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Kristen Stewart ON THE ROAD Toronto 2012: Fans Show Support

Kristen Stewart fans Toronto 2012Kristen Stewart fans show their support at the Toronto Film Festival

Kristen Stewart will make her first “official” public appearance tonight at the Toronto Film Festival's On the Road screening. Stewart, best known for playing Bella Swan in the Twilight movie series, has been keeping a low profile since images showing the actress being physically intimate with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, surfaced online in late July. (Image: Kristen Stewart fans show their support in Toronto.) [See also: “Kristen Stewart Photo: On the Road TIFF 2012.”]

Directed by Walter Salles, On the Road was first screened at the Cannes Film Festival, where it received mixed reviews. Cast members, however, especially Stewart as the free-spirited Marylou and Garrett Hedlund's Marlon Brando-ish Dean Moriarty, were generally praised. Written by Salles' collaborator José Rivera, On the Road is based on Jack Kerouac's iconic '50s novel.

Kristen Stewart: Awards season chances?

Though viciously attacked and ridiculed in countless media outlets – including a below-the-belt mockery by comedian Will Ferrell – Kristen Stewart remains a potential Best Supporting Actress contender this upcoming awards season, including for the Academy Awards. Her chances will chiefly depend on three factors: a) how strongly the usually laissez faire IFC Films pushes the film b) if critics' groups and/or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association singles her out at year's end c) On the Road doesn't immediately bomb at the box office.

On the Road in Toronto, Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Los Angeles

A new cut of On the Road will premiere at the Toronto festival this evening. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will be unveiling a new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 trailer at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Now, if one good thing has come out of the Kristen Stewart / Rupert Sanders scandal, is that it has helped to fuel interest on Stewart's two upcoming releases, much like the scandal helped to fuel interest in Robert Pattinson's Cosmopolis. Three weekends ago, the David Cronenberg-directed (and written) bizarre comedy / drama opened to solid figures in the United States. (The film's box-office returns have since gone downhill.)

And making sure this is clear: My “Kristen Stewart appreciation” articles were written at that moment in time in response to the self-serving moralistic attacks against Stewart following the release of her photos with the married Rupert Sanders. As I mentioned in a recent comment on this Robert Pattinson article, I found the attackers' holier-than-thou attitude vile, disgusting, repugnant, and all that good stuff.

In all honesty, had it been the other way around, i.e., Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders caught making out in a car or behind the bushes, and the ensuing fire and brimstone hurled at them, I'd have written a “Robert Pattinson appreciation” article instead. In my view, both Stewart and Pattinson are good, highly likable performers. And their love / sex lives are for them and their partners to sort out. [Addendum: I just got an email from someone calling me a “poisonous snake” because of the Pattinson / Sanders joke. I thought my point was obvious, but let me assist the dim-witted fanatics: Can you imagine the sort of ridicule Pattinson would have suffered had something like that happened? Well, I wouldn't judge him. I'd remain an admirer of his work as an actor and I'd continue looking forward to his next film project. That was the – once again, obvious – point.]

Snow White and the Huntsman near $400 million milestone

Wrapping this up: Although Snow White and the Huntsman failed to crack the $400 million mark at the worldwide box office, it got close: $238.97 million overseas (up to Aug. 28) and $155.12 million in North America for a grand total of $394.1 million.

Kristen Stewart fans' image via Pop Sugar.

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14 Comments to Kristen Stewart ON THE ROAD Toronto 2012: Fans Show Support

  1. In my opinion, many people seemed to miss Mr. Ferrell's untimely satirical joke, which I took to aim at the tabloids' ridiculous made-up word, “trampire” and perhaps even the media's and some people's over-reactive and over-investment in someone else's personal and private life. I even admit that I giggled at his stint because of how I interpreted his intention as a comedian. Now, I don't know for a fact if that's what he intended because I'm not him, but my interpretation works because it allows me to give him space to be a comedian. However, I don't necessarily agree with his timing, as I did say his joke was UNTIMELY and even tactless in my experience. If we take what ensued afterward his stint, you'll find that the backlash was horrifying. (It sounds like you're still experiencing it.) I feel like the majority of the audience's listening was through certain filters set up to collect evidence for their judgments towards Kristen and the then-current situation. There still is quite a bit of backlash since then because many people seem to come from the mentality that “Well, Will Ferrell thinks she's a trampire, so since he announced it, it must be true!” What's sad is that since then, the amount of bullying on social media has increased, (I've experienced some myself), mean-spirited t-shirts were made and are being sold, the general media has been vicious towards Kristen and I have never heard or seen so many people and media outlets use such horrifying misogynistic language. That, along with the increasing hate/bullying I've seen on Twitter/Tumblr is the most alarming for me. So needless to say, Will Ferrell's “joke” ultimately wasn't that funny and in my view, hurt vs. helped the situation. He would have done better to leave it alone. Your articles aren't to me as Kristen-biased as they are perhaps respect-biased. Recently, Kristen, has been through the ringer via the media and general public, and what I enjoy about your articles is that in my experience, you've been neutral and funny, yet you choose to speak up for a professional in the film industry, (who happens to be Kristen Stewart at the moment and whose professional life in my opinion, should be the only thing the media covers.), which is admirable. (By the way, I feel this way about all and any celebrities/public figures.) In my perspective, not many media outlets have the courage to do what isn't popular.

  2. Danny

    Well well crazy Robsessed still angry to Kristen, shame on you cougar mama!!!

  3. Daisy Kenyon

    Kelsey: Many people didn't like her true, but why? Many people liked her also. Can't blame a girl for wanting to have a career. Never bashed Lilo and never flipped the bird on the RC.

  4. Freya

    The most biased Kristen Stewart site I have ever met. Don't pretend and change your name. Box office figures have nothing to do with your interpretations, we can go to BoxOffice Mojo. Now your audience is acne-prone immature girls.

  5. Andre


    His name is Will Ferrell, not Will Farrell.

  6. Jo

    Can you FINALLY shut the F up about Will Farrell? He was mocking the New York newspapers for starting “Trampire” and the crazy fans. He didn't start it but it were the newspapers. It's time for you to LET IT GO. Your hate for Farrell is disgusting while you defend the hate against another actor.

  7. KStew Krew

    Funny article! Liked a lot, especially when you had to remind some clueless fans on your true point, lol! What would you expect of mindless/brainless Robsessed and Twihard fans? Rob is just jealous because Kristen beat him with the Ruperv hookup….Rob wanted him first and Kristen stole him right out under his nose…lmfao! Did you see how fabulous Kristen looked in Toronto? Eat your heart out Rob…

  8. Double Standards

    She's very lucky she didn't get it as worse as Robe when he was promoting Cosmoplis. Her publicist didn't let her do any interviews without Garrett so that they wouldn't ask her about the cheating scandal and had everything set up there before she arrived. Rob was asked to sign a bunch of Us Weekly and People tabloids with Kristen cheating on him as headlines while he was in NYC and was constantly asked about the affiar when in fact he was the victim. The only person who got it bad was Rob and it's funny you refuse to acknowledge that.

  9. tina

    What a great article, just loved it! People forget Rob is not Edward and Kristen is not Bella, Rob really doesn't even care for the Twilight movies which was so obvious watching the VMA. She was absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet in Toronto and he looked like a angry drunk, should they try together again… I would say yes, they both will regret not working through this problem. He is to proud to look at what he might have done to caused her to look to another, he would never admit he wasn't there for her but she should have confided in him instead of finding comfort in another. Both are at fault and usually in failed relationships one will shine and one will just fade away, can you guess who will shine?

  10. Kelsey

    The fame had gone to Kristen Stewart's head and she was bashing Lindsay Lohan, her other young peers for selling themselves and beig fake (she's sold her image for 35 magazine covers and is selling a perfume now), etc. She was startin to have a holier than thou attidute which came to bite her in the arse. She's not so anti Hollywood anymore is she? I think she just liked rolling her eyes and flipping the bird on the red carpet and stuff. She was never very well liked before this scandal and that's why she got so much heat for cheating. I still remember Tiger Woods was dropped for over 20 endorsement deals and still gets booed at gold competitions which is sad. I hope Kristen has learned something from this and doesn't think she can get away with anything because she's a big moviestar who makes millions.

  11. Sal

    I agree that her work in OTR should be the focus not her personal life. However, men run Hollywood so she may have a tough time. Kristen has been working since a young age so nothing has been handed to her, and she has taken on roles that many young actresses would not dare to take. I am sure that Kristen has grown a lot emotionally during this scandal and would come out a better young woman. I am glad she is in Toronto for her movie and that she took time to meet the fans. I support her. Congratulations to OTR and the rest of the wonderful cast.

  12. Liz

    I truly hope her personal life is set aside and On the Road is put front and center. She did a grand job as Marylou so that is what should be focused on when it comes to her and the film.

  13. Jay

    Yeah, you aren't biased at all are you. Rolls eyes.

  14. Chrissie

    Here's a thought. Why don't you only report on Kristen alone and become a fansite. Everyone will be happy.