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Irish Film Awards 2005

Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl by Perry Ogden
Perry Ogden's Pavee Lackeen takes a look at poverty in modern Ireland as seen through the eyes of a young girl and her family



Best Film
Mickybo & Me
The Mighty Celt
* Pavee Lackeen
Tara Road
Trouble with Sex

Best Director
Anthony Byrne – Short Order
Fintan Connolly – Trouble with Sex
* Terry George – Hotel Rwanda
Perry Ogden – Pavee Lackeen

Best Actor
Gabriel Byrne - Wah-Wah
Cillian Murphy - Red Eye
* Liam Neeson - Kinsey
Aidan Quinn - Convicted

Best Actress
Andrea Corr - The Boys & Girl from County Clare
Jillian Bradbury - Winter's End
Winnie Maughan - Pavee Lackeen
* Renee Weldon - Trouble with Sex

Best Supporting Actor
David Kelly - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
* Sean McGinley - On a Clear Day
Cillian Murphy - Batman Begins
Tagdh Murphy - Boy Eats Girl

Best Supporting Actress
* Charlotte Bradley - The Boys & Girl From County Clare
Nora Jane Noone - The Descent
Deirdre O'Kane - Boy Eats Girl
Tatianna Ouliankina - Short Order

Best Screenplay
Anthony Byrne - Short Order
Pearse Elliott - The Mighty Celt
* Terry George and Keir Pearson - Hotel Rwanda
Terry Loane - Mickybo & Me

Best Cinematography
Seamus Deasy - The Mighty Celt
Brendan Galvin - Flight of the Phoenix
* Seamus McGarvey - Sahara
Owen McPolin - Trouble with Sex

Best Music
Niall Byrne - Short Order
Niall Byrne - Trouble with Sex
* Gregory Magee - Winter's End
Fiachra Trench - The Boys & Girl From County Clare

Best Production Design
Laurent Mellet & Steven Kingston – Trouble with Sex
Tom McCullagh - Mickybo & Me
Anna Rackard - Boy Eats Girl
* Eleanor Wood & Laura Bowe - Short Order

Best Costume Design
Susan Scott - Boy Eats Girl
Marian Smyth - Trouble with Sex
* Hazel Webb-Crozier - Mickybo & Me
Judith Williams - Short Order

Best Short Fiction
George – Rory Bresnihan & John Butler
Jellybaby – Ronan and Rob Burke
Ouch – Ken Wardrop
* Six Shooter – Martin McDonagh

Best Animation
Agricultural Report – Barley Films
* Cúilín Dualach – Cartoon Saloon
Dick Terrapin – Vinegar Hill Productions
Not There Yet — Monster Animation

Breakthrough Talent
Daniel O'Hara - Fluent Dysphasia
Terry Loane - Mickybo & Me
Martin McDonagh - Six Shooter
* Perry Ogden - Pavee Lackeen



Best Editing in Film / TV Drama
J. Patrick Duffner - Short Order
* Emer Reynolds - Shameless
Ray Roantree - Trouble with Sex
Ben Yates - Love Is the Drug

Best Sound in Film / TV Drama
Boy Eats Girl - Patrick Drummond, Tom Johnson, John Fitzgerald & Stuart Bruce
* Pure Mule – Philippe Faujas, Niall Brady & Ken Galvin
Short Order – Ray Cross, Nikki Moss, John Fitzgerald & Peter Blayney
Showbands - Karl Merren, Nicky Moss & Ken Galvin


People's Choice Awards

O2 TV Personality Of The Year Award
* Mark Cagney – TV3
Aoife Ní Thuairisg – TG4
Stephen Nolan – BBC
Gráinne Seoige – Sky News Ireland
Pat Shortt – RTÉ

AIB Best Irish Film
Adam & Paul

* Inside I'm Dancing
Mickybo & Me

International Actor
Christian BaleBatman Begins
Johnny Depp - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Brad PittMr. & Mrs. Smith
* Mickey Rourke – Sin City

Best International Film
Batman Begins
* Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Sin City

Best International Actress
* Gillian Anderson – The Mighty Celt
Drew BarrymoreThe Perfect Catch
Dakota FanningWar of the Worlds
Natalie PortmanGarden State

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient – David Kelly

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1 Comment to Irish Film Awards 2005

  1. Amanda walsh

    Hi ,, my name is amanda i was one of the people featured on the mother knows best show in 2005,, which was nominated for an award,, im better known as mandy welsh and my mum pauline welsh,, the reason im writing is to find out if i could contact the producer of the show her name was pauline but i cant remember second name .
    id love to contact this person to thank them for all they have done,, since the show my life has changed for the better im more active and am proud to say that im working for an agency in commercial,, so if there is any way that you could pass this on to the team that we worked with id be so gratefull as id like to thank them for everything,,, amanda walsh