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Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders 'Scandal': 'Cosmopolis,' 'On the Road' Box Office

Kristen Stewart On the Road premiereKristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders 'Scandal' and the box office

[See previous post: “Platform Releases: When to Expand?.”] Are we to believe that Cosmopolis didn't have its visibility dramatically increased at the time? That countless people who had never heard of the film and couldn't care less about Robert Pattinson's romantic life or Twilight role suddenly became aware of the existence of Cosmopolis because of the Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders to-do? That a potentially wider audience was reached that could theoretically feel inclined to check out David Cronenberg's movie, whether because of Pattinson, Cronenberg, author Don DeLillo, the storyline, any of the film's supporting players, or all of the above? What's so far-fetched about that? (Image: Kristen Stewart On the Road New York premiere.)

That, in fact, might also help to explain Cosmopolis' dramatic box office drop on its second weekend. The ten-fold expansion came too soon, especially considering that the novelty had worn off; after all, Robert Pattinson had already made his television appearances and had rung the bell at the New York Stock Exchange the week before. Then what, without strong word of mouth and/or eOne's publicity machine working full force to maintain Cosmopolis in the public consciousness?

Hollywood scandals and the box office – and as movie history

But how dare I mention The Scandal? That should become as unutterable as certain slurs, spelled out like the S— word or something. Shouldn't we only discuss what takes place on screen and that's it? Well, I'm not sure in which galaxy you live, but on Planet Earth, what happens off screen affects – oftentimes radically so – what we get to watch on screen (and how we get to watch it, too).

Imagine someone discussing Cleopatra without mentioning the Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton affair and the behind-the-scenes goings-on. Or discussing Douglas Sirk's mother-daughter melo Imitation of Life, one of Universal's biggest pre-1960 hits, without mentioning Lana Turner's daughter fatally stabbing Turner's hoodlum lover Johnny Stompanato and the highly publicized trial that ensued. Or discussing Husbands and Wives without talking about the nasty Woody Allen-Mia Farrow breakup. Or, back to Elizabeth Taylor, talking about Cat on a Hot Tin Roof's stupendous box office performance without mentioning that the film opened at the height of the Elizabeth Taylor-Eddie Fisher-Debbie Reynolds to-do. The list goes on.

'The Scandal' and On the Road

Now, unlike some ardent Pattinson / Cosmopolis “defenders” insist, I don't believe the scandal helped On the Road for the simple fact that Walter Salles' movie opened five months later. The scandal is now old news. Had On the Road opened back in August, I'm quite sure its opening-weekend box office results would have been more impressive.

Oh, but Kristen Stewart was recently featured in all those premieres and awards-season roundtables and photo-ops. Yes, mostly followed by her fans, spread out all over the world. What would have truly helped On the Road at this time of year, in Los Angeles and in New York City, would have been strong local reviews; tons of billboards, and TV, print, and online ads; plus a few awards here and there. None of that happened.

Box Office reports

But why discuss box office reports? Who cares about box office grosses? Cosmopolis is a great movie. On the Road is a wonderful movie. What does it matter if Cosmopolis bombed in the United States and failed to get even close to reaching its $20 million budget at the worldwide box office? What does it matter if On the Road opened with highly disappointing figures in North America and may have failed to even match half its budget at the global box office?

Well, I'm sure that those films' investors and distributors think it matters. That David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson and Walter Salles and Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart probably think it matters as well.

As for those who don't care, well, they should simply avoid reading box office articles. That would take care of their problem – because we certainly don't have an issue with that subject matter. And remember: No box office (and/or ancillary revenues) = no movies. If you believe it's all about “art,” then I have a couple of bridges, half a dozen mountains, and one huge waterfall to sell you.

Oh, well … This turned out to be much longer than the comments section in my On the Road post published last weekend. But that's life.

Kristen Stewart On the Road New York premiere photo via the On the Road Facebook page / IFC Films.

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27 Comments to Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders 'Scandal': 'Cosmopolis,' 'On the Road' Box Office

  1. Andre

    @Betty B

    Bear in mind that this article was written in late December 2012, shortly after “On the Road” opened to “highly disappointing” figures. I couldn't have said the movie “bombed” (or “flopped,” so as to avoid repeating the same word twice within the same paragraph) because I didn't have the film's final box office numbers. They'd only become available months later. For all I knew at the time the article was written, “On the Road” might have kept going for a while or even increased its per-theater tally; such things have happened. But true, as it turned out “On the Road” was as much an arthouse domestic box office bomb as “Cosmopolis.”

  2. Betty b

    These are not all your exact words…I did check the numbers….

    Just a observation of selective words I read your article : On The Road” BO opening numbers were “highly disappointing ” opening in 4 theaters average $9,888 per…. ending with total ending US gross of $744,296 from *Dec/2012 thru *May/2013.
    widest release 107 theaters

    Your description: “Cosmopolis “bombed” in the US ” … yet it opened in 3 theaters 23,446 per… opening weekend total $70,339. Cosmopolis widest release 65 theaters… only in realease from *Aug /2012 thru *Oct /2012 ending US market Total Gross $763,556

    Sorry, When I read your article I did chuckle. (highly disappointing vs bombed)
    I did find your observation somewhat puzzling. It is what it is. Take Care :-)

    p.s. I Did observe OTR Internationally did gross a little more but it also had time on its side. Thanks again

  3. Griteengs!
    Art Film Guide's Teams.
    On the Road Film is one of the best Kristen Stewart celluloid.
    Here and in other film, she work with all the knowledge about she want to do, because she can made that, with all her soul and their heart!.
    Sincerely, I wish alls the God's blesses for her!.

    David Pujols

  4. didi

    Theatre tickets aren't cheap, so when people decide to buy one, the big majority will do it because they're interested to see the movie and /or its actors, not because of their private life. The actor can attract more attention on premieres the way it happened to Rob Pattinson in NY, but it's not the kind of attention they're looking for and not the kind that improves the ticket sales IMO. Fans of Rob and fans of Cronenberg planned to see the movie anyway. Many didn't like it and that did the round. It's an unaccessible film, a love it or hate it movie that's getting more positive attention now since the DVD is released in many countries. Word of mouth is doing its job on twitter and moviesites. I guess the positive buzz will grow within the years to come.
    Real Cronenberg fans didn't stay away because of Pattinson as a poster here wrote, he was praised by most critics and Cronenberg himself on many occasions.
    Didn't see On the Road, so I can't say anything about that. Don't think the scandal influenced its BO numbers either.
    What would've been a disaster was the scandal happening like a month before Breaking Dawn II. That would've influenced the BO for sure.

  5. Andre


    Your point is well taken. Thanks for writing.

  6. Vanquish

    What we forget is Kristen isn't even a lead in OTR. Yes out of all the female actors she appears the most, but it's Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley who carry the weight for this movie. So I don't get why people are pinning the box office numbers on her. But then again any success isn't because of Kristen and every failure is because of Kristen. That's the mentality of haters.

  7. spider

    To me a list of BIG HUGE MONUMENTAL box-office hit entails the first 20 positions of that list.
    The rest are not monumental.
    “Both movies you've mentioned have in the cast the two parties involved in these scandals.”
    And what part of “both” wasn't clear? And all those scandals you have mentioned? They covered magazines for months. I wrote nowhere that the fact the Taylor-Burton scandal broke a year before release diminished its effect by june 1963. You interpreted it that way, don't put words in my mouth. And how come the Stewart-Pattinson's scandal is way in the past when it comes for “On the road”? Did you miss the circus of the reconciliation?
    And you keep ignoring that we're no longer in a time when cheating is a big scandal.
    You claimed the “big” expansion “Cosmopolis” had its second week was because of the scandal (because according to you it raised the average in the first week). “Cosmopolis” had the same kind of expansion reserved for a movie that had a lower average and less promotion, by the same distribution company. “Cosmopolis” never went over 65 venues, too. It was a disappointment? Sure, I'm not hiding it. I'm arguing your point about the scandal helping it.
    Despite expectations + a scandal “Cosmopolis” drew an average of $23,000 in the opening week. You keep contradicting yourself too in these comments, “A dangerous method” did better than “Cosmopolis” because it was more commercial, but “On the road” isn't?
    Don't try to confuse, deflect or spin what you or I wrote.
    And you're last response to me? Very mature.

    The Taylor Burton scandal helped “Cleopatra” but the Stewart-Pattinson scandal hurt “On the road”? Those fans driving to see “Cosmopolis” would have done it without the scandal too.

  8. Andre


    If you think $533m (as per that Box Office Mojo page you linked to) — the 40th highest-grossing movie in history — doesn't indicate A BIG HUGE MONUMENTAL box-office hit, then I'm at a loss for words. You've set a really, really high bar. $534m, perhaps??

    So, your online research led you to discover that the Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton scandal broke out in spring 1962. “Cleopatra” opened a year later. Wow. Do a little more research, please. You'll then discover that Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were both married at the time. That they both had to get divorces. That they both went on to get married. You wanna bet all that didn't happen in summer 1962? Not to mention the fact that the way Taylor and Burton were acting on the set was a key reason why “Cleopatra's” costs escalated beyond belief? Hell, Fox later *sued* them. More publicity.

    So, Woody Allen was a three-time Oscar winner by 1991. Well, Katharine Hepburn was a four-time Oscar winner by that time. She couldn't open a movie either. Allen's biggest box-office hits BY FAR were in the '70s, plus “Hannah and Her Sisters” in 1986. Most of his movies of the '80s were either box-office misfires or modest performers. He was NOT a box-office magnet in 1992. NOT. But following the Allen-Mia Farrow scandal, TriStar decided to open “Husbands and Wives” at 865 locations — a lot of theaters back in those days, especially for an arthouse movie. As a result, “Husbands and Wives” had the highest-grossing opening weekend of a Woody Allen-directed movie EVER (not adjusted for inflation) at the North American box office.

    Both movies you've mentioned have in the cast the two parties involved in these scandals.

    Did you read the article? Opted to ignore “Imitation of Life”? Was Johnny Stompanato featured in that movie? No? He was dead, wasn't he? Oh. What about “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”? Did Elizabeth Taylor frolic with Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in that movie? No? Oh, it was Paul Newman, wasn't it? And Burl Ives. And Judith Anderson. And Jack Carson. And Madeleine Sherwood. But no Eddie and Debbie. Oh.

    “A late quartet” (distributed by eONE, opened on November 2, 2012, with Seymour Hoffman & Walken) opened in 9 theaters with $8,364 average; the second week it was in 63 theaters (just like Cosmopolis) with an average of $2,881, that convinced eONE to open in 100 theaters for its third week. I don't think they went out of their way with Cosmopolis because of the scandal (as you've written somewhere in the comments?).”

    If you think a $2,881 per-theater average at 63 theaters would “convince” a distributor to nearly double the number of theaters for their ***box-office bomb***, then … check out the per-theater averages for Woody Allen's “To Rome with Love”: $3,861 at ****806**** locations. Any further expansions? No? “Little White Lies”: $8,551 per-theater average at three locations. Second weekend an expansion to 12 theaters, average drops to $3,586. Maximum number of theaters? 14. You'll find many more such small / nonexistent expansions when a movie averages less than $10,000 per-theater in platform releases or $5,000 in limited releases. (Officially, “limited releases” would be fewer than 600 venues; I've added Allen's film because it ended up as a very narrow “wide release.”)

    For eOne to expand a box-office bomb like “A Late Quartet” to 100 locations was a mistake, unless they got sweet deals from exhibitors. It's ***costly*** to expand small movies to dozens (or a hundred+) locations. The system is set up for the big studios and their blockbusters. Or perhaps parent company eOne Entertainment has loads of cash to spare. Or perhaps there were contractual obligations with the film's producing company.

    Just found this. Check out this “Variety” report:


    Considering their relatively high expectations — $3m-$5m per film — eOne Films must have been VERY disappointed with the box-office performances of both “Cosmopolis” and “A Late Quartet.”

    Now, PLEASE please please: Before making any more wrongheaded comments filled with either misinformation or misleading info, spend a little more time online or at your local library learning about film history so I won't have to spend MY time correcting all your mistakes.

  9. spider

    True, “Cleopatra” was #1at the box office in 1963 but it was not a big huge monumental box office hit. DOMESTIC GROSSES Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation: http://boxofficemojo.com/alltime/adjusted.htm . And an online research tells me the Taylor-Burton Scandal broke in spring/june 1962. Didn't “Cleopatra” open on july 12nd, 1963, in the US, following much hype and rumors of its astronomical cost too?
    Allen was a 3 times Oscar winner by 1991. Other Allen's movies that were in more limited release performed better than that movie in their opening week.
    Both movies you've mentioned have in the cast the two parties involved in these scandals.
    And again one'd think eONE would have opened at least in 6-8 venues to take advantage of the attention (especially in NY) and make at least a little more money, no? (I wasn't talking about dozens of releases).
    And look at this:
    http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=weekend&id=alatequartet.htm “A late quartet” (distibuited by eONE, opened on November 2, 2012, with Seymour Hoffman & Walken) opened in 9 theaters with $8,364 average; the second week it was in 63 theaters (just like Cosmopolis) with an average of $2,881, that convinced eONE to open in 100 theaters for its third week. I don't think they went out of their way with Cosmopolis because of the scandal (as you've written somewhere in the comments?). How much promotion did “A late quartet” get?
    These scandals help publicity and advertisement, they don't “likely” help the box office in my opinion. How many heavly pubblicized movies don't do that well at the box office? When you talk about tv ratings, that may change.
    The Sandy relief concert appereance of Stewart (the one who got more attention out of this scandal) couldn't be considered close to the scandal when it comes to pubblicity in NYC?

  10. danielle

    I do think the scandal could have helped. And then on the other hand I do think word of mouth probably helped. I read from one fan site, fans had dragged their partners to see it. The same people went and saw the film multiple times. The scandal may have even influenced the so-called rabid fans to go and see it when it was released in New York, just to prove some kind of point.

    I'm not sure what influenced ticket sales. I'm just glad people saw it. And I wish more had seen 'On The Road', but never mind! Like I've said elsewhere in a comment on another post of yours, I cannot wait for the DVD release in the UK. I made what I call a mistake, of buying 'Welcome To The Rileys' on DVD from France or Germany, and then so many months later it was released in the UK on DVD. I always find buying DVDs from within your own country, increases the sales in that country, rather significant.

    Also, once again, enjoyed this post.

  11. Liz

    Let's face it:
    1. many Cronenberg fans refused to see Cosmopolis because Rob was in it.
    2. whether Rob fans knew the above or not, many of them made plans to drive hours to go watch this movie to support Rob - because they felt Rob needed to be supported, whether for his career or personal life
    3. many Kristen fans didn't go to see On the Road because of many of these reasons
    1. Kristen isn't the leading star of this movie
    2. some of them don't want to see Kristen in this type of role yet
    3. (the Robsten fans) feel that Kristen needs to be supportive but not as much as Rob

    BOTH Cosmopolis and On the Road are superb film but for those thinking that the scandal didn't slightly help Cosmopolis or slightly hurt On the Road are in denial

  12. danielle

    Daisy Kenyon, bravo for your first comment!

  13. Yancy

    I do not believe any scandal had anything to do with what happened with Cosmopolis. Robert Pattinson has a huge fan base. If you saw the Water for Elephant premiere and the Cosmopolis premieres, fans were lined up for days.

    @larry411 just did a thorough analysis of the Cosmopolis DVD and gives it high marks. I believe that Cosmopolis's subject was a bit weird and how these indies are rolled out by the promoters have an effect as well.

    Do you not think the sex scene had anything to do with it? I believe so. The curiosity of seeing Pattinson in such a different role is what sold this film along with it being a Cronenberg film as well. I believe you stating that some scandal was the result of the opening box office is a bit facitious to say the least. That is the easy out. A simpleton's analysis. The scandal was still hot news the following weekend too. Robert was still promoting the film on Jimmy Kimmel.

    This story seems to be for hits on your site. It's sensational to say the least. It's a moron's analysis of a film's box office. Did you not see the boos of the audience during a NY Times Q & A when someone tried to even bring up the scandal? That shows that even Robert's fans were not even remotely interested in it. Robert is a hot star in Hollywood, people were curious to see the film…period.

    That scandal had little to nothing to do with its opening. There is no statistics to support what you are stating. Any audience poll that I have seen was that the audience that viewed Cosmopolis were mainly fans of Robert. The scandal had no effect.

    So, unless you can show the pollesters and their analysis that Cosmopolis's opening day success was due to some scandal, I want to see it. So, since you failed to quote any audience polls to that effect, your analysis is negated.

  14. Lynn

    LOL what are they sniffing? Cosmopolis was one of the biggest flops in Croneneberg's career. It's not hard to understand that none of the Twilight actors can open a movie. OTR promo was based heavily on the Stewart's tablod persona and that was completely wrong. In the end, not Stewart or RPatz are stars outside the Twilight bubble. That's is the ultimate truth. ALL their indies are big flops. Now please go back to the reality, will you?

  15. Andre

    First of all, thanks everyone for writing — whether or not you agree with my statements above.


    I agree that Kristen Stewart helped to sell “On the Road” and that her presence made the movie a bigger “success” — or less of a disappointment (on opening weekend) — than it would have been otherwise, considering most of the reviews. However, I disagree that the “Scandal” hurt “On the Road.” Too far in the past…

    @Daisy Kenyon

    Points well taken, thank you. One correction: The much more commercial (in terms of narrative) “A Dangerous Method” was a *much* bigger hit than “Cosmopolis” both in North America and elsewhere. ADM earned about five times as much as “Cosmopolis.” ADM's budget — according to reports — was slightly lower than “Cosmopolis,” around $18m. True, the film didn't earn its money back at the box office, but it got close.

    I only wonder how much longer David Cronenberg will be able to get $20m financing for his films if they don't turn a profit — or at least break even. But then again, there's always the home video market. Perhaps Cronenberg's movies do really well in that regard — I haven't seen any figures, as “official” ones are hard to come by.

    And finally, glad we see eye-to-eye re: adding context to our articles — i.e., making comparisons between films / performers, etc. Thanks again for writing. (And I hope Taylor Lautner will get to star for Gus Van Sant. That should be interesting.)


    You're dead wrong about “Cleopatra” — which was HUGE, MONUMENTAL, GIGANTIC box-office hit. BUT, it was also the most expensive movie ever made, not only up to that time, but once adjusted for inflation up to our present time. (I have trouble believing the figures for Sergey Bondarchuk's “War and Peace.” I believe the Russian media exaggerated its costs. They probably learned that from Howard Hughes and his “Hell's Angels.”)

    So, would approx. $540m domestic gross be considered a hit? Yes? That's “Cleopatra” in adjusted (2012) U.S. dollars.

    As for eOne opening “Cosmopolis” at dozens of theaters in the aftermath of the scandal… Get real. They open it at four locations, “Cosmopolis” gets a solid — though hardly spectacular per-theater average — and then they expand to **63** locations the following weekend. An **unwarranted** move considering the film's good-but-not-outstanding $23,000 per-theater average. We all know what happened then.

    Now, would the scandal per se have made “Cosmopolis” a hit? Nope. (See “Husbands and Wives” remark below.) And I don't say that in the article. But I bet that it helped inflate the film's first-weekend figures to a certain extent. (See “Husbands and Wives” remark below.) Could I be wrong? I admit I could. But I believe I'm not.

    Note: Woody Allen in 1992 was *hardly* a box-office magnet. But “Husbands and Wives” had a fantastic opening for an Allen movie. But then it went downhill rather rapidly…


    Sorry, but your remarks clearly show you continue to NOT understand the meaning of the expression “Platform Release.” Since that seems to be a choice on your part, I'll respect that and I won't even try to argue some sense into your clueless statements.

  16. Sam

    I am disappointed that I have not been able to see On the Road because it is not playing in my city. I am anxious to see it. If it had not been for the promotion that Kristen did for On the Road it may have made less money at the box office. In fact, when Kristen first mentioned that she was going to be in the movie, she insisted that she had only had a very small part. The tabloids made it her movie, and then she stepped in to promote it. I agree that the scandal benefited Cosmopolis but may have hurt On the Road.

  17. Daisy Kenyon

    Re reading your article and comments: As you say Cosmo. received some free publicity/advertising due to said “scandal” But how it affected box office in terms of selling actual tickets, is unknowable. Differing theories like posted here-could be right-or wrong. It's all Unprovable. But I tend to think it did not have much affect on actual box office. Very slightly at most.
    Because Cosmo is a David Cronenberg film; He is well known and most definitely has an ardent following. Those folks want to see the latest DC film asap and they did. To the best of my knowledge, DC has never gone out of his way to make a hit movie for the mainstream. So why would anyone, including investors, believe much differently this time. His last film Dangerous Method has similar budget and box office to Cosmo. DM stars 3 big names who command press, they did promote it, yet it did film did not make its money back 20 million budget back. at least not with the latest numbers. DC still continues to get financed though and has another project lined up.

  18. Andre


    Thanks for writing. But please understand that I have not linked “all the fans in a negative way.” Our problem at Alt Film Guide has been with a few rabid fans. And not only “Twilight” / Robert Pattinson / Kristen Stewart fans. That's clearly explained in the article.

    You wrote: “I purposely find movies the whole cast has made.”

    May I suggest “Against the Current,” co-starring Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen). You should check it out if you haven't already. Not a great movie, but an interesting one. And Reaser is really good in it.

    Thanks again for writing.

  19. Andre


    Can you read English? If you can, maybe you just forgot your glasses…
    Else, I don't know HOW you could have thought I'm blaming Kristen Stewart (or The S_____ Word) for “On the Road's” disappointing opening-weekend box-office take in North America. Or the fact that the movie has had a disappointing run internationally.

    It's fascinating that even when we write factual, neutral, or positive articles about a performer, or director or movie — there's always, and I mean *ALWAYS* — some crazed fan who totally distorts everything in their head and accuses us of poo-pooing their Beloved Icon.

  20. ellenj55

    I get your article. Very informative. But I take you to task about the fans. I'm a 63 year old grandmother , who I think was the last person on earth to read the Twilight Saga. I loved the books. Then watched the movies ans wanted to compare how true they were to the books. I loved the movies too! I discovered this British actor who is a wonderful actor. So I decided to study the author ? I bought her illustrated guide to her books. I found out some worth while info and how she created this world. It became more of a study for me, on how the films were made and all that entails. Very much a fan of the whole cast. I don't consider myself a crazy Twihard. Please don't link all the fans in a negative way. The stars are entitled to their private lives. I feel I'm only expecting a good performance for the price of my ticket. Not all of Twilight fans are crazy. It's a very small part of it. It's the comment by a few on websites that do tend to scare me. They are cowards setting behind a keyboard making the aweful comments. What I deplore are webloids making up such aweful lies about the stars. This is what makes me mad. They are owed nothing. One thing for sure I loved Bel Ami, and Cosmopolis. Rob is great in both. I have seen all of Kstews movies and find I like her too! I purposely find movies the whole cast has made. Everyone of the cast is very talented. I guess the Twilight Saga has a great love story. I guess I'm a sucker for romance. Nothing wrong with that.

  21. L

    Maybe you should footnote the fact that On The Road is not a “Kristen Stewart” film. She's in it for a brief amount of time on screen. The film is Sam Riley's and Garrett Hedlund's. Kristen extended herself in the promotion of the film because she believed in it. She's barely in it. So why are you giving her the brunt of its box office failure? Why are you not placing the “box office blame” on the men who are the stars of the film? Who are in the film the most? Yes, Stewart plays Marylou who was an intertesting person in the life of Kerouac but to say that some “so-called scandal” about someone's personal life which has nothing to do with a film she's barely in is somehow her fault is ridiculous.

  22. Daisy Kenyon

    “I don't see why you're so surprised someone disagreed with your comparison with the Cronenberg's movie.” says poster Spider.

    I don't think Andre is surprised or cares about someone disagreeing with him, I think his issue is that he does not want to be lambasted over it. I would imagine he, like myself, is more surprised that any article or film review online about Ms Stewart is necessarily flooded in the comments section with moralizing and severely harsh criticism about Ms. Stewart's private life and morality. Even now, there is a comment below referring to her “slutty” dress and immoral behavior.

    I think it is fair to compare and contrast any indie films, and interesting and legitimate to look at the career trajectory of all the Twilight stars as they leave the franchise and take on indie films and mainstream films. We could and should include Taylor Lautner here too but he hasn't done much compared to Stewart and Pattinson. Will be interested to see if Lautner does end up in the rumored Gus VanSant project.

  23. sam

    Fair enough concerning OTR and the scandal. Now this might sound old school but I'd suggest that simple word of mouth has helped Cosmopolis. It's appealing to the arthouse crowd, the intellectuals (pseudo and otherwise) and, most importantly for Rob, it's attracting a male audience. I don't believe that 20 something male urban crowd is in anyway invested in the cheating scandal. As a NYU student, I'm hearing professors and fellow students talking about this film. In fact, I know several who have seen the film multiple times as it's the sort of movie that insists on your full attention and thoughtful analysis.

    Also - can we say it? - Cosmopolis is simply a better movie. But good or bad aside, by nature it will appeal to a small crowd. I would have thought OTR would attract a wider audience. I suspect Kristen's box office draw doesn't reach far beyond Bella.

  24. gg

    I had to drive 2 hours to see Cosmopolis. There was hardly any Promotion , the one in New York brought some attention but Pattinson was grilled about the affair at every interview he gave and could barely talk about his Movie while Stewart promoted OtR with her slutty dresses for almost a year . Nobody even hinted anything about that woman's desire to go and pick up a married dude for sex. Its some twisted society

  25. spider

    In your educative piece you fail to mention that “Cleopatra” wasn't a box office success, for years considered a flop. And the movies you mentioned were all released in the past century. Things have changed, Stewart is nowhere near the status Woody Allen or Liz Taylor had back in the day, there's a scandal every month and online piracy. All those movies weren't limited releases too.
    Wasn't Stewart at the Sandy relief concert, a highly publicized even in New York? I've seen “On the road” being mentioned in every article mentioning this scandal for 4 months now.
    Had eONE shared your opinion wouldn't have they tried to open “Cosmopolis” in more than 4 theaters? They had 3 weeks to do that.
    You fail to stress the fact that IFC chose to open “On the road” against heavy competition from limited and wide releases. “Cosmopolis” had not the same competition back when it opened in august and not the same amount of promotion. “Cosmopolis” didn't get only mixed reviews, it got some negative but some really positive ones too. These facts are less relevant than a scandal when it comes to box office numbers for indipendent movies? I don't see why you're so surprised someone disagreed with your comparison with the Cronenberg's movie.

  26. Luacheia99

    As usual, good reading!

    all articles!

    You made my day! LMAO

  27. Cissy

    The 4 measly days Cosmopolis promoted in New York was helped and mentioned by the Scandal according to you but the 1 million premieres Kristen attended wearing sheer outfits to get attention and news stories and using Breaking Dawn's promotion to highlight On the Road is hardly mentioned. Your bias continues to show. The scandal did not help. People do not watch movies based on actor's personal lives. What “Helped” was the promotion occurred in New York and LA and they had TV ads in New York. The big drop the following week was explained by the fact that the many new places where Cosmopolis opened did not get any real promotion or TV ads. If you looked at just the New York/LA drop, it was normal and not skewed. The skew occurred because it opened in places where it wasn't as promoted as New York/LA. Please continue to defend your obvious bias though. It's amusing to read someone so lacking in awareness.