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'How to Train Your Dragon' Tops, Robert Pattinson 'Remember Me' Finally Surpasses Budget

How to Train Your Dragon flying dragons Harry Potter'How to Train Your Dragon': Flying dragons reminiscent of 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.'

Box Office: 'How to Train Your Dragon' has solid but hardly phenomenal debut

March 29, '10, update: Directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, and featuring the voices of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, and America Ferrera, DreamWorks Animation 3D entry How to Train Your Dragon took in $43.73 million at the North American box office this weekend (March 26–28, '10) according to studio figures.

How to Train Your Dragon boasted a $10,785 per-theater average at 4,055 sites. Budgeted at a reported $165 million, the 3D-boosted animated feature had a perfectly acceptable though hardly phenomenal opening. Having said that, How to Train Your Dragon will likely have trouble matching its hefty production costs at the North American box office.

'Alice in Wonderland' holds up

As found at Box Office Mojo, Alice in Wonderland collected $17.7 million at no. 2 – down 49 percent from the week before. That's not bad at all, considering that Tim Burton's fantasy adventure lost hundreds of 3D venues this past weekend.

Alice in Wonderland's U.S. and Canada total currently stands at $293.5 million. It'll probably cross the $300 million mark on either Tuesday or Wednesday, a couple of days later than I'd initially predicted. (See further below.) The 3D fantasy loosely based on Lewis Carroll's work stars Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne Hathaway.

'Hot Tub Time Machine' malfunctions, 'The Bounty Hunter' surprisingly sturdy

Directed by Steve Pink, Hot Tub Time Machine disappointed with a so-so $14.02 million debut. Starring John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, and Clark Duke, the MGM comedy may not even match is relatively modest $36 million budget at the domestic box office.

Since as a rule of thumb studios/distributors keep about 50-55 percent of domestic box office grosses, if Hot Tub Time Machine is to earn MGM a profit – especially when taking into account marketing and distribution costs – that will have be generated by way of the overseas market and ancillary revenues.

Starring Jennifer Aniston and How to Train Your Dragon voice actor Gerard Butler, the romantic comedy The Bounty Hunter earned $12 million at no. 4. That's a pretty good amount – down 40 percent from last weekend – for a movie that has been hounded by highly negative reviews. To date, The Bounty Hunter, which cost $40 million, has grossed $38.8 million.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid was next in line with $10.1 million, about 15 percent less than early estimates indicated. The kiddie flick's cume is $35.7 million. Featuring Zachary Gordon, Diary of a Wimpy Kid has already covered its $15 million production budget and may end up in the black at the North American box office even after marketing and distribution expenses are tallied. That's rare these days.

Universal's two box office bombs

At no. 6, She's Out of My League drew in $3.51 million, a mid-level 39 percent drop from last week. To date, the Jay Baruchel-Alice Eve teen comedy has grossed $25.6 million. The film was budgeted at a reported $20 million.

Next was the Paul Greengrass-Matt Damon Iraq War thriller Green Zone with $3.38 million, down 45 percent. The $100 million Universal production has grossed a mere $30.4 million to date.

The Martin Scorsese-Leonardo DiCaprio mystery thriller Shutter Island, which also features Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Max von Sydow, and Michelle Williams, grossed $3.18 million at no. 8, following a relatively low 33 percent drop. Total to date $120.6 million. Budget: $80 million.

At no. 9, down from no. 4 last weekend, the Jude Law-Forest Whitaker futuristic action thriller Repo Men earned only $3.01 million. Universal's $32 million production lost 50 percent of its business from a week ago. Total to date: $11.3 million. Repo Men has become the studio's second flop in a row.

The no. 10 movie was another Forest Whitaker effort, Our Family Wedding, which pulled in $2.35 million (down 41 percent). For a movie not aimed at children or teenagers, Our Family Wedding performs surprisingly well on weekends, always going up a spot or two on the box office chart. To date, the comedy also featuring How to Train Your Dragon voice actress America Ferrera has grossed $16.7 million.

'Avatar' no longer among Top Ten

Avatar, now out of the Top Ten according to Sunday's estimates, was no. 11 with $2.04 million. At the beginning of its 15th week, James Cameron's 3D sci-fier has amassed a grand domestic total of $740.4 million.

If it's true that Avatar cost about $200 million to produce and $150 million to market and distribute – studios can easily downplay (or exaggerate) these figures if they so choose – then Avatar's North American box office earnings have already covered its costs (or are very close to doing that).

See also: “'Avatar' vs. 'Alice in Wonderland.'

Robert Pattinson Remember Me movie weekendRobert Pattinson 'Remember Me' movie: Weekend flop, weekday okay.

'Remember Me': Weak weekend performer

At no. 12, Robert Pattinson's Remember Me earned $1.93 million, down an acceptable 42 percent from last weekend. Curiously, when compared to most other movies Remember Me actually does better on weekdays than on weekends.

The romantic drama was no. 10 on Friday, but according to current estimates it had only a minor surge on Saturday and did poor business on Sunday. That has been the film's pattern since it opened two weeks ago. A relatively weak weekend, but then on weekdays it goes up a spot or two on the chart.

To date, Remember Me has brought in $17.1 million, or about $1 million more than its production cost. It'll probably earn another $3-$5 million in the next couple of weeks, ending its run in the low $20 million range. That's not bad at all for a movie that at first looked like it was going to disappear within the week.

'The Ghost Writer': Made for the international market?

At no. 13, Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer grossed $1.65 million, down only 20 percent from last week. Total to date: $9.19 million. Budget: $45 million.

The Ghost Writer will likely earn its producers a profit, but only when international and ancillary revenues are tallied. In fact, The Ghost Writer is the sort of movie that seems to have been made with specific segments of the international market in mind.

Films with adult themes – unless they have a major star and a strong studio push (and that's no guarantee, e.g., Green Zone) – haven't been doing well at all at the North American box office, which apparently continues to survive thanks to 12-year-olds (or those with the mindset of 12-year-olds) and their parents, guardians, and/or nannies.

In The Ghost Writer cast:

Ewan McGregor. Pierce Brosnan. Olivia Williams. Kim Cattrall. James Belushi. Jeff Burrell. Robert Pugh.

Best Actor Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson (In the Bedroom, 2001).

Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People, 1980).

Veteran Eli Wallach (The Victors, The Godfather: Part III).

Movies in limited release: Kristen Stewart-Dakota Fanning rock biopic down alarmingly

A holdover from last week, the Kristen Stewart-Dakota Fanning rock biopic The Runaways dropped an alarming 43 percent, collecting only $455,000 at 237 North American screens this past weekend. Average per screen: a paltry $1,920.

Here's wondering what's going to happen when The Runaways opens wide in April. The film's total to date is $1.58 million.

The silver lining: much like Robert Pattinson's Remember Me, The Runaways will probably do much better on home video and pay-per-view. Twilight fans may not be willing to go to a movie theater and shell out $12 to watch Pattinson or Stewart in off-beat roles, but they may well be willing to catch them on the small screen.

Chloe Amanda Seyfried Julianne Moore'Chloe': Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore play dangerously.

Amanda Seyfried-Julianne Moore combo disappoints

At 350 screens, Atom Egoyan's Chloe, starring Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried, and Liam Neeson, grossed a disappointing $900,000, or a quite low $2,573 per location.

The Noah Baumbach-Ben Stiller comedy Greenberg did okay for itself, grossing $1.02 million at 181 screens; its per-theater average was $5,642. For comparison's sake: Three weeks ago, Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer had a per-theater average of $8,769 at 147 sites. Ticket prices were lower then as well.

At 44 screens, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo did well with $344,000 and a per-theater average of $7,761. The Swedish mystery thriller stars Noomi Rapace as a computer hacker who helps a disgraced journalist (Michael Nyqvist) crack a four-decade-old murder.

Toplining Tahar Rahim, Jacques Audiard's A Prophet is losing steam in a market that for all purposes allows only big-budget Hollywood productions – or movies with tons of critics' awards – to prosper. The well-received prison drama pulled in $145,000 for a total of $1.32 million.

Bong Joon-ho's also well-received Mother, starring Kim Hye-ja in the title role, brought in only $81,000 at 38 screens. Total to date: $215,000.

Marco Bellocchio's Vincere, with Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Filippo Timi, earned $48,000 at 13 screens. Total to date: $78,000.

Still out there:

  • Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon: $35,000. Total: $2.023 million.
  • Pedro Almodóvar's Broken Embraces, starring Penélope Cruz: $23,000. Total: $4.758 million.
  • Tomm Moore and co-director Nora Twomey's animated The Secret of Kells: $16,000. Total: $117,000.
  • Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani's Ajami: $12,000. Total: $444,000.

'How to Train Your Dragon' Friday debut more modest than expected

March 27 p.m. update: DreamWorks Animation's new 3D feature How to Train Your Dragon grossed an estimated $12.2 million – a $3,009 per screen average – on Friday (March 26), according to Box Office Mojo. That's more than $1 million less than early estimates indicated. (See further below.)

Will the film match the $47.5 million prediction found at Deadline.com last night? That's still possible, considering that revenues for kiddie flicks such as How to Train Your Dragon tend to zoom up on Saturday and Sunday.

Alice in Wonderland Red Queen Helena Bonham Carter Mairi Ella Challen'Alice in Wonderland': Red Queen Helena Bonham Carter attempts to develop Alice's (Mairi Ella Challen) innate artistic qualities.

'Alice in Wonderland' no longer tops

At no. 2 for the first time since it opened three weeks ago, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland collected $4.7 million – down 53 percent from the week before. That amount is also a hefty $1.5 million less than stated in early reports.

It's now unclear when exactly Alice in Wonderland will cross the $300 million mark. As a kiddie flick, revenues should soar today and tomorrow – as they have in the past. But it's highly unlikely the 3D film will reach $300 million by Sunday even with the assistance of higher ticket prices. Chances are that milestone will be crossed either Monday or Tuesday next week.

'Hot Tub Time Machine' no 'The Hangover'

Hot Tub Time Machine will apparently underperform as predicted late last night. At no. 3, the MGM comedy starring John Cusack took in an estimated $4.55 million on Friday. Hot Tub Time Machine may thus end up grossing only $13.5 million for the weekend, when most initial predictions had it pegged at around $20 million.

At no. 4, the Jennifer Aniston-Gerard Butler romantic comedy The Bounty Hunter earned $4 million. That's a perfectly acceptable drop – 47 percent – for a movie that has been widely derided. Its estimated weekend take is $12.5 million.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid was next with $2.9 million. Figures will most likely improve on Saturday and Sunday, enough for it to gross an estimated weekend total of $11.5 million.

'How to Train Your Dragon' flying high, but not too high

March 27 a.m. update: How to Train Your Dragon will apparently be settling for halfway between a solid opening and an excellent opening. The DreamWorks Animation 3D feature scored an estimated $13.5 million on Friday. A rough estimate for the weekend, as per Deadline.com, currently stands at $47.5 million. Predictions had ranged from $30+ to $60 million or whereabouts.

Alice in Wonderland, for its part, is holding up stronger than expected, grossing about $6.2 million on Friday for an estimated $22.5 million by Sunday night. Most box office clairvoyants were predicting $17-18 million, especially considering that Alice has just been booted out of hundreds of 3D theaters.

If this rough estimate is on target – $298 million cume by Sunday night – Alice in Wonderland will cross the $300 million mark on Monday.

The MGM comedy Hot Tub Time Machine may end up underperforming: an estimated $4.5 million on Friday and only $13.5 million for the weekend. Most had been predicting something around $20 million, which is what other recent comedies of that type have collected on their debut weekend.

'Remember Me' surprisingly ahead of 'Avatar'

Surprisingly, according to Friday estimates the no. 10 movie on the domestic box office chart wasn't James Cameron's Avatar but Robert Pattinson's Remember Me. Both films lost about 300 screens each and Avatar's 3D tickets are costlier; even so, Pattinson's romantic drama held the lead.

Things will surely change on Saturday and Sunday, as Avatar receipts usually go way up on the weekend proper. Unless Pattinson's fans suddenly decide to flood U.S. and Canadian theaters, James Cameron's 3D sci-fier will likely be among the Top Ten by the time final weekend figures are tallied.

Remember Me took in 690,000, down a mid-level 44 percent. That's good when compared to its much steeper drop-off rate last weekend. We'll see how the film performs on the next two days.

The Forest Whitaker-America Ferrera comedy Our Family Wedding was no. 11 with $655,000, and only then came Avatar at no. 12 with $535,000, down 49 percent from last week.

Hot Tub Time Machine John Cusack The Hangover'Hot Tub Time Machine': John Cusack in malfunctioning 'The Hangover'-like comedy.

Weekend debuts: 'How to Train Your Dragon,' 'Hot Tub Time Machine,' movie ticket price increases

March 26, '10: How to Train Your Dragon opens today in North America. Expect box office receipts to soar even if actual attendance drops.

Thanks to the success of James Cameron's Avatar and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, 3D venues have decided that the Great Recession is over, spring is here, and it's time to cash in on the Good Times.

That means an additional $2 to $3 per ticket for 3D presentations – though the price hike will actually take place across the board. In other words, 2D movies will be affected as well.

At this rate, next spring a 2D matinee will cost about as much as an IMAX-3D ticket for Avatar last winter. (I hope the National Association of Theater Owners will be revising its “average” ticket prices for 2010, currently at $7.61, in the very, very near future.)

How high will 'Dragon' fly? How hot will 'Tub Time Machine' get?

How to Train Your Dragon is expected to dominate the domestic box office this weekend, though how strongly is yet unclear ($30+-$60 million). At Box Office Mojo, Brandon Gray has pointed out that dragon movies (Eragon, Dragonheart) haven't fared all that great in the past; which is kinda strange, considering that dinosaurs – i.e., dragons without wings or fire-spitting tongues – have usually acquitted themselves quite well.

The weekend's other major domestic release is Hot Tub Time Machine, supposed to be a kindred spirit to last year's sleeper blockbuster The Hangover. Starring John Cusack, Hot Tub Time Machine is MGM's first release since Fame last September. Box Office predictors are expecting a $17-$22 million debut.

'Alice in Wonderland' soon to pass $300 million

Although Alice in Wonderland will be crossing the $300 million mark sometime in the next few days, it will be severely impaired by a drastic cut on its number of 3D venues, which have been taken over by How to Train Your Dragon. Predictors are expecting $17-18 million for the weekend.

A glut in the market keeps making 3D exhibitors dump still-profitable films for new releases. Exhibitors should keep on doing well (even though first/second weekend box office percentage shares generally favor distributors), but the 3D films' producers (and, quite likely, distributors) probably aren't too happy with the current set-up.


Image of How to Train Your Dragon flying dragons: DreamWorks Animation.

Robert Pattinson Remember Me movie image: Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment.

Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried Chloe movie image: Sony Pictures Classics.

Red Queen Helena Bonham Carter and Mairi Ella Challen Alice in Wonderland image: Disney Enterprises.

John Cusack Hot Tub Time Machine image: MGM.

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25 Comments to 'How to Train Your Dragon' Tops, Robert Pattinson 'Remember Me' Finally Surpasses Budget

  1. ppatts

    Remember Me was very moving. I dont know why it got some bad reviews. Its a touchng real life like story and Rob is wonderful in the movie.
    Robert Pattinson is a beautiful wonderful actor. I want to see more of him.

  2. SHE

    OK AP:
    The audience does not have to be in film school to instinctively know what looks good, what looks confusing and what looks just bad.
    If the whole film was shot at a medium shot the ENTIRE way through, no matter what film, we would be bored out of our minds. Avatar has more wide shots, some medium and closeups, but if everything were shot at the same level and no one ever sees up or down, just straight on and you can only see shoulders and above…well it's like watching the news channel, informative but boring.

    Couldn't pay you to watch what? I care why?
    Didn't I already say we have to know who goes to see these films, who are the demographics? Why yes I did. Thanks for reiterating something I already said. You are a parrot. If you don't watch the film or understand the concept of it through either the original (book usually) or the screen writer's direction and couldn't even be paid to see it, then don't even bother to post about films at all.
    I have to stomach to watch even the worst of films just for critiquing and understanding.

    TWILIGHT HYPE…Since when did I ever care for any tweenies to watch the Robbert Pattinson film? Or are you talking to someone else?
    Yes, anyone who reads a story called Twilight from a woman who said it was all her dream with a guy she found hot, and calls Shakespeare a misogynist (which is not true) and hating misogynists but making her own hot guy a misogynist has some issues to work out, but that's their life mystery which has nothing to do Robbert Pattinson.

    Film school? Did I say film school? Nope, not at all.
    Art School, honey, not film school. We just have the film majors over here (it is a form of art).
    AP, I was talking to everyone in general, but you should probably clarify who you are speaking to, because some of your own mess is found through the incoherence of your comment.
    Your beloved dark drama isn't as big a hype as you want it to be and it's not because of prejudice or because of Twilight tweenies or adults or anyone against it.
    I could tell you the main reason it didn't do so well, but we'll go with the one that probably won't bog people so much in America.
    It's a poor film. Perhaps a great story, but poor quality in general.
    “Crappy animation usually can't save a good story, but really good animation can save the worst story ever.”- teacher who shall go unnamed.
    If it isn't eye catching or beautiful, then this film will go to the flops 90 percent of the time.
    So that dark indie drama you think is a “beautiful” piece of “art” isn't so beautiful after all.

  3. Den

    Thank God for RPattz! He is a breath of fresh air. He has the ability to be so different and so good in the movies he's been in and the movies to come. It's a bonus he's unconventionally attractive.

  4. renate

    Mr. Pattinson is here to stay. He is different to all the pretty faces and buff Bodies..he is a real Person . We relate to him because he can be the Boy next door, the gentle lover we all grave the Protecter and the Friend we want. This is what dreams are made off… and he feeds them well. A Guy who is not scarred to show his goofiness awkwardness ..Ect. The Faces he had in RM were PRICELESS..like the ashtray scene or when he sprays Ally in the kitchen or the look when he talks to his sister absofeakenlutly….

  5. Satine

    I don't think Remember Me is a failure, I am uncertain what the expectations from Summit were about the film but I believe this film would have tanked if Robert was not in the movie. It is neither a feel good film or a drama with an ending to satisfy everyone but I believe it has heart and almost every person who has commented on the film takes away something different but profound. I truly believe this film will resonate with future generations and my only hope is that more people will appreciate the film once it is on DVD.

  6. twmmy

    And it is 11th on the box office weekend list now, budapest time 03.29.2010. 8:00 a.m.

  7. twmmy

    my bread and butter: my hobie and my 3 children. but i have to admit, i don't like twilight too much, but the other movies of Rob Pattinson yes… they are amazing. And Rememer Me is a better movie for me than Love Story. Why ? Cause it makes the people thinking about theirs relationships with their familymembers, and about the life how they live it.And I don'tunderstand the perpetual debunking of the movie.By the way:have you seen the oscar winner another man made only 10 millions in 16 weeks?

  8. ap

    If you touch people with your movie, you've done your job. The audience is not in film school so we don't go to look for camera angles and all that jargon crap. You either like the film or you don't. Every film has it's audience. Some are more mainstream. You couln'd pay me to see a horror or sci-fi flick period. I don't care who's in it.

    With the whole Twilight hype,a backlash is inevitable. (think Leo-post Titanic) that's just how petty people are. It's their nature & they can't help it. I think Pattinson is getting the brunt of it. I mean people talk as though Remember Me cost 100 million dollars & if Pattinson fails, it's all over. It's a $16 million dark indie drama people. Get a grip. So the Twilighters are not flocking to it, big deal. I don't think it's their cup of tea anyway. Personally i think in the end that's a good thing.

  9. Sol

    Hey I am 41 years old, and I love Robert Pattinson, “his movie “Remember Me” was great and Robert And Emilie DeRavin did an excellent job. I just love him and I annot wait for Bel Ami and Water for Elephants!!!!!! Good job Rob!!! :)

  10. MR

    Remember Me is doing quite well. I think it will be around for a longer time than some of these other movies in the top ten. And that is, because the movie's characters are such good actors and actresses and the script evokes emphathy,since it deals with more ordinary problems in life, is a good love story and ties together with a tragic event, 9/11.

  11. Val

    I too was shocked at the negative reviews of RM. I love the movie! My whole family did. i hope Rob knows his fans gave RM great reviews. I thought Rob was outstanding in the film. I love Rob and hope he has a big career ahead of him.

  12. Linda

    I loved Remember Me - i think it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I love Robert.I don't mind admitting that I am close to middle aged and mildly obsessed with RP!

  13. jen

    GEE. Not a Twilight fan. Not overweight. Not middle age. Loved “Remember Me”. As a matter of fact I didn't know who Rob P. was until I went to this movie. GREAT MOVIE!!. Shocked at the negative comments but these comments are so easy to see though. They all seem to point at Mr. Pattinson.Why?His acting was incredible.IT is a great story. Very moving film. Great cast. It makes me question the people that are trying to make it a flop and put a negative view on it.And reporting things as fact that don't exist.

  14. an

    I'm 27, teaching at a music school and a fan of Robert Pattinson. I'm not married, nor overweight and not a Twilight fan. So where do I fit according to fanboy expertly knowledge?

    %$@%!! refuse to admit that his film isn't a flop.

  15. mh

    >>>>>>>>>>>In case you missed it Michelle, Robert Pattinson fans are middle-age to elderly women. You are obsessed with him and report DAILY on this guy's movie but seem to know nothing about his demographic.

    LOL. Well, apparently I'm not the only one “obsessed” with Robert Pattinson. I mean, for you to know that I “report DAILY on this guy's movie” you must be reading my pieces on Pattinson on a DAILY basis as well. Cool.

    >>>>>>>>>>His bread and butter are cougars like you.

    ROFL!! Whether intended or not, this was a great compliment. You've truly made my day. You've made MY WEEK!!

    But cougar or panther or pussycat, I find Robert Pattinson a terribly appealing actor. That I must admit. If I and others like me — irrespective of age or gender or height or weight or nationality or … — are his “bread and butter,” then it's all good.

  16. mh

    >>>>>>>>I've wondered about Box Office Mojo's “average” movie ticket price, and decided it must include second run theaters. Perhaps it even reflect the estimated number of tickets sold at matinees.

    Apart from 2010, those estimates come from the National Association of Theater Owners. But even including small towns, second-run theaters, and matiness, $7.61 for 2010 or $7.50 (I think it was) for 2009 is much too low.

    Those “averages” don't truly reflect average ticket prices — at least not in terms of where most movies make money: major cities, first-run movies theaters, later afternoon/evening showtimes (except for kiddie flicks).

    >>>>>>No need to get snarky.


  17. Naomi

    “when compared to other movies Remember Me actually does better on weekdays than on weekends.”

    In case you missed it Michelle, Robert Pattinson fans are middle-age to elderly women. You are obsessed with him and report DAILY on this guy's movie but seem to know nothing about his demographic. His bread and butter are cougars like you.

  18. mfan

    I've wondered about Box Office Mojo's “average” movie ticket price, and decided it must include second run theaters. Perhaps it even reflect the estimated number of tickets sold at matinees. No need to get snarky.

  19. Dee

    should be retitled … “Forget Me” …a mediocre film.

  20. an

    Fanboy rents at it's best.
    Remember Me is an outstanding film and a surprising film among all the CGI crap and mindless comedies that are released.
    Keep hating.
    The film is not a flop, Green Zone is a FLOP as is your action hero Matt Damon.

  21. SHE

    Anything Robert Patterson, I am not moved by…honestly. And I hate Twilight just as much.
    By the way I have no prejudice against a movie called Remember Me…I didn't even know it was Robert Patterson until I read this thing.
    I saw the trailer and went “Ugh…really? That's already a stupid film.”
    Sorry when you go to a school with film majors and one of your teachers pretty much teaches you how all stories in all movies go (there is an actual formula), then all movies become ruined.
    We do not look at it the same way-we actually look out for camera shots, how long each shot was, what program was used for each, the sequential time for each shot to render… Shooting…everything. We even know the audience type that usually enjoys that too.
    Repo Men's performance was not embarrassing, but the ending truly bogged it down into making everyone think about the ending and only the ending and really not what the whole film was about.
    As another film major said, “There's almost never an ending that satisfies me.”
    Repo Men was that ending. It just ended. Point plain blank.
    There's nothing about Remember Me that I can say I would truly ever like. The shot is already just…blegh.

  22. ap

    oh please Remember Me had several things going against it. Several sites had leaked the Entire film including the effing ending long before it debut in theaters. Those twilighters love happy ending and they already found out their hero dies at the end. Are you really surprize they didn't show up. The stupid critics were b!tching and moaning about 9/11 being exploited & plus they could not hide their hatred of pattinson no matter how hard they try. Combine that with Summits' Horrible marketing campaign to pass it on as a chick flick which it isnt, I'm surprized this film made any money at all. It's a very dark drama about familial relationships. Everybody I know who have seen the movie loved it and were moved by it. It's a beautiful piece of art. It's too bad most people won't see it due to prejudice.

  23. IK

    I agree with the first post. Instead of trying to defend Remember Me all of you RP fangirls should have gone out and watch it. With an over 2,000 screen release and the huge amount of promotion the movie had gotten, it did lousy at the box office especially compared to Twilight (it opened to what…a little over 8 Mio?). It cost 16 Mio to make and if it's lucky it'll make in the low 20 Mio… not a true flop but far from being a hit and definitely proof that RP can not sell a movie just based on his name unless it's Twilight. I think RP is overexposed and overrated. A true indie hit doesn't need close to 2,000 screens to make money…. like Paranormal Activity.

  24. mh

    “Repo Men” was #4 last week; it's #9 this week. It's been out for 8 days. It's an action thriller; it stars two established “name” actors; and it cost $30 million. It won't get even close to earning back its cost. Perhaps, with a lot of luck, it'll break even once worldwide ancillary revenues are tallied. With a **lot** of luck.

    Also, it grossed $355 per screen on Friday — $2 less than “Remember Me.”

    “Remember Me” is basically an indie, and one that isn't all that commercial since its hero dies at the end. It stars an unproven, up-and-coming young actor. It's been out for 15 days and it's still among the top ten (or was on Friday). And it'll in all likelihood earn its distributor a profit. Its budget was about half of that for “Repo Men.”

    You may find it forgettable, but “Remember Me” was no embarrassment at the domestic box office. Unfortunately for Universal, “Repo Men” (and “Green Zone”) have been total flops, performing way below expectations.

  25. toots

    Funny you rate Repo Men's performance as “embarrassing” and put no such spin on the forgettable “Remember Me” BO performance. RP fangirl?