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Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders in Good Company: Hollywood Scandals

Kristen Stewart cheating scandalKristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders (plus Robert Pattinson and Liberty Ross) in good company. (Image: Kristen Stewart as Marylou, On the Road.) “Robert Pattinson moves out.” “Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart shed tears over cheating.” “Charlize Theron Furious with Kristen Stewart for Cheating.” “Can the Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson Romance Be Saved?” “Kristen Stewart branded a 'homewrecker.'” “Kristen Stewart Never Had Sex With Rupert Sanders, Sources Claim.” “Katy Perry Gets Cozy In A Bikini With Robert Pattinson.” WTF about that last one?

By now, even the Huli wigmen of Papua New Guinea are wondering: Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson remain together? Will there be a Snow White and the Huntsman 2, with Rupert Sanders at the helm? How will Summit Entertainment / Lionsgate organize the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 promo? Will the scandal help or hinder the Breaking Dawn 2 box office? Were Stewart and Pattinson ever actually a couple or was it all publicity for the Twilight movies? How could (or why would) the very private Kristen Stewart get caught with Rupert Sanders in a public place, when her relationship with Robert Pattinson has remained a very private affair?

Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders cheating scandal: tabloid media at play

Anonymous “friends” of the two couples, public apologies, and off-the-cuff tweets have been providing online and supermarket tabloids and tabloid-wannabes -and the world's consumers of raw sewage – with purported details about how Kristen Stewart felt (“devastated”), how Robert Pattinson reacted (“angry” and “heartbroken”), how Rupert Sanders apologized (“utterly distraught”), how Liberty Ross was caught off guard (“wow”). [See also: Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders cheating scandal nonsense.]

Well, never mind the fact that whatever happened/is happening between Stewart and Sanders and Pattinson and Ross is their business. And that very few people – perhaps only those involved – actually knew/knows what really went/is going on. And why.

Now, from a historical viewpoint, what matters (and what's fascinating) is that the film quartet, particularly Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders – the “immoral ones” – are in excellent company.

On the next couple of pages (please see link to next post below) you'll find a brief sample of major Hollywood scandals throughout the decades. We're talking top-line talent here, most of whom were able to resume their lives and careers (well, at least their careers) unharmed. Some, in fact, became even bigger stars because of the scandals.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson movies to benefit from scandal?

As for the current to-do, expect huge grosses for Breaking Dawn - Part 2, the final installment in the Twilight movie franchise that turned Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson into household names around the world. And, if it does indeed get made, expect huge grosses for Snow White and the Huntsman 2 as well, especially if Rupert Sanders gets to direct it and Kristen Stewart returns as the titular heroine. Walter Salles' On the Road, which will reportedly open later this year, should benefit from the scandal, too, as Stewart plays a free spirit sandwiched (quite literally, it seems) between two men. Heck, perhaps even Robert Pattinson's upcoming Cosmopolis will benefit from the media furor – not to mention the underrated Bel Ami, in which Pattinson (beautifully) plays a man cheating on just about everybody and which comes out on DVD on August 7, six days before the New York premiere of Cosmopolis.

Now, beware. Regarding all those “friends” and “insider” stories alleging new revelations about the inner workings of the Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders-Liberty Ross quartet, an insider who also happens to be an intimate friend and confidante to all (or most) involved told us: “Believe all those tales if you're a sick fuck with no life, and you're very, very, very stupid.” The anonymous confidante added that those taking the moral high ground in the matter “should take a good, hard look in the mirror before they start judging anyone else's supposed peccadilloes” and that “the first to start moralizing and pointing fingers are invariably the biggest, filthiest, most disgusting hypocrites.”

[“In Good Company: Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson” continues on the next page. See link below.]

Kristen Stewart Marylou On the Road picture: Gregory Smith / Jerry Leider Company.

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27 Comments to Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders in Good Company: Hollywood Scandals

  1. Robin Van Dam

    Beautifully written. Thank you so much. I'm sure all four (directly) involved will appreciate your article, also. Great article.

  2. Robfan

    If Rob read those nasty attacks against Kristen he'd be DISGUSTED!!! If I were Rob I'd be afraid of those mad fans.

    PS - ABDC, if your husband and father of your children cheated on you, he'd have my FULL SUPPORT AND UNDERSTANDING.

  3. kristenforever

    Casting stones at Kristen is evil. As you judge you shall be judged. Noone is perfect. We should all remember that.

  4. CDBA

    ABDC is one of those who think they can judge people without knowing the whole story. Judge Kristen and others will be judging you. Think you're pure and perfect? There's a name for people like you. It begins with the letter “H.” And when YOU make a mistake in your life (and you WILL) remember how you judged others (including Kristen) when others start assholeshaming you. And you'll deserve it - by a LONG shot.

  5. ABDC

    This is the most ridiculous way to try and glamorize this shady behavior. For the people busting out the bi*chslap for calling Kristen a slut. *eyeroll Never heard of ?slutshaming? but SHAME on YOU. Public figure or not, I can say exactly what I think of that behavior and what I think of HER. If my husband and father of my children did that you can bet I wouldn't feel an ounce of sympathy for her. Like RP reads any of this crap- but if he did I really hope he doesn't feel the need to defend her either. She deserves what she gets. 22 is old enough to know better - by a LONG shot.

  6. ashleyworld101

    this is just sad[ FANS THIS IS NOT BELLA AND EDWARD STORY ] kristen did something very horrible and not just to robbert to the wife and kids a married man now thats just 'screams' [HOMEWRECKER] [ SORRY KRISTEN] but listending to your public apology did not justify what you did its doesn't really sound like excuses at all really it doesn't justify anything i think it is saying to me [COVERING UP YOUR ASS] my advice is to rob is [ CHEAT BACK] or now that your single go to a strip club or las vegas make out with a girl go live life you a plenty other girls out there want some of the [ROBSTER] or you can work it out because i know well i know you still love her but i m STILL QUESTIONING AFTER KRISTEN CHEATING THING IF SHE STILL FEEL THE WAY ABOUT YOU OR JUST TRYING TO SAVE HER OWN ASS but whatever if you do work it out don't let it be easy for kristen give her tough love make her make up for it and take advantage of it and for the married director guy [ SHAME ON YOU, YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WIFE I SURE LOOKS BETTER THAN KRISTEN STEWART WHO A MODEL LIKE WHY WOULD YOU CHEAT ESPECIALLY DO THAT TO YOUR KIDS] [ AND KRISTEN I M YOUR FAN BUT I M SO DISSAPOINTED IN YOU IT GOING TO TAKE MORE THAN JUST APOLOGY TO SAVE YOUR ASS] for the wife and kids [STAY STRONG I M SORRY WHAT HAPPEND].

  7. Clarice

    All this hype is going on not because of the cheating itself, but because Kristen has a huge fan base which has always been harrassing other people [famous or not] who didn't think she was a good actress, or didn't think she was good enough to be Robert Pattinson's girlfriend. They have been bullying people over the internet for years.
    So, most of the resentment and hate reactions against Kristen Stewart comes from the people who have been bullied from her fans and now are rejoicing over the proof that they were right in the first place. They're throwing back at them the hate they have been receiving, using this cheating incident as a weapon against the so-called “robstens”. It's total madness how far those fandoms go to insult each other and the artists.
    It's sad, people know no boundaries between real life and fiction. They take it personal, something that has nothing to do with their own lives.

  8. Andre

    Generally we don't allow name-calling on this site's comments section.

    I've personally approved the vulgar, self-righteously abusive comment by the anonymous “xxx” because it's an *excellent* exemplar of the prudish, moralizing, judgmental, and vicious attitude (the first three attributes are invariably followed by the fourth one) in relation to the Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders “affair” (and other such situations in the past involving other people's romantic/sex lives).

    Note: I've just now checked out the Rupert Sanders video. The only “perversion” found in it is that some asshole took the trouble to film a private dinner for the entertainment of those in dire need of a life.

    “Oh, I'm so deeply offended and disgusted by what I saw, Kristen Stewart licking the tip of Rupert Sanders' right-hand thumb! Beulah, my salts!! My salts!!” Well, why the hell did you go look at those images, then? The issue disgusts you? Then find something else to occupy your time with. (Though bleach may still be needed to erase the mean-spiritedness in those people's brains and hearts.)

    A bit of advice to readers of this post's comments section: NEVER EVER trust those taking the moral high ground in matters that don't concern them. The Morality Police would be truly useful only if they spent their time policing their OWN lives.

  9. Andre


    Well, I, for one, am glad the days of those ludicrous “morality clauses” are long gone. (“Clause B: If you make out with a man/woman who's not your husband/wife, make sure there are no paparazzi around…”)

    And the subject matter of the “Twilight” franchise is a teenager falling in love (and having sex with) a centenarian. Rupert Sanders is a babe in the woods compared to Edward Cullen.

  10. davejc

    Given the amount of money she's being paid I would expect there is some sort of clause in her contract. And given the subject matter of the Twilight Franchise the BO is going to take a hard hit. This could become the most expensive affair ever.

  11. xxx

    if this Skank would have chosen a single man and would have broken up with pattinson , nobody would call her a name. Her ” I love him” sounds so pathetic. Check out Utube when that old guy puts his hands in his pants during a dinner …don't shake his hands afterwards. What a Pervert ..Kristen rubbing his junk with her A$$ in public is disgusting and I need bleach to erase these pictures from my mind. Whoever thinks it was OK for her to ruin a marriage and tastelessly embarrass her BF, who looked at her like there is no other woman i the world is a person with low Morals and Standards. But that”s what America stands for now. Who cares who gets hurt. When she dated MA she was a child , now she is a grown heartless biatch

  12. lexi

    I guess Rob is getting a taste of his own medicine. He chased after Kristen when she was still seeing Michael Angarano. Kristen dumped Michael and started dating Rob. And now a more experienced man chased after Kristen but Rob was probably too clingy to let her go. So she instead humiliates him in front of the entire world. No way he will return back to her after looking like a complete idiot. If he does, he will end up looking more stupid and pathetic than ever before. She made sure of that.

  13. AA

    Oh please. In this society, a woman cheating is always a bigger deal than a man. It's complete BS, but it's fact. Take Brad Pitt for example. When he cheated, it was all “ZOMG, Angelina must have bewitched him with her magical vagina! It CAN'T be HIS fault. It's positively disgusting to see a girl barely out of her teens being crucified for making a huge fucking mistake. A 22 year old girl with “TRAMP” labeled over her face all over the Internet and print media…think about it. It's utterly DISGUSTING. Gross. Whether you like Kristen Stewart or not, she's never wronged YOU personally. Slutshaming is never okay and you know what else? I bet Rob doesn't appreciate it either.

  14. Clover

    Thank whatever God that this has finally happened! I'm glad Robert has ended things with Kristen Stewart. This is truly unforgivable. I bet if the tables were turned EVERYONE would comment “What a d—k”. The sad part about Today is that if a male were to cheat, everyone would be peed off. Yet, if a girl were to cheat they would completely agree and brush it off as no big deal.

    Personally, I don't like Kristen Stewart. (Not her, her, because I don't know her) I used to relate to her, but sometime ago I realized I just liked her style. Everything else about her is pretty dull. She can hardly act, well, she can act but it's very much one-note. I can hardly tell her roles apart from one and another… it was very interesting at first. Five years later and I'm bored.

    I want to say I think Robert can do better, but I don't know Kristen Stewart so… I hope Robert moves on from her because once a cheater always a cheater in Kristen's case. Remember what happened with the last guy? Ya'know, they were together for a couple of years… well, you know. Heh.

    This was a VERY slutty thing to do. This director has a wife AND kids! I will never look at her the same. -.-

  15. jo

    lol, there is no such thing as good company when it comes to cheaters. the only people that i feel sorry for are rob, liberty, and her two kids.

  16. nanny

    When celebs are marketed (it goes with the job) they open themselves up to not only receiving the glory but also the downside of public opinion. If you are dealing with people grounded in reality, those who distinguish between the actors and the characters they play and comprehend they aren't one and the same the celeb has a better chance of maintaining some degree of privacy with his personal life. In this instance you have a significant pool of immature minded individuals who have a vested interest (at least in their minds) in the lives of the Twilight actors, particularly Kristen S and Robert P. The fanaticism surrounding this movie coupling has carried over into their personal lives….both pro & con (even splashing over on the young man playing the 3rd lead - who reportedly has been a major target of threats due to individuals who consider him a direct threat to the twosome both fictional and real). What is discouraging is the headlines not emphasizing this is a personal crisis that needs to be worked out not in headlines but rather behind the spotlight. Also TRUST is a major player in successful personal relationships and the snickering and diminishing attitude that this is no big thing, everyone does it, it won't hurt her career gives a very jaded view of what you should expect from a relationship. Guaranteed that if you have been a betrayed significant partner blindsided by betrayal (even without the headlines) the visceral emotional pain (translating into actual stomach churning physical pain at times) is not soon forgotten.
    For those that care, no not everyone does it, no not everyone is a jilted love and yes even something as destructive as this can with time and behavioral changes be overcome - although it is extremely difficult because TRUST once shaken is difficult to regain - and only if all parties concerned admit to learn by the errors made and haven't been complicit in previous indiscretions.

  17. akward

    these actresses who commited adultery did'nt have pictures that KStew would consider as souvenirs. Bad Bad pictures (standing up) She will suffer 90 %, Most of her followers are not over 30 years old unlike the others - who can relate with adultery behavior or being a sinner on some point in their life! Her involment with Robert creates a fantasy for young mind that they trully found true love outside hollywood craziness of adultery, but the fans are mistaken….dissapointments is huge when you want to sell your movies and those modelling contracts for womans signature clothings (huge one)…that will be over for her.

  18. lena

    yes, yes, I know you're a big fan of this girl … but for goodness sake, stop trying to glamorize her betrayal by comparing it with the golden age of Hollywood or other really talented actresses … it was just a selfish and irresponsible act from a immature and vulgar girl… Rupert Sanders of course is just as guilty as her. I never understood all this fuss about this girl, she is far from being exceptionally beautiful and charismatic and even less talented, it was enough to see her look and attitude to see that she wasn't neither innocent nor the original rebel that her team try to sell … she is just like any ambitious Hollywwood's starlet: desperate to succeed.

  19. Gracin

    @Cabbie- Kristen and Michael were broke up before she started dating Rob. Rob chased after Kristen while she was still dating Michael and did not care she had a boyfriend. IF Kristen had of cheated on Michael, Rob is just as guilty.

  20. OlegKrsh

    Kristen, hold on. You're strong, you could do with dignity and will pass this difficult period. I do not understand why apologize? Because you live? For this you ask for forgiveness. But do others also apologize for the fact that they live?
    Yes, we all make mistakes, but how else can we gain life experience and understand its meaning. Just making a mistake and realizing it we are moving forward. Because it is impossible to understand anything without doing it.
    Why does everything think they can freely dispose of your life. It's your life. And it turns out that everything is already decided for you all: how to live, someone to love and what to do. But are not you a doll limp and stupid? No. And your life - belongs only to you. And you decide how and with whom to spend it.
    And the fact that you are scared and not yet ready for marriage - that's understandable. It is quite understandable. All in good time. At some point, and you decide it's time. And then she'll do right thing and walk down the aisle. And I'll be the first to congratulate you on this event.

  21. No Snow White

    We don't have to wonder which rumors to believe, both Stewart and Sanders have admitted cheating and made public apologies. Of course we can believe it's just the tip of the iceberg and that more photos of their affair exist and it's only a matter of time before those surface, too.

    I'm sure Lionsgate and Universal are both sweating bullets, and the BD2 promotion will be the most awkward ever. We need to invent a new word for that level of awkwardness. Personally I hope they both skip the premieres, and I don't want to see her talk about playing a woman with a true, eternal love. It would make be barf.

  22. Andre

    @cold plums

    Not that I don't see your point — trust me, I do — but Lana Turner's Johnny Stompanato ended up very dead. So, no true love there…

    Elizabeth Taylor was the professional “homewrecker” (their term, not mine) of the day. That actually made her a legend. Without Eddie Fisher / Richard Burton and Cleopatra, I'm not sure Taylor would have become the megasuperstar she became…

    As for Meg Ryan, I'm not sure that (was it the Russell Crowe deal?) was the exact reason why her career went downhill. There were other issues at work, I'd say. One of which was that she became a little too old to keep on playing ingenues. And her choice of movies after her last pairing with Tom Hanks in “You Got Mail” was quite poor (e.g., “In the Cut,” “The Deal,” “The Women”).

    Anyhow, I also like Kristen Stewart very much as an actress. And I do believe that Universal will not dump Rupert Sanders once/if SWATH 2 gets off the ground (well, unless there's a problem with the film's stars). We'll see…

  23. cold plums

    (sorry for the double post-posted this comment in the wrong thread originally.)
    yes, SWATH is not a “kiddie film”–but it was an all-quadrant-friendly entertainment. And given the amount of (and types of) merchandising Universal was putting out, it just seemed like a big franchise property. So I sincerely wonder if they'd risk the taint to their teen-girl-power property.

    I like Kristen Stewart as an actor very much, so I'd certainly hope this would not prove to be a big impediment to her career. But I do note that all the actresses you cite as having survived scandal ended up finding 'true love' (at least for a while) with their partners in crime, and therefore, a new socially acceptable romance narrative could be woven around them (they were meant to be!) in that the happy ending justifies the somewhat awkward means. The public, however, does not look kindly on women who 'transgress' but not in the name of true love–Meg Ryan might be an example of that, and her career suffered.

  24. cabbie

    Kristen Stewart left Michael Angarano for Robert Pattinson and once a cheat always a cheat.

  25. Andre

    @cold plums,

    I'd disagree with you there. Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor, and Angelina Jolie, among others, did quite well for themselves despite their being enmeshed in scandals of various sorts. Check out the ensuing articles.

    And I wouldn't exactly call “Snow White and the Huntsman” — dark and somewhat violent — “family fare”…

  26. cold plums

    I take your point about this not necessarily being a box office hindrance to BD2, Bel Ami, On the Road, or Cosmopolis (in fact, one could argue that Kristen Stewart pulled an Eric Packer on her own life)-but find it hard to believe that SWATH2 could proceed with Sanders and Stewart, esp. if Universal wants to continue marketing it as family-fare. Female celebrities who commit indiscretions are sadly, not so easily forgiven.

  27. realist

    Cabbie: Kristen did not cheat on Michael. You and other people assume that and spread it around as fact. Catharine Hardwick (not an anonymous “source”) had talked to Kristen about this. It was months before Kristen decided she'd give it a chance. Kristen was with Michael for 2 or 3 years, and with her life in complete mayhem regarding Twilight, and it looking like she was going to be filming and promoting it for the next four or five years was a pretty good reason. You have to spend time together if you're going to be a couple.

    And I wish people had to give their age when they post, because if I hear the stupid “once a cheat always a cheat” guess what? That's bullshit. It's funny nobody is saying that Rupert should apologize to Rob. And Rupert is the only homewrecker (hate that word) in this situation because he had a home to wreck. He is married and has kids and a wife.

    And by the way your claim that she left Mike for Rob does that make you a cheater if you break up with someone and then…..God forbid…date another person after you break up? Grow the fuck up.

    I'm happy someone is mentioning a list because I made one myself starting off with Julia Roberts and her very public affair with a married man while filming a movie. Then the man leaves his family for Julia. But Julia isn't satisfied because she thinks the wife is taking too long with the divorce and handmakes and wears in public a T-shirt ” A Low Vera”. You got it, Vera was his wife's name. Julia and her man got married and Julia has never thought she had done nothing wrong because “she felt he was the man she was supposed to be married to”, that's what she said, not a source. But the woman who played a prostitute to become famous didn't get much bad press about it. Afterall, she played into the America's Sweetheart role.