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Kristen Stewart 'Focus' Confirmed

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart in Focus confirmed – by Stewart herself

Kristen Stewart will indeed be seen in Focus, opposite Argo director / star Ben Affleck, which should begin shooting April 2013. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa are reportedly the writers / director of the comedy about an inexperienced con artist (Stewart) who joins forces (and more) with a veteran (Affleck). [Photo: Kristen Stewart.]

Stewart told HuffPost Entertainment, “I can confirm that rumor. … I'm really excited about it.” No word – for now – on the rumored Snow White and the Huntsman 2, a sequel to Stewart's worldwide blockbuster directed by Rupert Sanders, and co-starring Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, and Sam Caflin, or on the adaptation of William Styron's novel Lie Down in Darkness, in which Stewart is supposedly to have the lead role.

Anyone with a 'micro-project' available for Kristen Stewart?

Kristen Stewart also told HuffPost that she “would love to find some micro-project before then, because April [when she'll be turning 23] is kind of a ways away.” Snow White and the Huntsman 2 doesn't sound very “micro,” but Lie Down in Darkness might fit the bill. Else, unless Focus is ready for release in late fall / early winter 2013, there'll be no Kristen Stewart on movie-theater marquees until sometime in 2014. If so, as per the IMDb that'll be Stewart's first full calendar year “big-screen hiatus” since 2006. (There were no less than three Stewart releases in 2012.)

That is, if you ignore the fact that in early 2013 Kristen Stewart will remain very much in evidence on the big screen in Bill Condon's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, co-starring Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, in addition to a key supporting role in Walter Salles' On the Road, co-starring Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley. On the Road, which was initially screened at the Cannes Film Festival and later reedited before its Toronto Film Festival bow, opens in North America on December 21.

In addition to the aforementioned titles, recent Kristen Stewart movies include four other Twilight Saga entries – Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight, Chris Weitz's New Moon, David Slade's Eclipse, and Condon's Breaking Dawn - Part 1 – plus Floria Sigismondi's The Runaways, Jake Scott's Welcome to the Rileys, and Greg Mottola's Adventureland.

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27 Comments to Kristen Stewart 'Focus' Confirmed

  1. Daisy Kenyon

    Thanks mucho Andre!

  2. Andre

    @Daisy Kenyon,

    Gotta thank you for making me dig some more into this.

    Here's a fascinating read:
    The screenplay can come later if it's an in-house production at a studio. Must be available (at least in some form; it's unclear if he's referring to the final shooting script) *before* financing if it's an independently made production. But then again, the filmmakers *must* get financing of some sort *before* developing the screenplay and other aspects of those early pre-production stages. So, it's two different “financing” steps: The first one for development of the project and finding a star/director to become attached; the second one is for actually producing the film. (And a third for distributing it.)

    Here's another:
    The screenplay can come “later,” after the (partial) funding for development. In Australia, where Robert Pattinson's “The Rover” got partial financing for its actual production.

  3. Daisy Kenyon

    cont. from last post…….
    So when an actor talks about “being sent a script” or “reading lots of scripts” they must be referring to a film that already has financing in place or a spec script.

  4. gg

    look at that, 2 mediocre actors trying to do a Movie. Ben should stick to directing his acting is as bad as Screws..its a guarantied Flop

  5. Morgan

    I'm very excited to see Kristen in this movie! She brings an unparalleled enthusiasm and love to each of her roles, so I always love to watch her work. And I'm especially psyched to see her in such a departure. She's never done a movie in this genre. I know she loves to challenge herself and I foresee her pulling this off as she always does!

  6. stasha

    Wow ..! Wonderful news. So glad that “Kristen Stewart” a multi-talented,smart,beautiful,super intelligent and the best of all the actresses is doing this movie with none other than the best “Ben Affleck”. ….:)
    Kristen Rocks …! “east or west Kristen Stewart is the best “

  7. Amy

    I am so glad to see Kristen has confirmed Focus. I'm also excited to see her working with Ben Affleck. I'll miss not seeing her in any new projects. But, I'll have the 28 movies she's already done to look at until I can see her in Focus. :)

  8. Thank you

    Thank you Andre . You can hardly find a place to comment of a film anymore.

  9. Guest

    I just don't see the chemistry working there. Sorry.

  10. Selena

    I'm really excited for her from what i've been reading this sounds interesting and i'm excited. Kinda bummed I won't be seeing her on the big screen in 2013 but she's been working so hard for the past couple years i'm happy she's getting a break. maybe now the media can go pick on someone else and leave her in peace. As for LDID that needs to be made that is an oscar worthy movie and I can see her excelling as Peyton. I just hope they don't deviate from the book

  11. Andre


    The actual shooting screenplay?

  12. Carolina

    The script is already write, they just need the financing

  13. Andre

    @Daisy Kenyon

    One key problem with having the screenplay written before the filmmakers/producers get financing is that they have to *pay* the screenwriter. That's why, I'd say, an outline would be more “logical” at such an early stage.

    I've yet to watch that Joan Crawford movie, though I have it here on DVD…

  14. Andre

    Note: One comment has been deleted. Another has been edited with the inflammatory remarks removed.
    We won't let any other such comments or remarks pass through our comments' filter. Not for this post or for any other post, whether dealing with Kristen Stewart or any other movie or movie personality.
    No one has to “like” or “admire” Kristen Stewart or anybody else. Feel free to post your dislikes. However, unwarranted ad hominem attacks will be deleted and the commenter may be banned.

  15. Daisy Kenyon

    Thanks Andre. I always wonder how Hollywood works. I personally would think a script would necessarily come first, but the deal makers prob. just figure they can hire a writer later.?
    Yes it is from that Joan Crawford movie with H. Fonda and D. Andrews. Directed by Preminger who did not want to cast Joanie! lol

  16. ME

    Some comments posted here are abusive and inflammatory. They are nothing to do with the movie that's being discussed. If youd don't want to wacth the movie because of the actor or actress don't watch it- no one is forcing you. Stop acting like kids and while you are at it drop the holier than thou attitude.

  17. Andre

    @Daisy Kenyon

    It can certainly come later, though some kind of outline should be available.
    Now, is your name an homage to that Joan Crawford movie of 1946????

  18. Daisy Kenyon

    Is there a script yet for LDID? Or can a script come later even after a deal is made?

  19. Ram

    Ben Affleck and Kristen Stewart share the same media experiences. I remember what it was like for him when he was dating Jennifer Lopez. Brutal. No wonder they are in this film together. Comedies are always in great demand. Good luck to them.

  20. Dalia Cohen

    She is a riot!! She can bring right wing women to the floor. They are crazy about her in a sick way. One sexy number . Good choice. Go Ben!

  21. RLiving

    “Focus” does sound lightweight for Kristen after the good run she's had starting with “Into the Wild”. (I know, I know, Twilight is *extremely* lightweight, but the role did have importance for a not insubstantial segment of the youth culture that loved the books). Would actually prefer to see her with (quirky) Casey Affleck instead of Ben. But perhaps this will show she can do comedy. “Lie Down in Darkness” is not a micro-project - it's pretty epic if the screenplay follows the novel. The potential for casting of the dysfunctional family is pretty epic too - e.g., Daniel Day-Lewis, Kristen, & someone like Julianne Moore playing her mother - hopefully it will get financing soon, after DDL cleans up during this awards season.

  22. Cora

    I'm very excited to see Kristen in Focus. It must be something special if Ben Affleck is going to be starring in it. There is no one hotter in Hollywood right now. I'm glad Kristen's hard work is paying off and she's getting to work with some of the best Hollywood. The future seems very bright for her, even if there is a small lull.

  23. curt

    I'm exited that by 2014 nobdy will care about that untalented Actress. That Movie doesn't sound exiting and by then , Twatlight fans will have someone else to cheer for. Stewart has no Draw Power

  24. Freda Ericssen

    I'm excited ti know that there'll be no Kristen Stewart in theaters until 2014.

  25. livia

    Geez, another boring, cliche, forgettable typical HW film coming up. I would really hope to see LESS of Kristen Stewart in the screen. Emma Stone would have been perfect on this role. Stewart on the other hand is so boring and one dimensional actress. She is plain lucky she played a well loved fairy tale character like Snow white and the film had a mediocre success worldwide. Any actress would have done much better.

  26. Bonboy

    Hohohoho iam so exited for FOCUS!!! go Kristen

  27. patrice

    That's exciting news that Focus will be shot in the 2nd quarter of 2013.