Kristen Stewart 'Breaking Dawn 2' Box Office: Much Higher Than Early Estimates

Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn Part 2Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn Part 2 box office: Way higher than early estimates, but still behind Breaking Dawn Part 1 and New Moon

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner's Breaking Dawn Part 2 failed to set the single-day record for a 2D release at the North American box office. The fifth and final Twilight movie also failed to set a single-day record for the incredibly popular movie franchise despite the fact that Summit Entertainment has (unfairly) chosen to include grosses from Thursday 10 p.m. showtimes in the film's Friday total. Those are the bad news. (Image: Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn Part 2: Bella Swan-Cullen either checking her fingernails or testing her supernatural Vamp Powers.)

Now for the good news: Though no records were broken, Breaking Dawn Part 2 did earn anywhere between $6m-$12 million more than early Friday estimates indicated. Early estimates may be often “off,” but not that “off.” Anyhow, Summit is reportedly still expecting $135 million by Sunday evening, but that figure seems a little modest at this stage despite the widely reported (and by then already discarded) threat of a mass shooting at a Breaking Dawn Part 2 screening. Now, let's discuss the actual Breaking Dawn Part 2 opening-day figures.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 vs. previous Twilight sequels

Starring Kristen Stewart as the newborn vampire and teen mom Bella Swan-Cullen, Robert Pattinson as the centenarian vampire and centenarian dad Edward Cullen, and Taylor Lautner as the imprinting werewolf Jacob Black, Breaking Dawn Part 2 took in an estimated $71.2 million in the U.S. and Canada this past Friday, Nov. 16, according to figures found at Box Office Mojo. As mentioned above, that Friday total includes an estimated $30.4 million from Thursday 10 p.m. and midnight screenings.

For comparison's sake: Including midnight (but no Thursday 10 p.m.) screenings, Breaking Dawn Part 1 debuted with $71.64 million last November; Eclipse opened with $68.53 million on a Wednesday in early summer 2010; and New Moon, the Twilight Saga's record holder, earned $72.7 million in November 2009. Adjusted for inflation, those figures would be – approximately – as follows: Breaking Dawn Part 1 with $71.7 million, Eclipse with $69 million, and New Moon with $77 million. Of course, all three previous Twilight sequels also starred Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner.

And finally, the current 2D single-day record holder, Christopher Nolan / Christian Bale's The Dark Knight Rises, scored $75.75 million at 4,404 locations (400 more than Breaking Dawn Part 2) last July. The single-day record holder at the North American box office remains David Yates / Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 with $91.07 million, followed by another 3D-surcharge-boosted movie, Joss Whedon / Chris Hemsworth's The Avengers with $80.81 million.

Breaking Dawn Part 2: One of the top single-day grossers ever

I should add that Breaking Dawn Part 2 currently boasts the sixth biggest single-day ever at the domestic box office (well, with a little help from those Thursday 10 p.m. screenings). Adjusted for inflation, the Bill Condon-directed fantasy adventure is a still remarkable no. 8. Among the top ten biggest domestic single-day (inflation-adjusted) grosses ever, four slots are occupied by Twilight movies. No other movie franchise has that many: Batman has two, The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight; Harry Potter one; Spider-Man 1, Spider-Man 3; and The Avengers two (itself, twice).

Summing up, Breaking Dawn Part 2 opened in North America with a bang – a loud bang. But if the last Twilight movie's first-day gross is an indication of what's to come in the domestic market, it feels somewhat disappointing that the bang just wasn't quite as loud as one would have expected, considering that this is the final curtain for one of the most successful movie franchises in history and the only top-grossing female-led movie franchise to date. (Kristen Stewart is at the core of the Twilight movies; Jennifer Lawrence's The Hunger Games isn't quite a franchise yet.)

Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast

In addition to Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, Breaking Dawn Part 2 features an extensive supporting cast, among them the various Volturi members: Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, Daniel Cudmore, Christopher Heyerdahl, Cameron Bright, Charlie Bewley, Jamie Campbell Bower, plus know-nothing tattle teller Maggie Grace.

Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn Part 2 photo: Andrew Cooper / Summit Entertainment.

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