Kristen Stewart Photo: ON THE ROAD TIFF 2012

Kristen Stewart On the Road TIFF 2012Kristen Stewart photo: On the Road Toronto screening

Kristen Stewart dressed quite colorfully – now, that's a movie star – on the red carpet at the 2012 edition of the Toronto Film Festival. (Via Just Jared, which has several other Kristen Stewart images as well.) TIFF 2012's premiere of Walter Salles' new cut of On the Road marked Stewart's first official public appearance since the “cheating scandal” (involving Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders) in late July.

IFC Films will release On the Road in North America on Dec. 21. The film version of Jack Kerouac's '50s novel has already been screened in several countries, including France, Belgium, and Salles' native Brazil. Box-office grosses have been mixed: France and Brazil have been particularly good markets. [See also: “Kristen Stewart Oscar Chances.”]

On the Road cast

In addition to Kristen Stewart (who plays Marylou), the On the Road cast includes Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, Tom Sturridge, Danny Morgan, and Alice Braga. A longer cut of On the Road premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last spring.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer

While Kristen Stewart is at the Toronto Film Festival, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will be unveiling a new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. Breaking Dawn Part 2, the last installment in the Twilight Saga movie franchise, opens on November 16. In addition to Stewart, Pattinson, and Lautner, the Bill Condon-directed movie features Elizabeth Reaser, Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, and Booboo Stewart.

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