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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Rumors + Gossip = Hard Cash (for Some)

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson gossip tabloid journalismKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson rumors and gossip: Tabloid 'news' equals profits

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been used as grist for the planet's countless rumor mills since Catharine Hardwicke's Twilight became the worldwide sleeper hit of 2008. Following the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders “scandal" in late summer 2012, “news” reports about Stewart and Pattinson breaking up, getting back together again, dating others, etc., have become not just daily, but, in the age of instant online “reports,” second-ly occurrences.

Now, who has the most to gain from the barrage of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson gossip articles? The above drawing – sent to me by a follower on Twitter – makes it clear. Besides the tabloid publications themselves, Summit Entertainment and, within the last year or so, its sibling/parent company Lionsgate Pictures, have had the most to gain.

Really, would the Twilight movies have been so tremendously successful without the possibility (or reality, as the case may be) of a Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson romance? Bella Swan and Edward Cullen living, unliving, and reliving the dream both on and off screen. If only the Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy fans had been that lucky. (MacDonald and Eddy were married – but not to one another.)

According to figures found at Box Office Mojo, the Twilight movies – the aforementioned Twilight (2008), Chris Weitz's New Moon (2009), David Slade's Eclipse (2010), and Bill Condon's Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) and Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012) – have grossed a worldwide total of $3.33 billion. Of course, I should add that in the last four titles, leads Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were joined by Taylor Lautner, who has only a small supporting role in the first film. Even so, the focus of all five films is on the relationship between Bella and Edward, i.e., Stewart and Pattinson, even when the latter is absent from the screen.

The appeal Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have for the tabloids is obvious. When they create rumors about Stewart, Pattinson must be involved, and vice-versa. Two huge fandoms are thus joined to provide visits, sales, and revenues. And the tabloids will keep on cranking out tales for as long as fans and other interested parties continue visiting their sites and buying their magazine issues.

Long history of real and manufactured box-office-boosting off-screen romances

Long before tabloids and tabloid-wannabes took over as the purveyors of entertainment “news,” throughout the decades the studios themselves have publicized idyllic off-screen love stories, whether real or manufactured, featuring the stars of their latest releases. Not infrequently, those had the tacit or not-so-tacit consent of the actors in question; invariably, they were eagerly swallowed by a gullible (i.e., wilfully stupid) general public.

That strategy goes all the way back to the early silent era, when in the 1910s the likes of Francis X. Bushman (the 1925 Ben-Hur's Messala) and Beverly Bayne romanced on screen and off – though the eventual revelation that Bushman was the married father of five kids didn't help his image any. (See: “Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders in Good Company.”)

[“Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson rumors and gossip: Tabloid 'news' equals profits” continues on the next page. See link below.]

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as the tabloids' cash cow is an “enhanced version” of a previous drawing featuring Stewart and Pattinson as Summit's cash cow.

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32 Comments to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Rumors + Gossip = Hard Cash (for Some)

  1. Sharon Rich, Sweethearts authr

    Excellent article. I couldn't help but notice that you referred to Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy…and have to say that the public attack of Stewart last summer when the scandal broke was oh so similar to the public rage back in 1937 when MacDonald married Nelson Eddy lookalike (sort of) Gene Raymond. Many “team” fans turned on MacDonald because they always sensed that they were off-screen sweethearts. A barrage of angry letters were sent to MGM protesting this marriage and the fact that the team was professionally (temporarily) split up. Many Eddy fans forever after hated MacDonald and this feud among some fans continues to this day.

    Again similar to the scene last year, Eddy was seen by many as the handsome but spineless guy who couldn't keep his diva girlfriend from wandering. I found it curious that last summer when Stewart blurted out that she loved Pattinson, this previously unconfirmed clarification got lost in the shuffle of public anger.

    Whatever the true nature of the Stewart-Pattinson relationship particularly post-“Twilight”, studio PR departments have always had acid stomachs over the antics of their screen teams' off-screen affairs. In 1935 Nelson Eddy threatened Louella Parsons with a lawsuit for her snooping, angering her so she usually wrote snidely about him over the next few years. Hedda Hopper took a sympathetic position and so when, in 1938, the now-married MacDonald miscarried Eddy's child, Hedda Hopper triumphantly landed the photo scoop in “Look” magazine of the recuperating MacDonald in bed. But even Hopper dared not hint at the true paternity of this failed pregnancy.

    Also in 1938, MacDonald traveled with Eddy on part of his national concert tour. They were seen together by many but the press never ran with this scandalous news. Then, in January 1939 when she refused to divorce her husband due to studio pressure, Eddy eloped with someone else. That MacDonald was subsequently “taken ill” and photographed looking wan and miserable in her bed was explained away by the MGM publicity department - she had “a cold.” That she then refused to make anymore films with Eddy and also wouldn't re-sign her studio contract was also spun - she was taking a break from Hollywood to do a concert tour. Nelson made two solo films and it wasn't until the summer of 1939 that MacDonald was coaxed into returning for a team film (and ultimately a personal reunion).

    L.B. Mayer, the head honcho at MGM in its heyday, didn't contractually allow his stars to marry without his permission. Movie stars were volatile and Hollywood marriages could sour quickly…and then he'd lose his lucrative team. MacDonald and Eddy weren't the only MGM stars who could not marry but they are perhaps the best-known due to the tragic aftermath of Mayer's interference.

    So I beg to differ on one point… MacDonald-Eddy fans “were” that lucky…they just didn't know it. Or more correctly, many people were eyewitness to an off-screen romance but were terrified to do more than whisper about it. Or perhaps write a friend about it…I have read literally hundreds of pages of letters from fans and others who were there on the scene. Heck, Nelson told Jack Paar in a 1960 TV interview that he loved Jeanette…Paar just dropped the topic and didn't probe. One wonders what different ending the MacDonald-Eddy story might have had in today's tabloid world, when all those snatched moments together would have been photographed, uploaded and on display for all the Internet to see.

    I have to chuckle when I read some of the comments posted on this thread, arguments about which one is the better star, who will make it as a solo actor post-“Twilight”, how she did him wrong…it's so like reading the endless arguments between Team Eddy and Team MacDonald fans. One thing never changes - the fascination of a long-time movie couple with an indefinable chemistry that transcends their work on the screen. Do they really love each other off-screen? If so, can he swallow his pride and start over with her? Do they have a professional or personal future together? Will they remain apart, hook up with other partners and then down the road (and with more maturity and after some career slumps) rediscover each other? All that happened with MacDonald and Eddy….Only time will tell in the case of Stewart and Pattinson. Meanwhile, their fans wait impatiently for gossipy and conflicting “news” updates while I'm sure Summit, Lionsgate and other Hollywood companies wonder whether there is another cash cow to be had by teaming them in a new film project. After all, it worked for L.B.. Mayer…

  2. Elizabeth

    I have nothing negative to say about them as an actor and actress.
    Their personal lives are none of my business. I enjoyed Panic Room with Kristen Stewart. I also enjoyed Water for Elephants and Cosmopolis with Robert Pattinson. I believe he starred in a
    J. R. R Tolkien film that was very enjoyable. Both of them belong on the screen for all to see.

  3. Elizabeth

    I just want to know why Cosmopolis was not considered for Academy Awards ?? The cast was brilliant under the direction of Mr. David Cronenberg, a brilliant director. I do not care about their personal lives, I just am very curious why Cosmopolis was not considered.

  4. R.B.

    Rob's fans once again prove how crazy they are with this “defending” Rob by attacking others (their favorite-but not only-targets, Kristen Stewart and her fans) in a site's comments section. I'll never understand why they don't see how they are his worst PR. It's a pity.

  5. danielle

    As for your article, who has any real clue on if the movies would have done as well without Rob and Kristen being an item? Maybe they would have done just as well, or maybe they wouldn't have. That's hard to answer.
    I can answer for myself that I was first interested in the books, then I watched the first movie when it was released, and the following movies including the very last in cinemas. One of the movies, 'Eclipse' was my least favourite. I'm not sure even if it was that well produced. Yet I still saw them all, for I, from the beginning became fans of both individually.
    I was a fan of the books so I wanted to see the final touch to the movie versions of the series. And, I was a fan of at least a couple of the cast, which is always a way to hook me into a film.

  6. danielle

    I've recently followed you on Twitter, I thought I'd followed your account before, but never mind. All is fixed now. But that is why I'm here commenting in reply to your comments below. I trust that this site does delete abusive comments towards others, or comments about Kristen Stewart. I don't have to think about what kind of comments this site is bombarded with anymore. Everywhere else is bombarded with abusive, irrelevant comments when an article is focusing entirely on Kristen, or might even briefly mention her name next to other stars names.
    I also wish people would stick to the facts instead of sharing their opinions which become spread as rumours around the internet. Ben Affleck has spoken positively concerning Kristen. He's suggested to the media that he has a busy schedule without adding 'Focus' to it. Anything else is just someone's opinion, and a distorted opinion at that coming from commenters like Jordan. Viggo Mortensen hasn't looked repulsed near her, and logic would tell people if he hated working with her and hated her, he'd have let her walk down the steps at Cannes in heels, without his support.

  7. Joanna

    I did read all 3 parts actually and the fact that so far,there doesn't seem to be a single comment on either of the others appears to tell it's own story. You're quite right of course, I don't have to read the comments or visit the site. Thank you for pointing that out.

  8. Andre

    Who are you? I called *you* truly ignorant? I've no idea who you are.
    This is a three-part article. Did you read the whole thing? You may find it unnecessary, others clearly appreciated it. Once again: did you read the whole thing?
    Anyhow, what next? Are you gonna tell us what is necessary/unnecessary for us to write about? Should we consult with you before we write our next piece to see if you approve/disapprove of the subject matter?
    And *you* claim to be insulted. Oh.
    As for “intelligent debates”: This is a forum for *debates*. We're not going to censor/block something just because we (or you) don't believe it is “intelligent.” We have our comments guidelines. Check them out. What's more: NO ONE has to read the comments section. I rarely do — except for this site. I (or one of us) have/has to.
    And enough. Time to move on.

  9. Joanna

    You know,initially I was simply saddened that this site,which has posted some great articles in the past and seemed to have some genuine integrity, had allowed itself to go down the route of so many others but now,quite frankly,I'm insulted that you consider someone like myself to be “truly ignorant” for considering 99% of the comments below to be nasty,personal attacks on what is,if I'm being completely honest,a completely unnecessary article. I'm well aware of the nature of the comments that get blocked,I've come across the truly vile specimens who mistakenly believe the internet provides an anonymous forum for them to spread their poison but please explain to me how the ridiculous,hairpulling,hissy fits going on on the comments below are a “healthy debate” or in any way approaching an intelligent discussion about whether or not the personal relationship between Stewart and Pattinson helped Twilight's box office. Again I assert that this whole article is unnecessary and truly does come across as you nothing more than you trying to grab your own slice of the “Robsten cash cow” and I really do want to be wrong about that because I honestly did believe you were better than that.

  10. Andre

    @Jordon (& everyone)

    Please, stick to the facts.

    There's NO evidence that Viggo Mortensen or Ben Affleck dropped out of “Snow White and the Huntsman”/”Focus” **because** of Kristen Stewart. None whatsoever.

    I let that remark pass. Probably shouldn't have, but now it's a bit late to remove it.
    Any more such baseless, inflammatory, troll-like remarks **will be blocked**.

    Some (truly ignorant people) may think we allow negative (or, as some like to call them, “hate”) comments to get hits. That's idiotic. It's a goddamn *nightmare* to read/monitor obnoxious, rude, psychotic comments. It's probably THE most unpleasant thing about running a website (alongside technical mishaps). Dealing with the madness and the viciousness out there. And if you think the comments below are “hate” comments, then you should read the ones we've blocked. Really.

    Now, remember: We have comments guidelines. “Offending fans is not allowed” is NOT one of them.

  11. DD

    Why must everything be a contest. Does a crow fly over your houses and you rush to the computer to defend your man and tear down Kristen. You do him no favors. He does not need you help just as Kristen does not need your hate. You think your helping Rob but in fact you are turning fans off. Kristen's fine - let her be.

  12. Jordon

    @Athena misses the point. DStone claimed that both Remember Me and Water For Elephants were not hits. They both made a profit, something none of Stewart's indies has done. See the difference? All of her indies were bombs. Two of Pattinson's indies were profitable outside the Twilight franchise, something her fans like to ignore (making them just as obnoxious as she claims his fans are). SWATH was not an indie, it was sold as a franchise to start with, and had a big budget, Thor and the fairy tale/action/adventure genre.

    Another interesting fact about SWATH is that Viggo was originally cast as the Huntsman but he dropped out after Stewart was cast. He had already worked with her on OTR, so he knew what she was like. And Affleck dropped out of Focus after she was cast. Regardless of how many nice things he says about her to the media, he still isn't going to be working with her, and the film seems to be shelved, since there isn't even any buzz about looking for a replacement actor.

  13. Athena


    Um, New Moon was more successful than Twilight because it was released in over 1000 more theaters domestically and a hell of a lot more internationally. Twilight was promoted as an INDIE. New Moon, Eclipse, BD1, and BD2 were promoted as BLOCKBUSTERS. It's as simple as that.

    @Reality Check- Lol, you nonstens claim that Summit it only faking the relationship to draw in fans. But in the same breath you claim that most of his (supposedly the bigger actor) fans don't even like her. How does that make sense? If Kristen doesn't have many fans like you claim and “most” fans don't want them together then how can you justify your “pr contract”?

    Plus you know very well that he'd didn't mean “that's ridiculous” in response to her being his girlfriend. The video proves that. And as for him never acknowledging her a his girlfriend why is there video of him doing just that at his premieres? Not one, but TWO. Again, isn't that the opposite of what a “pr contract” would entail?

  14. Athena


    It's funny that you call all of Kristen's indies bombs. Especially considering the fact that many of them were under limited release. If you want to get technical, Robert has what you would consider “bombs” as well. Little Ashes made $767k. And How to Be didn't even register enough to be on Box Office Mojo. Bel Ami didnt make back its budget, and so far neither has Cosmopolis. Water for Elephants and Remember Me did pretty good at the BO.

    Why are you judging Kristen for something that Rob has had too? That's pretty hypocritical. But of course the standard nonsten excuse is that when an indie “bombs” it's Kristen's fault. Yet when it's extremely successful, like SWATH, then it's because of the other actors. That's pretty ridiculous.

    The fact is that indies don't typically do that well at the box office. It's not just Kristen and Rob.

  15. Athena

    Isn't it funny how all these nonstens on here are repeating the *exact same thing*. It's almost as if they are the same person!

    Lets be clear about something. Yes, Rob has six films lined up. Unfortunately, one of those (OotD) has been pushed back. BUT if you remember correctly he also took over eight months before he released any info about new films. AND he just started filming again. The last time he had filmed was July 2011. He took a *break*. He's allowed to do that, just like Kristen is. So far Kristen has Focus and SWATH2 and more likely than not, LDiD. If you remember in the past she's been offered several roles which she never took (American Girl & Akira). So just because she's not releasing info about any films doesn't mean that she isn't being offered any.

  16. Elroy

    @Monster, another Stewart fan who blindly tries to ignore her hypocrisy and manipulation of the media and her small fanbase. She's so private and fierce, but she has no problem with simulating sex acts on a public road where the paps can get pics. She says she could never talk about her private life but in the next breath, shows an Elle reporter her cell phone with a pic of Rob on it so they can tell the world.

    She knows very well that wearing or holding articles of Rob's clothing is going to be photographed. If she truly cared about keeping things private she wouldn't do that in public. It's a cry for attention, it can't be anything else. She desperately wants people to think she's with him because he will never publicly acknowledge her.

    She attends his premieres but he refuses to walk the red carpet at hers, or even attend at all. He never takes her out on a public date alone, where they might be seen, only in large groups, usually with her publicist, bodyguard, brother and friends along for the ride. That's not true romance, that's PR or just friends hanging out. If he is her boyfriend, he's not doing it right or she has horribly low standards. But the affair with Rupert Sanders proves that already.

    Only those desperate to live vicariously through her are buying it, the rest of the world sees it for the Summit PR it is. And as others have pointed out, he has many projects lined up, he doesn't need the PR. She has no new projects, she's the one who benefits from keeping her name linked to his.

  17. The Monster

    Interesting article. No one commenting here really has a clue how the Hollywood machine works. I would venture a guess that Twilight would have made money whether Kristen and Rob had a relationship or not. The books made a fortune. The chemistry on screen (and probably off) between these two most certainly was key in their success, as was remaining true to the storyline.
    I would think that an indie to even make it to the theater is considered a success since so many do not even get there. Many do not make much money once in the theater. It is often about the performances. Case in point:
    Nichole Kidman (Rabbit Hole) $1,268,041 Osar nominee
    The Runaways with a domestic gross of $3,573,673.

    Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes (Winter's Bone, 06/11) $6,271,086 Oscar nominees.
    Cosmopolis Box office, $6,063,556

    They may not have gotten Oscar nominations but did receive good reviews for their performances. For the actors it is more about the passion for the project and who they may have the opportunity to work with. Money is not always a measuring tool for an indie or an actor's choice in taking a role.

    As for the “inside” knowlege you ladies profess about the status of their projects and careers, it is simply laughable. Even more preposterous is your knowledge about what they wear, are told to wear or secret messages they are sending. Seriously? For people who profess to be “Robsessed” or fans, you certainly don't think he has much integrity that he would let himself be led around by the nose. Not the impression(and it is only an impression) that I get from either of these actors. Maybe they don't share their relationship with the public because it is really no one's business and that MEANS something to them. Your conspirocy theories about this young actress are just that, conspirocy theories. Maybe she is just living her life as best she can in a fishbowl. I think they have both received many opportunites because of Twilight. But what has happened in the media and from all the opinionated bloggers and Twitterers is really sad. Not a single one of you really knows the circumstances of what happened this summer, nor should you. I would withold judgement until you do, please don't hold your breath. What matters, if you are a fan, is that you are supportive of their work, let them love who they want and don't feed the monster.

  18. Connan

    Very short comment from me.

    Well, I can see that comments section is turning into Kristen's hate site. Again. Very predictable.

    Pattinson's fans are the most vile, hateful posters. This is why I don't watch his movies. It's like a political campaign - you look what your backers are. You don't support someone if he funded by some rabid bloodthirsty mob tearing apart another human being. The end.

  19. Sheila

    It is very true that the success of the Twilight Saga has much more to do with the love story than vampires. In my view, whether Edward Cullen was a vampire or not is really irrelevant…what really captured people's imaginations was the love story. Add to that the fact that the two young, beautiful stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson “were” or “were not” together in real life just really fed into that love story. I know it did for me. As it turns out, Robert Pattinson is also a really nice guy with a lot of depth in human terms and Kristen Stewart is a brilliant, “non-conformist” who, at the young age of 22 has had in the past months survive a very nasty and hypocritical media attack (how many magazines attacked the “aggressor”, RSanders?? Not many). We're all voting for Rob and Kristen and it translates at the box office.

  20. Robsessed1986

    Wow, some people really need to get a grip. Listen, I'm not only a Rob fan but I am also a huge Twilight fan. My being a fan of Twilight has never hinged on Rob's personal life. On the contrary, I was a Twilight fan before I was Robsessed. Although I have become a much bigger fan of Rob than of Twilight, I still love Twilight. I entrenched myself in the robsten/nonsten argument for well over a year, but decided it wasn't worth it, as many robstens are very rabid when it comes to what they believe and they refuse to let anyone have their own opinions. Case in point, the first comment made about this article. It has long been the robsten contention that nonstens don't believe Rob and KS are together because we nonstens are jealous that KS is with Rob because we all want him for ourselves. To me this reasoning is totally preposterous, but try telling a hardcore robsten that and you get threatened with you life and that of your family. In any case, I have never believed they were together and never will. But, to me, that has nothing to do with my being either a fan of Rob or of Twilight. I will remain a loyal fan of both.

  21. Zelda

    Pattinson isn't just starting to build his “indie cred.” He started out in indies. How To Be and Little Ashes were filmed long before he was cast in Twilight, and The Haunted Airman and Bad Mother's Handbook were also little indies. Remember Me and Bel Ami were indies that only got funding because Rob wanted to see them made. He has plenty of indie cred, and he's continuing to make those kinds of films because those are the kinds of films he enjoys watching.

    Pattinson's currently filming The Rover, and will either work on Hold on to Me or Queen of the Desert next. All his films in preproduction have scripts and funding, and some even already have distribution. Mission: Blacklist will be filmed when the director is ready, and the same goes for Map to the Stars. Cronenberg said he wasn't sure of Viggo's availability, so depending on the scheduling, it's still possible he could be in the film. There's also Hate Mail and a movie about The Band, with one of the best scripts Rob's said he's ever read.

    Pattinson doesn't have a history of having 8 films lined up, either, but obviously, when that many directors and producers want to work with you and you think the scripts are good, there's no reason not to sign on. The lack of projects on Stewart's side speaks for itself. One of them needs publicity to land a job and the other one doesn't. One of them pays for a full time publicist and the other one doesn't. One of them values his private life and the other one sells hers (or does things in public that end up causing a scandal).

  22. Jordon

    @DStone is simply wrong. All of Stewart's indies were bombs, every single one. The Runaways, WTTR, OTR, and all the ones before never made a profit. Both Remember Me and Water for Elephants did make a profit, and WFE got good reviews, it's Fresh on RT. Pattinson took chances with Bel Ami and Cosmopolis, and got some of the best reviews of his life for Cosmopolis, which has also ended up on many Best of 2012 lists.

    He made 11 films between 2006 and 2012, then he took time off, he wasn't “unemployed.” He was reading scripts and meeting with directors and producers during the year he wasn't filming anything, but he also did promo tours for Bel Ami, Cosmopolis and BD2, which is work.

    As for Stewart, she is unemployed, and has been since her cheating scandal in July of 2012. I doubt she's getting sent scripts, few people seem to want to be associated with her. If she were bankable, then why isn't Lie Down in Darkness getting funded? The producer came out and said he had not offered her the part-after her PR mouthpiece had leaked news of her casting. How embarrassing!

    As for wearing other people's clothing, it's highly hypocritical to say you'd never sell your private life and then carry articles of Pattinson's clothing when you know you're going to be photographed. Either you respect the man you're with and honor his wish to be private or you wave his clothing around because you are so desperate for attention. She can't have it both ways. She's not ignorant, she knows exactly what she's doing and her her fiending little fans take to twitter, twirling over her little signals, even if they have to make them up. But she's already proved she doesn't know anything about respecting Rob, as a friend, colleague or human being, hasn't she? Just ask Liberty Ross.

    Pattinson's fans aren't jealous, many are married and have no illusions about dating him or even meeting him. They just think a gentleman should be associated with someone worthy. When he's seen out on a real date with a decent woman, his fans will celebrate, just watch.

  23. DStone

    Robert Pattinson's fans are some of the most obnoxious fans I've ever had the displeasure of coming across. They act as if he is above the Hollywood game and that Kristen, of all people, is hanging on to him for fame and wearing his clothes as a way to get even more fame.

    What they fail to realize is that Kristen has said many times that she loves wearing clothes worn by other people. Growing up, she wore her brother's clothes. When she was dating Angarano, she wore his clothes. And now that she's presumably dating Rob, she has been spotted wearing his clothes. I don't know what's so hard to understand. It's not rare for a girl to wear her boyfriend's clothes. For them to sit there and imply that Kristen thinks of ways to send “messages” to the Robsten fandom is unbelievably absurd. She can wear whatever she wants to wear.

    And most of his fans can't stand Stewart because they themselves can't have him. It's simple. They act like jealous adolescent girls even though a majority of them are older women. I don't understand what's so hard about letting him date whoever he wants to date. If he wants to be with Kristen, then respect his decision and move on with your lives. Who are you to tell him who he can and can't date? And then have the nerve to turn around and make those who like them together look like the bad guys when you are the ones with your hate blogs and your rants filled with hate towards one actress as thought she's personally offended you or your family.

    And you keep bringing up the 5 movies he has lined up. Are you forgetting that Pattinson was unemployed for over a year prior to being cast in Mission Blacklist, The Rover, etc. He was the one with no projects lined up while Kristen went on to film Snow White and The Huntsman. That was the last project she filmed. His was Cosmopolis (which bombed at the B.O). Bel Ami also bombed big time and he was critically panned (some outlets were even saying his career was over). Remember Me, Water for Elephants, both good movies but not box office hits in any way. It irritates some of his fans that she's one of the only cast members to have a box office hit outside of Twilight.
    Kristen has never, for as long as I've followed her career, lined up movies in that fashion. Reason being because she's very selective about what she wants to do. She chooses films because she likes the scripts not because she needs to have a colorful IMDB page. Melissa Leo even said that Kristen has had a lot more opportunities to work more than she has. If she accepted every role that came to her, she'd have 6 or 7 movies lined up too. The main problem with accepting roles like that is, who knows whether or not they will even be made?

    Remember when Rob was cast in Unbound Captives? That was never filmed. Mission Blacklist's start was just pushed back to God knows when. Viggo Mortensen just dropped out of Maps to The Stars and Cronenberg doesn't even have the cast confirmed yet. So please, stop trying to make it look like these things happen only to Kristen and Kristen alone. As far as we know, she's confirmed for 'Focus' and 'SWATH 2' and if all things go well with the financing, she'll be confirmed for 'Lie Down in Darkness' too. Kristen's already built up her indie cred, Rob's just getting started.

    Back to the topic at hand:

    All I can say is that 'Robsten' is a manufactured product put forth by the media. Rob and Kristen are two people who appear to be in some sort of relationship.. These are two people who can clearly think for themselves and are not co-dependent. I don't know what people expect them to do but I can bet it sucks having so many people with their own opinions on how you should conduct your personal relationships. One thing I can say is that we'll see what happens after March 2, which is when the BD2 DVD/Blu Ray will be released. Because some people think that Rob and Kristen need to not be seen in public together to sell the DVD of one the biggest box office hits of 2012 and one of the most successful franchises worth over 3 billion dollars. Yes, the fans won't buy these DVDs like they always have unless Rob and Kristen go to dinner with a few friends and leave the restaurant separately.

    I hope you can note my sarcasm.

  24. PRsten

    LOL I see PRsten fans are here defending the real love! If movies are so successful without PRsten, why New Moon was a success and not Twilight? Because PRsten began in November 2009. The Twilight fans are obsessed with them. The Twilight fans sent letters to Summit saying that if they did not come back together for BD2, they would not go to see the movie. Yes, I see that the fans are only interested in movies.

    It's also a coincidence that they “back together” just five days before Rob traveling to Australia to begin the promo. 4 year of relationship and they couldn't act like a normal couple? They always are out with publicists and friends, never alone. They always have a E! Online and Gossip Cop saying what it's necessary to sell. What woman in love fucks with a married man? What woman in love says: keep them guessing? She wants people speculating about them. She needs attention. It's amazing that women say that their relationship is ideal. Ideal? I don't see love, I see indifference. The fans are obsessed with them. They need PRsten. If they love them both separately, why Cosmopolis is a failure? Why OTR is another failure? The only thing that matters for the fandom is if she is wearing his clothes or crap like that.. It's a show. It's PR.

    Rob's aunt has a blog. She said a year ago that everything is PR. Who knows it better: a group of obsessed fans or his aunt? I wonder what excuse will provide the fans when everything is over after the sale of the dvd. I know. They will say that Rob could not handle the pressure of the infidelity but loves her madly. Shippers are predictable.

  25. Mrs W to you
  26. Reality Check

    Except, Pattinson has said numerous times that no one knows what goes on in his private life and that the media just manufactures a story and makes up what they think will sell the best (and it doesn't reflect his reality at all). He doesn't have a publicist the way Stewart does, and he's never discussed his private life. He's not the one who parades through airports where he knows the paps hang out carrying items of her clothing. That's her little trick. She feeds into the fantasy to keep her fanbase going, because otherwise she's completely irrelevant. OTR was a huge bomb, both critically and at the box office, and she can't get another job. Focus has fizzled since Affleck dropped out, she's not attached to any other film and who knows when or if SWATH 2 will be made? Pattinson has at least 8 films lined up, enough to keep him busy for the next two years. He's hot, she's not.

    Plus, most of his fans can't stand Stewart (especially after her cheating with a married man scandal) and don't like seeing his name linked with hers. The media believes stories about them sell, but the fact is that they only sell to her fanbase. His fans understand that he's under contract to Summit to promote the 5 films they made together and nothing more. He's never acknowledged her as his girlfriend, ever. When flat out asked by Kevin Frasier at the Insider if she could be called his girlfriend, Rob laughed and said, “That's so ridiculous,” shaking his head “no.” People just won't believe that Edward and Bella are only fictional characters.

  27. Beebee

    Having a conversation with some friends after reading your post. How did my friend put it?

    If Kristen and Robert being a couple is the cause of Twilight's success, then why didn't Remember Me make more money? Or Cosmopolis? Kristen went to both of Robert's premieres. Walked the red carpets clearly showing they were together. I guess that “couple theory” really has no merits now does it?

    Remember that Kristen and Robert were definitely out as a couple although they never admitted it we all knew they were. So BD1 we knew that they were together.
    Remember when the paparazzi photos came out with Kristen and Robert filming in Brazil?

    Remember when the fans saw that Edward wasn't wearing a wedding ring?

    Remember when the fans went crazy was were calling and writing Summit telling them how upset they were because Edward wasn't wearing a wedding ring?

    Remember how suddenly when the next paparazzi photos came out, you saw Edward with a ring on filming that scene?

    Yeah, so, this goes to show you that the successes at the box office for Breaking Dawn Part 1 where not lending to the fact that Kristen and Robert were together. It was because Edward wore that damn ring like he should have LOL!!

    Bill Condon remarked on the DVD about how they were scared because the film would have been ruined had they not found a ring to put Edward's finger. How they immediately got the message that night that the fans were irate about the missing ring.

    So really, if anyone believes that these films would not have been as successful without the rumors or confirmation that Kristen and Robert were boyfriend and girlfriend, I have a trillion dollar coin I want to sell you.

    These Twilight films are successful because they told the story how the fans wanted it told. Summit didn't pull that mess that Paramount tried to pull by changing everything about the books we loved. Yeah, there are some things that the fans debate about but Summit gave us the films and told the story we love. Kristen and Robert did their jobs and gave us everything we dreamed of in Edward and Bella on the movie screen. That's what they did.

    I didn't keep going back to see the original Twilight film just because I was dreaming of Kristen and Robert LMAO! They did a hell of a job with Bella and Edward. I really enjoyed watching them. They were really good together and that was really nice to see in the movie.

    Am I fans of Kristen and Robert? Yes. Do I see their other movies. Yes. Do I hope people stop hounding them and let them be together in peace. Of course. But I bought my tickets to see Twilight for the same reason I bought my tickets to see Breaking Dawn Part 2, I wanted to see how Bella and Edward were translated from the book to the film. Being fans and seeing Kristen and Robert together was a bonus.

    Twihards care about the story. That's what brings us to buy tickets 20 times; or to camp out for days for the premieres not to only see the trio (Kristen, Robert and Taylor) but to get into and be the first ones to see the film itself.

    If Kristen and Robert are together or not together, I will always support them and their films. If Kristen and Robert's box office success is based on them being a couple, I'll just refer you to Cosmopolis. One hell of a movie and Rob did a hell of a job and should have received nominations for his work but didn't sell because Kristen and Robert are a couple.

  28. Lori

    I forgot about the Edward and Bella telling Charlie they're getting married scene that was left out of Breaking Dawn. Fans wanted to see that scene too.

  29. Lori


    Trust me as I live and breathe today, had any director left out let's say, The Leg Hitch or The Tent scene, the breaking of the headboard, Edward's ghost or any other nuances that the fans wanted to see, ROB AND KRISTEN COULD HAVE BEEN MARRIED AND THE FANS WOULD NOT HAVE SEEN THOSE FILMS THE WAY THEY DID! THE FILMS WOULD HAVE FAILED!!


    Sorry for the shouty capitols but I like you guys and lumping Summit and Lionsgate and Twilight's success in the same vain as those profiting vultures is ridiculous. Did Lionsgate make a couple bucks due to Kristen Stewart's indiscretion? Maybe, but doubtful since what she did turned off a lot of fans regardless if Rob and Kristen are back together. So really how profitable was that?

    Only someone who has never read the books would think Twilight's success needs some kind of boost otherwise it wouldn't be as profitable on its own merits.

    Here is a quote from an MTV interview in 2008 with Catherine Hardwicke: “MTV to Hardwicke: 'Well, more so than most fanbases, it seems as though Twilighters would say to each other after a few weeks: “Dude, it's stalled at $130 million! We all need to go see it five more times!'””

    Maybe you should read this MTV interview to get an understanding as to why Twilight was successful and why the franchise is successful today because it's easy to fall back on “the personal relationship/couple” excuse today. But that is not the reason why the franchise is what it is today. We seem to lose reality based on current events as opposed to what actually happened or what is the truth.


    The first film Twilight was a hit and not because Rob and Kristen were a couple because they were not. Kristen had a boyfriend at that time and fans knew this. The media would push them in interviews during the Twilight press junket to try to make them a couple but Kristen fully rebuffed any attempts.

    Twilight's success began and ended with Rob and Kristen's acting and chemistry onscreen along with maintaining the parts of the book that the fans wanted to see. Period. “The Edward & Bella kiss” in Twilight helped sell tickets to New Moon.. Rob and Kristen were exactly what was needed to bring Edward and Bella's characters to life.

    New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 did not make money because Rob and Kristen were a couple or had any potential to be. That's the ignorant superficial outlook regarding Twilight's success as I previously stated.

    If you follow sites such as Twilight Lexicon or the TwiExaminer or went to any Twilight Convention around the world, Rob and Kristen's personal relationship is and was never a focal point to sell THE FILMS. Catherine Hardwicke said that if the actors who played Bella and Edward did not have chemistry, they couldn't have sold the story of Twilight.

    These are the reasons why the fans bought tickets to see Edward and Bella which made the films a success:

    Twilight: Two things fans wanted to see: Edward and Bella coming to life onscreen. The meadow scene. Bella and Edward kiss. The prom. Period.

    Footnote: The kissing scene in Twilight is what drew more fan and media interest because it was HOT!

    New Moon: Edward leaving Bella. The proposal. Edward's ghost. Jacob's change & Bella finding out Jacob's a wolf. Edward returning. Bella telling the Cullens she wants to be changed and Edward smashing the TV (Edward smashing the TV was not in the film).

    Eclipse: The three main reasons fans went to see Eclipse were “The leg hitch scene,” “The Tent scene,” and “Bella kissing Jacob.” Other scenes were Rosalie telling Bella about her life. Jasper telling Bella about his life. Edward fighting Victoria. Planning the wedding which is another meadow scene.

    Another favorite part that fans wanted to see that was in the book but was left out of the film: Edward getting Alice to take Bella to their house for safe-keeping and the night he slipped into her bed that night and made out.

    Breaking Dawn: The Wedding. The Honeymoon. Bella's pregnancy without all of the Jacob narrative. The birth. Bella changing into a vampire. Bella being a vampire. Bella discovering her powers. Meeting the new covens.

    The confrontation with the Volturi was a curiosity for the fans because it was not a fight in the book.

    As you can see, these are the reasons FANS were drawn to see the films worldwide. HAD ANY OF THESE FILMS LEFT OUT ANY OF THE MAIN SCENES FANS WANTED TO SEE, SUMMIT COULD HAVE KISSED THEIR BILLIONS GOOD-BYE.

    Example: Taylor Lautner was going to be replaced as Jacob. Fans went ballistic. Taylor worked his behind off and build up his body and won the part back. Had Taylor been replaced, would New Moon been a success? Who knows? However, Taylor was a factor in its success and it had nothing to do with Rob and Kristen being any kind of a couple. Rob was barely in the film.

    New Moon was also a success because the bandwagon got loaded with new fans after the MTV Movie Awards trailer presentation showing Jacob turn into a wolf then the fan reaction videos which Summit asked fans to do became a hit on YouTube which sold the film.

    Rob and Kristen's off screen relationship has been shown to have had no effect on the box office because the box office for the films have been consistent particularly in North America. All but 1 of the films have made more than $300 million. So if their relationship, which the public interest has infinitely grown over the years and had such an advantage to Summit, then why didn't it generate more box office in North America? Why didn't BD2 make more than $400 million? Clearly the foreign box office has shown an increase and not necessarily due to any relationship. BD2 is different from all the rest of the films. It is basically an action film which increased the male audience.

    Summit did not promote, push, sell their relationship to promote sales of the Twilight films to profit. If anything, they did the opposite. Kristen and Rob promoted separately - a lot especially during the New Moon promotion.

    Just because people “wanted” them to be a couple doesn't mean anything insofar as the success of Twilight and any profits to Summit. Millions upon millions of books were sold worldwide which fans love. Fans loved the story FIRST and would have seen the films if Rob and Kristen weren't a couple because they were not a couple during Twilight and New Moon.

    'Twilight' made over $400 million because fans loved the story. 'New Moon' made money because fans loved the story. 'Eclipse' made money because fans loved the story. 'Breaking Dawn 1 & 2' made money because fans loved the story. Again, if any of the scenes the fans wanted to see were cut from the film, this fanbase in particular, would not have seen the films in the manner they did couple or not.

    Had Bill Condon left out Bella having sex as a vampire in BD2, Lionsgate could have kissed that $800 million good-bye.

    As for the rest of the vultures in the media who take advantage posting stories about Rob and Kristen under any and all circumstances…the motives are obvious. Now has Summit profited in ANY way based upon their relationship? I'm sure a couple of bucks came into them somehow. But if you're saying that the the success of the Twilight franchise is based on some personal relationship…well that's bull.

    Leave those scenes out and you'll see how profitable the Twilight franchise would have been. Jus' say'in.

  30. Lena

    from twitter: unbroken BUN BUN ?@iluvmormonvamps
    If Rob & Kristen really wanted the tabloids to leave them alone, all they would have to do is say “yes, we are dating” or “no, we are not.”
    unbroken BUN BUN ?@iluvmormonvamps
    Their refusal to confirm or deny the relationship is what fuels interest/speculation in the first place, & one must assume they want that.
    unbroken BUN BUN ?@iluvmormonvamps
    @altfilmguide they're not “victims” they benefit from this attention financially, publicity from their “relationship” (whatever it is) = $$$
    Totally agree.

  31. Susanna

    A really interesting article and food for thought. I really hope this cash cow will now be put to bed and the ridiculous melodrama will settle. Whether willingly or unwittingly both Mr P & Ms S have played their parts, but I think they're definitely tired of it now too.

    I hope the fans back off the ridiculous pressure to keep them tied. They're two individuals who should be allowed to grow and restore their integrity-albeit in different ways. He now seems to be making films he's more comfortable with -and she needs to get her whole life back on track.

  32. Audrey

    I really do not know what to say! Love the article!

    I admire you for being independent and always say what you think … this issue is the order of the day and we can see every day as rumors can harm.

    People often confuse journalism and gossip. Journalism reports with facts and gossip are been created ??to entertain people with the purpose to make them believe something that is not really there, it´s a free entertainment, mocked about the famous and as always hurting the celebrity in question.

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are currently the couple most persecuted by the press and stoically endured years a lot of pressure and mediatic lynched, and more since the last summer. All the rumors have caused in people stron feelings and a lot of a madness of fandom hate them both or either of them because they´ve got a wrong idea about them, ithey´ve got in their mind the false image that the media created and it's a shame.

    One could have an opinion about movies, if they are good actors etc… but I do not understand this trend of judging someone's private life we do not know at all. I am fan of them both, together and individually, but no matter what they do in their private life, is theirs. Nobody messes in my life I do not do in the other.

    Those earning money from celebrities are evidently magazines, tv, radio and webloids … each news coming out causes chain comments, sales, etc … And if there is no story and if are actoris who don´t confirm or denye for the magazines it´s the big deal!! They take advantage of the situation by making up stories with dubious sources that do not exist.

    Thousands of thanks for this great article where I hope it can open many eyes… Always a pleasure to read you and follow in twitter. Sorry if my post have faults because english is not my language.