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'Inception' Tops, Geoffrey Rush Surprises: More Critics Awards

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Inception
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Inception

The Central Ohio Film Critics Association broke away from the North American awards-season pack, choosing Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller Inception – instead of David Fincher's The Social Network – as the Best Film of 2010. Inception also topped the following categories: Best Director, Best Original Screenplay (Nolan), and Best Score (Hans Zimmer). (See below the list of Central Ohio Film Critics winners and nominees.)

Best Film runner-up The Social Network won only one award: Best Adapted Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin).

Best Actress Natalie Portman and Best Supporting Actress Hailee Steinfeld, for Black Swan and True Grit, respectively, were expected victories. But James Franco's win for 127 Hours was a bit of a surprise, as The King's Speech's Colin Firth has dominated the Best Actor category. Franco was also voted Actor of the Year “for an exemplary body of work.” In addition to 127 Hours, in 2010 Franco could be found in Date Night, Eat Pray Love, and Howl.

Even more surprising than Franco's Best Actor victory was the choice of The King's Speech's Geoffrey Rush as Best Supporting Actor, a category that The Fighter's Christian Bale has topped nearly everywhere else.

Among the other Central Ohio Film Critics' winners were Bong Joon-ho's Mother as Best Foreign Language Film (the runner-up was Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon, which made into other critics' “Best of” lists last year); Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop as Best Documentary; and Lee Unkrich's blockbuster Toy Story 3 as Best Animated Feature. Nicole Holofcener's Please Give was the Best Overlooked Film.

One of those things: As mentioned above, newcomer Hailee Steinfeld was chosen as the year's Best Supporting Actress for True Grit. But the Central Ohio Film Critics' Breakthrough Film Artist was Chloë Grace Moretz for a trio of films: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Kick-Ass, Let Me In. The runner-up in that category wasn't Steinfeld, either; instead, the Central Ohio critics opted for their Best Actress runner-up, Jennifer Lawrence for Winter's Bone.

Photo: Inception (Stephen Vaughan / Warner Bros.)

Best Film
1. Inception
   2. The Social Network
   3. The King's Speech
   4. Black Swan
   5. Toy Story 3
   6. True Grit
   7. 127 Hours
   8. The Fighter
   9. Winter's Bone
  10. Exit Through the Gift Shop

Best Foreign Language Film
• Mother (Madeo)
  • Runner-Up: The White Ribbon (Das weisse Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte)

Best Director
• Christopher Nolan - (Inception)
  • Runner-Up: David Fincher - (The Social Network)

Best Actor
• James Franco - (127 Hours)
  • Runner-Up: Colin Firth - (The King's Speech)

Best Actress
• Natalie Portman - (Black Swan)
  • Runner-Up: Jennifer Lawrence - (Winter's Bone)

Best Supporting Actor
• Geoffrey Rush - (The King's Speech)
  • Runner-Up: Christian Bale - (The Fighter)

Best Supporting Actress
• Hailee Steinfeld - (True Grit)
  • Runner-Up: Amy Adams - (The Fighter)

Best Ensemble
• The Fighter
  • Runner-Up: True Grit

Best Adapted Screenplay
• Aaron Sorkin - (The Social Network)
  • Runner-Up: Michael Arndt - (Toy Story 3)

Best Original Screenplay
• Christopher Nolan - (Inception)
  • Runner-Up: Mark Heyman, Andrés Heinz, and John McLaughlin - (Black Swan)

Actor of the Year (for an exemplary body of work)
• James Franco - (127 Hours, Date Night, Eat Pray Love, Howl)
  • Runner-Up: Chloë Grace Moretz - (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Kick-Ass, Let Me In)

Breakthrough Film Artist
• Chloë Grace Moretz - (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Kick-Ass, Let Me In) - (for acting)
  • Runner-Up: Jennifer Lawrence - (Winter's Bone) - (for acting)

Best Cinematography
• Roger Deakins - (True Grit)
  • Runner-Up: Matthew Libatique - (Black Swan)

Best Score
• Hans Zimmer - (Inception)
  • Runner-Up: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - (The Social Network)

Best Documentary
• Exit Through the Gift Shop
  • Runner-Up: Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Best Animated Film
• Toy Story 3
  • Runner-Up: Despicable Me

Best Overlooked Film
• Please Give
  • Runner-Up: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Photo: Inception (Stephen Vaughan / Warner Bros.)

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  1. thisnthat42

    I hated “Inception”. In its attempt to be interesting and complex, it just became tiresome and boring. I kept trying to be involved in the film, but halfway through, I just gave up. The movie's superficial effort to intellectually captivate failed.