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Reincarnation Movie Tops Karnataka Film Awards

The winners of the 2005-2006 Karnataka State Film Awards were announced on Sept. 19, '06.

Karnataka is a state in southern India. Kannada is its most important language.

Indian filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli's Nayi Neralu, adapted from a novel by local writer S. L. Bairappa, has won the top award at the Kannada film awards this past Tuesday, Sept. 19. Kannada is a Dravidian language spoken in Southwestern India, mostly in the state of Karnataka. (The region around its capital, Bangalore, is known as the Silicon Valley of India.)

Nayi Neralu tells the story of a widow who marries a man she believes to be the punarjanma – sanskrit for reincarnation – of her late husband.

The nine-person jury also chose the film's leading lady, Pavitra Lokesh, as Best Actress.

Best Film: Nayi Neralu by Girish Kasaravalli.

Runner-up: Nenapirali by Ratnaja.

Third Place: Amrutadhare by Nagatihalli Chandrashekar.

Special Jury Awards: Dr B R Ambedkar Life Story and Care of Footpath

Film which has special impact on society: Thaayi

Best Film in Regional Dialect: Kadala Mane (in Tulu).

Best Children's Film: Thuthoori

Best Actor: Shivarajkumar (Jogi)

Best Actress: Pavitra Lokesh (Nayi Neralu)

Best Supporting Actor: Jaggesh (Mata)

Best Supporting Actress: Arundhati Rao (Jogi)

Best Story: C N Muktha (Ms California).

Best Screenplay: Prem (Jogi).

Best Dialogue: Sudarshan and Lakshmipathy Kolar (Mukha Mukhi).

Best Cinematography: H M Ramachandra (Nenapirali).

Best Editing: S Manohar (Akaash)

Best Music Director: Hamsalekha (Nenapirali).

Best Art Direction: Ismail and Shivakumar (Aham Premasmi).

Best Lyricist: Baraguru Ramachandrappa (Thaayi).

Best Child Actor: Kiran (Care of footpath).

Best Male Voice-Providing Artist: Ravindranath.

Best Female Voice-Providing Artist: Amritha Singh.

Best Male Playback Singer: C Ashwath (Shubham).

Best Female Playback Singer: H G Chaitra (Amrutha Dhaare).

Best Sound: Johnson (Amrutha Dhaare).

Lifetime Achievement Award: Cinematographer S. Ramachandra

Dr Rajkumar Award: Jayanthi

Puttanna Kanagal Award: V. Ravichandra.

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