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'Twilight Saga' Rules Box Office Via 'Immortals'

Immortals Henry Cavill work out'Immortals': Henry Cavill work-out pecs.

'The Twilight Saga' to rule weekend box office via 'Immortals': The Henry Cavill-Kellan Lutz connection

The Twilight Saga will rule the North American box office this weekend, Nov. 11-13, '11. Well, in a manner of speaking. Fans are already lining up days before the world premiere of Bill Condon's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, but that's not what I'm talking about either. See, two Twilight-connected performers have top roles in this weekend's box office champion, Tarsem Singh's Immortals:

  • Henry Cavill, who happened to be author Stephenie Meyer's original choice for the role of Edward Cullen (which went to a guy named Robert Pattinson).
  • Kellan Lutz, who plays Edward's big brother Emmett Cullen in the Twilight Saga movies.

Greek gods were gym rats

Distributed by Relativity Media, which is also handling Singh's upcoming Snow White project, Mirror Mirror, the R-rated Immortals features Greek gods fighting, romancing, and showing off their heavily worked-out pecs and other physical endowments.

That seems to be what moviegoers want today: the adventure epic earned about $13.5-$14 million on Veteran's Day Friday (including $1.4 million from Thursday midnight showings) according to The Hollywood Reporter. That should translate into approximately $33-$35 million for the weekend, or about $8-$10 million more than indicated by (often unreliable) tracking.

'Immortals' vs. '300'

Good news for Hollywood? Absolutely. But Nikki Finke puts things in perspective at Deadline.com, remarking that Zack Snyder's 300 took in $70.88 million (not adjusted for inflation) when it opened in early March 2007. (Coincidentally, Snyder is directing Man of Steel, which stars Henry Cavill as Superman.)

Also worth noting: 300 cost a reported (and unadjusted) $65 million, whereas, as per Deadline, Immortals cost $75 million. And unlike 300, Immortals has the advantage of 3D surcharges; you'll need to shell out more dough for 3D glasses at 70 percent of the 3,112 theaters showing the film.

'Immortals' cast

In addition to Henry Cavill and Kellan Lutz, Immortals features:

Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire). Luke Evans. Stephen Dorff. Isabel Lucas. Mickey Rourke. Stephen McHattie. Daniel Sharman. Joseph Morgan. Greg Bryk. Alan Van Sprang. Two-time Oscar nominee John Hurt (The Midnight Express, The Elephant Man).


Image of Henry Cavill and his work-out pecs in Immortals: Jan Thijs / Relativity Media.

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