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'Carlos' Surprises: Los Angeles Film Critics Winners

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association is probably one of the two most influential – Oscarwise – film critics' groups in the United States. The other being, of course, the New York Film Critics Circle. (The National Society of Film Critics would come in third, chiefly because its choices tend to be less Oscar friendly.)
Best Film: The Social Network

Runner-up: Carlos

Best Foreign-Language Film: Carlos

Runner-up: Mother

Best Director (tie): Olivier Assayas, Carlos, and David Fincher, The Social Network

Best Actress: Kim Hye-ja, Mother

Runner-up: Jennifer Lawrence, Winter's Bone

Best Actor: Colin Firth, The King's Speech

Runner-up: Edgar Ramirez, Carlos

Best Supporting Actress: Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom

Runner-up: Olivia Williams, The Ghost Writer

Best Supporting Actor: Niels Arestrup, A Prophet

Runner-up: Geoffrey Rush, The King's Speech

Best Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network

Runner-up: David Seidler, The King's Speech

Best Documentary: Last Train Home

Runner-up: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Best Animated Film: Toy Story 3

Runner-up: The Illusionist

Photo: The Social Network (Merrick Morton / Sony Pictures)

Best Cinematography: Matthew Libatique, Black Swan

Runner-up: Roger Deakins, True Grit

Best Score (tie): Alexandre Desplat, The Ghost Writer, and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, The Social Network

Best Production Design: Guy Hendrix Dyas, Inception

Runner-up: Eve Stewart, The King's Speech

Douglas E. Edwards Independent/Experimental Film/Video: Film Socialisme

New Generation Award: Lena Durham, Tiny Furniture

Legacy of Cinema: Serge Bromberg for his preservation efforts, including his work on Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno and the F.W. Murnau Foundation and Fernando Pena for the restoration of Metropolis

Photo: The Social Network (Merrick Morton / Sony Pictures)

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