

Program Running Time is 102 min

Frequent Traveller
Directed By: Patricia Bateira
Portugal, 2007, 8 min
There are many kinds of power, used and unsused, acknowledged or otherwise…

Directed By: Stewart Hendler
USA, 2009, 12 min
At a solitary bus stop, a dandelion shudders in the breezeâ€"and a chance encounter between two people changes both lives forever.

Color Me Bad
Directed By: Hesdy Lonwijk
Netherlands, 2007, 23 min
An enchanting and impressionistic look at the life of a young boxer, son of immigrants, who is torn between tradition and his heart's desire.

Directed By: David Quantic
USA, 2009, 12 min
Two couples, two countries.

Directed By: Erik Gernand
USA, 2008, 8 min
On the last day of summer before heading off to college, two 18-year old best friends attempt to connect as adults and for the first time in their lives share a real moment.

Dirty Magazines
Directed By: Jay J. Levy
USA, 2008, 39 min
An absurd comedy about how a mother/son relationship changes after a devoted Mom finds gay porn underneath her son's bed on the morning of his 16th birthday.

Outfest 2009 hightlights on Monday, July 13. Synopses from the Outfest website.

Mr. Right by Jacqueline Morris

Mr. Right (Mon, Jul 13th 7:00pm, FAIRFAX 1)

(UK, 2009, 95 mins)
World Premiere
Directed By: Jacqueline Morris
SCR: David Morris

What do a TV producer, a rugby player, two actors, a model and an artist have in common? Find out in MR. RIGHT, a delightful relationship dramedy from the brother/sister team of writer David Morris and director Jacqui Morris. As the boys hook up, break up and make up, they must get past the drama in order to find true happiness. A sentimental, sexy trip through London's gay enclave Soho, MR. RIGHT just might be the one!

Lion's Den by Pablo Trapero

Lion's Den (Mon, Jul 13th 7:00pm, LAEMMLE MONICA)

(Argentina, South Korea, Brazil, 2008, 113 mins)
In Spanish with English subtitles
Directed By: Pablo Trapero
SCR: Alejandro Fadel, Martin Mauregui, Santiago Mitre & Pablo Trapero

After murdering her abusive boyfriend, pregnant Julia is sent to the special maternity wing of a notorious Argentinean jail. There she discovers a cruel world utterly different from the one she left outside, one where the female inmates must depend on each other for support, protection and love. LION'S DEN takes the familiar tropes of trashy 'girls behind bars' flicks and deepens them, creating a tale of survival that is both inspiring and devastating.

Frequent Traveller by Patricia Bateira

Makin' Moves - Shorts (Mon, Jul 13th 7:00pm, DGA 2)

Choosing Children by Debra Chasnoff, Kim Klausner

Legacy Project Gala: Choosing Children (Mon, Jul 13th 8:00pm, DGA 1)

(USA, 1984, 45 mins)
Directed By: Debra Chasnoff,
Kim Klausner

One of the first movies about lesbian families, CHOOSING CHILDREN is an emotionally potent film that challenges society's definition of family by exploring the ways lesbians are raising children in couples, alone, with gay men and in extended families of friends.

Since the passing of Proposition 8 in California and similar bans against LGBT marriages and adoptions across the United States, illustrations of healthy LGBT families are crucial in breaking down stereotypes and ensuring the civil liberties of all families. CHOOSING CHILDREN began the fight against xenophobia and homophobia in 1984, but its work is not yet complete.

IN PERSON: Academy Award-winning director Debra Chasnoff, co-director Kim Klausner and documentary subjects will talk about the making and restoration of CHOOSING CHILDREN as well as discuss the current state of LGBT families in California in their struggle for civil rights

Event Schedule:
7:00pm: VIP Pre-Party, DGA Atrium (VIP ticket holders)
8:00pm: Screening and Panel (all ticket holders)
10:00pm: Gala After-Party, DGA Lobby (all ticket holders)

Ticket prices range from $30-$300.

Ander by Roberto Caston

Ander (Mon, Jul 13th 9:30pm, LAEMMLE MONICA)

(Spain, 2009, 128 mins)
In Spanish, Euskera with English subtitles
Directed By: Roberto Caston
SCR: Roberto Caston

Quiet farmer Ander is a dedicated creature of habit, but everything in his carefully constructed life is upended by the arrival of José, a migrant worker from Peru. As the men's friendship grows into something deeper, Ander is forced out of his routine and into the joyous uncertainty of the real world. Featuring sumptuous cinematography and a gorgeous Basque setting, ANDER is a captivating portrait of a life interrupted.

Outfest 2009 hightlights on Tuesday, July 14. Synopses from the Outfest website.

Ghosted by Monika Treut

Ghosted (Tue, Jul 14th 7:00pm, LAEMMLE MONICA)

(Germany , Taiwan, 2009, 89 mins)
In English, Gernan, Mandarin with English subtitles
Directed By: Monika Treut
SCR: Astrid Stroner & Monika Treut

Legendary filmmaker Monika Treut (SEDUCTION: THE CRUEL WOMAN, FEMALE MISBEHAVIOR) returns to Outfest with a deftly crafted, mysterious love story. Sophie, a Hamburg-based visual artist, is haunted by the unexplained death of her beautiful Taiwanese girlfriend, Ai-ling. As Sophie attempts to come to terms with her grief, she encounters new intrigue when she meets Mei-Li, a relentless journalist who seems just as obsessed with uncovering the truth about Ai-ling as she is with seducing Sophie.

Make the Yuletide Gay by Rob Williams

Make the Yuletide Gay (Tue, Jul 14th 7:15pm, FAIRFAX 1)

(USA, 2009, 89 mins)
World Premiere
Directed By: Rob Williams
SCR: Rob Williams

At college, homo heartthrob Gunn lives out loud with his boyfriend Nathan (Adamo Ruggiero of Degrassi: The Next Generation). But in the eyes of his wacky parents, Gunn is Olaf Gunnunderson, a devoted son who is 100 percent straight. So when Nathan shows up for a surprise holiday visit, Gunn's worlds collide in an explosion of tinsel, eggnog and shocking revelations! MAKE THE YULETIDE GAY is a sexy romp that proves it's always better to give than to receive.

AFTER-PARTY, Jul 14: KNIGHTLIFE @ WINSTON'S, 7746 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 90069

Mississippi Damned by Tina Mabry

U.S. Dramatic Centerpiece: Mississippi Damned (Tue, Jul 14th 8:00pm, DGA 1)

(USA, 2009, 120 mins)
Directed By: Tina Mabry
SCR: Tina Mabry

Alternately steeped in joy and despair, MISSISSIPPI DAMNED is a stark chronicle of the bravery inherent in hopelessness. In fact, writer/director Tina Mabry's remarkably assured debut remains relentlessly uplifting even as it tracks the monumental struggles of an African-American family sunk into a quagmire of addiction, poverty and abuse. As the years pass and the disappointments mount, the characters still summon the courage to dream.

Mabry's film succeeds because she grounds it in a strong sense of place, in this case the rural barrens of Mississippi. Adding to the memorable tone are the excellent production design and Bradford Young's gorgeous, seemingly tea-stained cinematography. The large ensemble cast distinguishes themselves as well, ably populating a sprawling narrative that covers more than twenty years and is a veritable almanac of dysfunction. Especially notable is Chastity Kershall Hammitte's heartbreaking portrayal of young lesbian Leigh, whose fantasy of escape and coming out is doomed by her commitments to her family.

Achingly beautiful in its easy familiarity with heartbreak, MISSISSIPPI DAMNED proves that little victories can triumph over enormous tragedies. - Jon Korn, Programmer

AFTER-PARTY: O-BAR, 8279 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

The Man Who Loved Yngve by Stian Kristiansen

The Man Who Loved Yngve (Tue, Jul 14th 9:00pm, LAEMMLE MONICA)

(Norway, 2008, 126 mins)
In Norwegian with English subtitles
Directed By: Stian Kristiansen
SCR: Tore Renberg

It's 1989 and Norwegian teen Jarle is set: a cool girlfriend, a killer thrash band and a totally rad haircut. But it all comes crashing down with the sudden appearance of Yngve, a hot blond tennis player who teaches Jarle to love synthpop and communal showers. Exploding with youthful enthusiasm and boasting a pitch-perfect soundtrack, THE MAN WHO LOVED YNGVE thrillingly conveys the crazy head-rush that is adolescent love.

Fiona's Script by Florencia Mandovil

Fiona's Script (Tue, Jul 14th 9:30pm, DGA 2)

(USA, 2009, 94 mins)
World Premiere
Directed By: Florencia Manovil
SCR: Florencia Manovil

A sexy dreamer unaware of her own beauty, Fiona lives her life hoping for the perfect love. Struggling from her last breakup, she throws her energy toward getting her unfinished script completed. Juggling a cute tomboy, complicated friendships and writer's block, Fiona is confronted with hard decisions, her past and the chance to step into herself. A wonderfully diverse mix of young women rounds out the sweetly penned FIONA'S SCRIPT.

 Dale Dymkoski in Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard (Tue, Jul 14th 9:45pm, FAIRFAX 1)

(USA, 2009, 95 mins)
World Premiere
Directed By: Everett Lewis
SCR: Everett Lewis

Everett Lewis (THE NATURAL HISTORY OF PARKING LOTS) returns to Outfest with this dark and provocative tale of seduction gone wrong. With his boyfriend out of town, young architect Rusty's carefully designed life jumps off the rails after he gets picked up by gorgeous hustler Denny. Faced with Denny's disorienting world of sex and drugs, Rusty must decide whether to run away or dive right in. LUCKY BASTARD is a heady, complex come-on that will arouse both your libido and your mind.

After Party: The Eagle, 4219 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, 90029

El nino pez by Lucia Puenzo

Outfest 2009 hightlights on Wednesday, July 15. Synopses from the Outfest website.

El niño pez / The Fish Child (Wed, Jul 15th 7:15pm, DGA 1)

(France , Spain , Argentina, 2009, 96 mins)
In Spanish with English subtitles
Directed By: Lucía Puenzo
SCR: Lucia Puenzo

Writer-director Lucía Puenzo won awards - including two prizes at Cannes - and critical acclaim all over the world for XXY, and now the Argentine filmmaker returns with a lesbian romance that's also a Chabrol-esque mystery thriller and a scathing examination of class differences in the South American nation.

Lala (Inés Efron, whose performance has inspired comparisons to the early film roles of both Sissy Spacek and Chloë Sevigny), the privileged daughter of a powerful judge, wants to run off with her Paraguayan lover La Guayi (Mariela Vitale), a maid who works for Lala's family. As the two prepare for their imminent escape from Buenos Aires to Paraguay - to live in a dream house that Lala has already sketched out on paper - Lala's cruel father is murdered, and circumstantial evidence appears that makes La Guayi look guilty. With the help of the shady Pulido (Carlos Bardem, brother of Javier), will Lala make the ultimate sacrifice for true love? And can the mythical, titular water-child protect these amour fou lesbians? - Alonso Duralde, Feature Film Programmer

AFTER-PARTY: BOOBY TRAP @TEMPORARY SPACES, 5100 Fountain Ave (@ Normandie, Los Angeles

Say Hooray to the Pope by Till Penzek, Jon Frickey
Butthole Lickin' by Kanako Wynkoop
Transpoofed by Andrea James
Say Hooray to the Pope by Till Penzek, Jon Frickey (top); Butthole Lickin' by Kanako Wynkoop (middle); Transpoofed by Andrea James (bottom)

Bitches, Buttholes and BFFs (Wed, Jul 15th 7:15pm, FAIRFAX 1)
Program Running Time is 84 min

Say Hooray to the Pope! (Sag Ja Zum Papst!)
Directed By: Till Penzek, Jon Frickey
Germany, 2007, 2 min
Why the Pope is good.

Two Classy Ladies
Directed By: Brian Gattas
USA, 2009, 6 min
TJ and Kris decide to answer an ad for hookers… and they get TWO CLASSY LADIES!

Hairbox Thrillers 6
Directed By: Michael Lucid
USA, 2009, 1 min
When Leslie Maloney walks back into Bonanza Richardson's life, she may not have the best of intentions…

A Day At The Beach
Directed By: Veronique Courtois
USA, 2008, 3 min
Brad and Sally will spend a day at the beach they'll never forget!

Stop It: Mercedes
Directed By: Mike Rose
USA, 2008, 5 min
Addiction is not funny…okay maybe it is. Mercedes is addicted to wearing the same outfit.

Four Steps
Directed By: Karen Wilkens
USA, 2009, 14 min
A lesbian employs the services of “The Master” to teach her how to harness her gay sixth sense, otherwise known as gaydar.

Directed By: Michael Medico
USA, 2009, 2 min
This character study focuses on Simon, a dried-up trust fund brat who's trapped in the Party Monster era of the early 90s, and reveals what happens when he spots a familiar face one fateful night at a club.

Hairbox Thrillers 11
Directed By: Michael Lucid
USA, 1 min
A juicy piece of gossip can lead to murder…

Directed By: Andrea James
USA, 2009, 14 min
Friends Ava and Joyce race to hide hints that Ava is transsexual before her unaware date arrives at her over-the-top apartment.

Butthole Lickin'
Directed By: Kanako Wynkoop
USA, 2008, 5 min
Sometimes lesbian love isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Stop It: Jazen
Directed By: Mike Rose
USA, 2008, 5 min
Addiction is not funny…okay maybe it is. Jazen is addicted to Broadway.

Little BFFs
Directed By: Glenn Gaylord, Steven Corfe
USA, 2009, 5 min
Two children play with their dolls (Miley Cyrus and her BFF Mandy) to explain what 'Gay' means in this sick puppet animation calvacade of perversions.

Directed By: Ash Christian
USA, 2009, 21 min
Cork & Desi, two of Tinseltown's most 'Transtastic' transplants, are trying to make a name for themselves in the world of Hollywood drag queens. It isn't until their arch-nemesis, Hollywood's #1 queen, Basil, sabotages their friendship that they realize they're meant to be best friends forever and what it takes to create the most talked about drag number the Valley has ever seen.

Patrik, Age 1.5

Patrik, Age 1.5 (Wed, Jul 15th 8:30pm, Ford Amphitheatre)

(Sweden, 2008, 103 mins)
In Swedish with English subtitles
Directed By: Ella Lemhagen
SCR: Michael Druker (play), Ella Lemhagen (screenplay)

Gay newlyweds Sven and Goran have it all: great jobs, a new home in the suburbs and the perfect plan to start their own family. The only thing they don't have is an answer to the bureaucratic mix-up that leaves them with a delinquent teenager instead of a newborn. Featuring lush cinematography and a smorgasbord of slick Swedish design, PATRIK, AGE 1.5 explores the challenges facing same-sex parents with style and humor.

Bandaged by Maria Beatty

Bandaged (Wed, Jul 15th 9:30pm, FAIRFAX 1)

(Germany, 2009, 92 mins)
North America Premiere
Directed By: Maria Beatty
SCR: Claire Menichi

A surgeon and his teenage daughter, Lucille, live in a mysterious mansion equipped with a full laboratory. A suicide attempt leaves Lucille's face burned and swathed in gauze, and a lady nurse tends to the nubile young woman. The attraction between the two women is palpable, developing into a forbidden affair. A period piece with nods to '60s European art house horror and a prime candidate for cult film status, BANDAGED is a smoldering and stylish erotic thriller.

Awakening by Christian Tafdrup

The Bro Job (Wed, Jul 15th 9:30pm, DGA 2)


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    Patrick age 1.5 is very funny and very touching. People shoulld see it. You will not be sorry.