'Midnight in Paris': Three French Review Snippets

Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Midnight in Paris
Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen's cinematic love letter to Paris kicked off the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and is already playing on French screens. Starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Marion Cotillard, Midnight in Paris has received a number of positive English-language reviews. Oscar buzz, in fact, has already begun – though how far-reaching that will be remains to be seen.

Now, what have the French film critics said about it? Below are snippets from three French-language reviews:

Cinema is a dream machine. And this new movie, the least neurotic by the Annie Hall filmmaker, is alive with magic and romance. A little bit like in The Purple Rose of Cairo, Woody Allen forgets his paranoia, puts his hypochondria in the closet, and serves us a highly successful romantic comedy. The Parisian atmosphere suits him, whether it's rainy, windy, or sunny. (Olivier Delcroix, Le Figaro.)

A meditation on creativity and the passing of time (were things better in the past?), Midnight in Paris is the film of an old gentleman still alert and lucid, one who isn't afraid of coming up with his own autocriticism (who else better depicts the immobility of which his character seems to be a prisoner?), while paying homage to the artists that have marked him. If Midnight in Paris doesn't always skirt the commonplace … the film shines thanks to the superior quality of its subtle dialogue and to Owen Wilson's performance… (Christophe Narbonne, Premiere.)

… [W]hen the screen turned black at the end of the film, we asked ourselves if we enjoyed Midnight in Paris or if Woody Allen was better in the past … as far as we're concerned, we savored the film one scene at a time the way we would enjoy a creamy mille-feuilles – one layer at a time! Delicious. (Laetitia Santos, toutlecine.com.)

Photo: Midnight in Paris (Sony Pictures Classics / Roger Arpajou)

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