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Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Cheating Scandal Nonsense

Kristen Stewart Rupert SandersKristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Robert Pattinson media drama. (Image: Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders.) Chaos reigned all over the Internet on Tuesday, July 24, '12. What's going on? Has the never-ending global economic crisis gotten even more dire? Has another mass murder taken place inside a packed movie theater? Is a meteor headed on a collision course with Earth?

If only some celestial body were to take humankind out of its misery. Actually, the chaos was the direct result of a gossip rag's claim that Twilight star Kristen Stewart has been cheating on widely reported boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Who's the lucky guy, you ask? The answer is Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, who happens to be married to model and actress Liberty Ross – who also has a role in her husband's film, as the mother of Stewart's Snow White.

Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders 'signs of cheating'

Us Magazine, a publication for those who like to gobble up their shit flavored with colorful celebrity imagery, broke the “story.” (No longer available online.) People magazine followed suit while E! Online posted the following headline: “Watch Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders on the Red Carpet: Were There Signs of Cheating?”

It's unclear what these “signs of cheating” would be. Holding hands? Off-key whistling? Ass-grabbing? But one thing is clear: if you give 'em putrid matter, they'll eat it up and beg for seconds.

First of all, Kristen Stewart's, Robert Pattinson's, Rupert Sanders', and Liberty Ross' private lives are their own. If someone were to write a Kristen Stewart biography, of course the actress' off-screen behavior would have to be incorporated into the story. However, that would have to be done from a “historical” perspective – i.e., in an analytical, contextual, non-sensationalistic manner. Whether or not you approve of it, thanks to the Twilight movies Kristen Stewart has become a part of both cinema and 21st-century cultural history.

But Us, People, E! Online, and their myriad imitators aren't after “history” of any kind. They and their readers want facile, vulgar titillation that'll hopefully lead to the rich and famous suffering public humiliations so that fecal-matter aficionados can feel better about their own lives. (I remember the snide stories I heard about the murder of actor Ramon Novarro, whose biography I wrote a few years ago.)

Confidential magazine: gossip rag precursor

Anyhow, the Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders “scandal” reminds me of the precursor of all the current gossip print and online publications: Confidential magazine. Back in the more circumspect '50s, the nasty gossip rag alleged that Liberace was gay (“Why Liberace's Theme Song Should Be 'Mad About the Boy'”), insinuated that former Paramount star Lizabeth Scott was a lesbian, and claimed that Miracle on 34th Street star Maureen O'Hara had been caught having sex inside a Hollywood movie theater.

Liberace, Scott, O'Hara, and Oscar-nominated actress Dorothy Dandridge (“What Dorothy Did in the Woods”), among others, sued. Confidential had to pay damages and following a much-publicized libel trial was forced to change its tone. Its readership plummeted and the magazine eventually folded.

In case the Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders “cheating” story turns out to be false, hopefully they'll sue. And even if it's true … Well, it's the business of those involved in the story and nobody else's.

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7 Comments to Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Cheating Scandal Nonsense

  1. Robin Van Dam

    Nicely put. Thanks for the great article. I love the way you put a dark light on the media. Well done.

  2. Angela

    And a month later, we all know the cheating scandal was real, and that KStew has learned nothing from it. She finally showed her face in public again and she was wearing Rob's clothes and jewelry he gave her, still playing her head games with her small but shrill fanbase.

    It's really disappointing that she's being so immature and selfish, not to mention callous and cruel toward Liberty Ross and her two small children. I can't say I'm sorry she won't be in the SWATH sequel, all she did was loudly breathe her way through the first one and give an unconvincing faux Braveheart speech near the end. That script went through at least four drafts, and Viggo very wisely bowed out of it as soon as it was confirmed that KStew was cast. I guess his experience with her on OTR was enough to last him a lifetime. Funny how only Jodie Foster has come out to support her. Says a lot about her as a person.

  3. Holly

    Shite. This is a personal matter. I like this article. It is one of few with this perspective.

    However, why is it o.k. for paparazzi to stalk? These are not reality stars- they did not give permission to be followed on freeways, in parks, to meetings and restaurants. We really need to see a line of separation here. Are our lives so pathetic we need to live vicariously through others?

  4. No Snow White

    Hush, Hush. LA Confidential was a great film. Anyway, it didn't take long for the truth about this cheating scandal to surface, just long enough for Kristen to see the photos and know that she couldn't get away with lying her way out of it. And she invited comment by issuing her public apology instead of simply handling it in private. She'd also tried to sell her relationship with Pattinson over the past year, telling Elle about “her English boyfriend,” and elaborating in another interview about how it was “so obvious” they were a couple. She also showed a reporter a photo of Pattinson on her cell phone, encouraging the reporter to tell everyone. She frequently traisped through airports wearing items of his clothing, her way of sending a message to her fans, knowing she'd be papped at the airport. She thought she was being so clever but it backfired.

    Pattinson on the other hand never said a word about his personal life, especially where she was concerned. He'd talk about her as an actress but that was it. He knew how to keep his private life private. Her, not so much. You reap what you sow, and she asked for the interest she's getting now.

  5. Hannah

    I don't think it's true. The cover photo is fake. And even though the inside pictures look real, there's one that's clearly photoshopped (huge nose) and it makes you wonder what else… I'm waiting for official reps to put word out. I won't believe that Kristen did this until they say so.

  6. Dorym

    I think it's nonsense. Gossip columnists just dream this stuff up to sell magazines.

  7. Karen

    At last, a website with Integrity, A reporter/writer with moral ethics. I am in total awe of you sir.