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Jocelyn Quivrin

Jocelyn Quivrin Benabar Incognito
Jocelyn Quivrin, Bénabar in Incognito

Jocelyn Quivrin, the French Academy's César winner for most promising newcomer in 2008, died after losing control of his sports car while driving in a tunnel just outside of Paris on Sunday (Nov. 15) night. Quivrin was 30.

Quivrin's off-screen companion was actress Alice Taglioni, best known for playing a top model in Francis Veber's comedy The Valet. The couple had a child in March. According to reports, Taglioni was driving in front of Quivrin on Sunday night; she called the police when the actor didn't arrive home.

Quivrin (born on Feb. 14, 1979) began his show-business career at the age of 10, appearing in the television series Les compagnons de l'aventure, but his popularity increased dramatically in the last couple of years following roles in Jan Kounen's hallucinogenic comedy 99 Francs (2007), as Jean Dujardin's sidekick, the role that won him the César; and in Lisa Azuelos' teen box office hit LOL [Laughing out loud]® (2008), playing opposite veteran Sophie Marceau.

Among Quivrin's other films, usually in supporting roles, are Robert Salis' Grande école (2004), Stephen Gaghan's Syriana (2005), Eric Rohmer's Romance of Astree and Celadon (2007), Audrey Dana's 5 à 7 (2009), and Eric Lavaine's comedy Incognito (2009).

Axelle Ropert's drama La Famille Wolberg, in which Quivrin has another supporting role, is due out in December.

In addition to his César, in 2008 Jocelyn Quivrin won the first-ever Prix Patrick Dewaere and the French film critics' Étoile d'Or for best male newcomer (tied with Andy Gillet, the lead in Romance of Astree and Celadon.)

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  1. Patrick Weibeler

    I had just watched a subtitled episode of Maigret on local television and had found Mr. Quivrin to be an intriguing actor. I'm stunned and saddened to read of his untimely death and especially so in light of the recent birth of his son. His acting career seemed to have blossomed and had received substantial critical acclaim. So sad.