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'Monsoon Showers' Tops Karnataka Film Awards

The winners of the 2006-2007 Karnataka State Film Awards – the awards committee was headed by filmmaker Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar – were announced on July 20, '07.

There were 37 films in competition. Karnataka is a state in southern India. Kannada is its most important language.

Best Film: Mungaru Male / Monsoon Showers

Runners-up: Duniya, Cyanide

Best Directors: Yogaraj Bhat (Mungaru Male / Monsoon Showers)

Runners-up: Soori (Duniya), A.M.R. Ramesh (Cyanide)

Best Social Film: Kaada Beladingalu, by B. S. Lingadevar

Best Film in a Regional Language: Badi

Best Actor: Vijay (Duniya)

Best Actress: Tara (Cyanide)

Best Supporting Actor: Rangayana Raghu (Duniya)

Best Supporting Actress: Nitu (Koti Chennaiah)

Best Screenplay: Soori (Duniya)

Best Dialogue: Yogaraj Bhat (Mungaru Male / Monsoon Showers)

Best Story: Jananki (Kaada Beladingalu)

Best Cinematographer: Krishna S. (Mungaru Male / Monsoon Showers)

Best Editing: Basavaraj Urs (Kallarali Hoovagi)

Best Music Director: Mano Murthy (Mungaru Male / Monsoon Showers)

Best Lyricist: Jayanth Kaikini (Mungaru Male / Monsoon Showers)

Best Art Director: Vittal (Kallarali Hoovagi)

Best Sound: Tukaram (Mungaru Male / Monsoon Showers)

Best Male Playback Singer: Hemanth (Janapada)

Best Female Playback Singer: M.D. Pallavi (Duniya)

Best Child Actor: Revanth (Daatu)

Best Male Dubbing Actor: Murali (Saundarya)

Best Female Dubbing Actress: Deepa (Arasu)

Special Award for Costume Design: Nagini Bharana and Roshan (Kallarali Hoovagi)

Special Award for the Hearing and Speech Impaired: Dhriva (Snehanjali)

Special Award: Aneka Creations for producing Daatu

Rajkumar Award: M.N. Lakshmi Devi

Puttanna Kanagal Award: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao

Lifetime Contribution to Kannada Cinema Award: Dwarkish B.S.

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