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Marilyn Monroe Smokes Pot in Film?

A (reportedly) never-before-seen home movie showing Marilyn Monroe smoking pot at a friend's house in New Jersey sometime in the late 1950s will shortly be up for sale on eBay.

The 8mm film, which has no sound, was shot by a friend – identity unknown – and is supposed to have been gathering dust in an attic for years. New York-based collector Keya Morgan, currently working on a documentary that he says will prove that Monroe was murdered, has told the media he bought the film for $275,000 and will now resell it to the highest bidder.

Marilyn Monroe, who died from a barbiturates overdose in 1962, was already a major Fox star at the time. Depending on when the pot film was actually shot, she may have been about to start work or was already working on her most famous vehicle, Some Like It Hot, the 1959 comedy classic directed by Billy Wilder and co-starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon – the former mostly as Cary Grant; the latter mostly in drag.

By then, Monroe had already starred in classics and semi-classics such as Niagara, How to Marry a Millionaire, River of No Return, The Seven Year Itch, and Bus Stop.

According to a report on the pot-smoking Marilyn film, the actress, surrounded by female friends, takes a puff from a cigarette being passed around, inhales a little, and later sniffs her armpit and laughs. And it's all in color. I'm sure that must be someone's kinky dream come true.

Now, was it really pot in that joint? Well, really, who gives a damn? To the best of my knowledge, Monroe never sponsored cereal morning treats to little kids (millions of whom, even without Monroe's evil influence, would later become total potheads in the '60s). Anyhow, the person who shot the film asserts it was marijuana.

As per an AFP report, in his documentary, Marilyn Monroe: Murder on Fifth Helena Drive, Morgan says he'll show that Monroe was deemed a risk to John F. Kennedy's presidency because she was seeing him at the time, smoked pot, and drank.

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  1. Roemone

    I saw the Marilyn Monroe smoking pot footage listed on ebay !! Item # 190355289852 !