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Mickey Rooney: Andy Hardy Turns Embezzler, Murder Suspect

Mickey RooneyMickey Rooney movie schedule (PT): TCM on August 13

See previous post: “Mickey Rooney Movies: Music and Murder.” Photo: Mickey Rooney ca. 1940.

3:00 AM DEATH ON THE DIAMOND (1934). Dir.: Edward Sedgwick. Cast: Robert Young, Madge Evans, Nat Pendleton, Mickey Rooney. Black and white. 71 min.

4:15 AM A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (1935). Dir.: Max Reinhardt and William Dieterle. Cast: James Cagney, Dick Powell, Olivia de Havilland, Ross Alexander, Anita Louise, Mickey Rooney, Joe E. Brown, Victor Jory, Ian Hunter, Verree Teasdale, Jean Muir, Frank McHugh, Grant Mitchell, Hobart Cavanaugh, Dewey Robinson, Hugh Herbert, Arthur Treacher, Otis Harlan, Helen Westcott, Fred Sale, Billy Barty, Rags Ragland. Black and white. 143 min.

6:45 AM A FAMILY AFFAIR (1936). Dir.: George B. Seitz. Cast: Mickey Rooney, Lionel Barrymore, Cecilia Parker, Eric Linden. Black and white. 69 min.

8:00 AM BOYS TOWN (1938). Dir.: Norman Taurog. Cast: Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney, Henry Hull, Leslie Fenton, Gene Reynolds, Edward Norris, Addison Richards, Minor Watson, Jonathan Hale, Bobs Watson, Martin Spellman, Mickey Rentschler, Frankie Thomas, Jimmy Butler, Sidney Miller, Robert Emmett Keane, Victor Kilian, King Baggot, Barbara Bedford, Stanley Blystone, Orville Caldwell, Nell Craig, Claire McDowell, Edward Hearn, Tommy Noonan, Jay Novello, Kane Richmond, John Wray, Phillip Terry. Black and white. 93 min.

10:00 AM STRIKE UP THE BAND (1940). Dir.: Busby Berkeley. Cast: Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra, June Preisser. Black and white. 120 min.

12:15 PM SUMMER HOLIDAY (1948). Dir.: Rouben Mamoulian. Cast: Mickey Rooney, Gloria DeHaven, Walter Huston, Frank Morgan, Marilyn Maxwell. Color. 93 min.

2:00 PM QUICKSAND (1950). Dir.: Irving Pichel. Cast: Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney, Barbara Bates, Peter Lorre, Taylor Holmes, Art Smith, Wally Cassell, Richard Lane, Patsy O'Connor, John Gallaudet, Minerva Urecal, Ray Teal, Jack Elam, David McMahon. Black and white. 79 min.

3:30 PM THE STRIP (1951). Dir.: László Kardos. Cast: Mickey Rooney, Sally Forrest, William Demarest, James Craig, Kay Brown, Tommy Rettig, Louis Armstrong, Tom Powers, Jonathan Cott, Tommy Farrell, Myrna Dell, Jacqueline Fontaine, Vic Damone, Monica Lewis, Don Raggerty, Jeff Richards. Black and white. 86 min.

5:00 PM GIRL CRAZY (1943). Dir.: Norman Taurog and Busby Berkeley. Cast: Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Gil Stratton, June Allyson, Nancy Walker, Robert E. Strickland, Guy Kibbee, Rags Ragland, Frances Rafferty, Henry O'Neill, Howard Freeman, Tommy Dorsey, The Music Maids, Irving Bacon, William Beaudine Jr., William Bishop, Hazel Brooks, Dick Haymes, Peter Lawford, Chuck Lowry, Don Taylor, Charles Walters. Black and white. 99 min.

7:00 PM THE HUMAN COMEDY (1943). Dir.: Clarence Brown. Cast: Mickey Rooney, Frank Morgan, James Craig, Marsha Hunt, Fay Bainter, Van Johnson, Donna Reed, Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins, Ray Collins, Dorothy Morris, John Craven Ann Ayars, Mary Nash, Henry O'Neill, Katharine Alexander, Alan Baxter, Darryl Hickman, Barry Nelson, Rita Quigley, Clem Bevans, Adeline De Walt Reynolds, Morris Ankrum, Barbara Bedford, Lynne Carver, Hobart Cavanaugh, Wally Cassell, Albert Conti, Don DeFore, Howard Freeman, Gibson Gowland, Otto Hoffman, Claire McDowell, Robert Mitchum, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Emory Parnell, Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer, Don Taylor. Black and white. 117 min.

9:15 PM REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT (1962). Dir.: Ralph Nelson. Cast: Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason, Mickey Rooney, Julie Harris. Black and white. 85 mins. Letterbox Format.

11:00 PM PULP (1972). Dir.: Mike Hodges. Cast: Michael Caine, Mickey Rooney, Lionel Stander, Lizabeth Scott. Color. 95 mins. Letterbox Format.

1:00 AM 80 STEPS TO JONAH (1969). Dir.: Gerd Oswald. Cast: Wayne Newton, Jo Van Fleet, Keenan Wynn, Mickey Rooney. Color. 107 min.

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