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Moscow Film Festival Awards 2007

29th Moscow Film Festival Awards - 2007 Golden St. George

The 29th Moscow Film Festival Award was held between June 21-30, 2007.


Traveling with Pets by Vera Storozheva
Vera Storozheva's Traveling with Pets tells the story of a woman who, after the end of a disastrous marriage, discovers freedom and love.


Best Film: Traveling with Pets (director Vera Storozheva, Russia)

The Russian Triangle by Aleko Tsabadze

Special Jury prize: The Russian Triangle (director Aleko Tsabadze, Georgia)

Kseniya Rappoport in The Unknown by Giuseppe Tornatore

Best Dir.: Giuseppe Tornatore (La Sconociuta / The Unknown, Italy)

Best Actor: Fabrice Luchini (Moliere, France)

Best Actress: Kirsti Stubo (Opium, Hungary / Germany / USA)

Aleksey BatalovTatyana Samoilova
Alexey Batalov and Tatyana Samoilova were the stars of the Mikhail Kalatozov's 1957 classic – and Cannes Film Festival winner – The Cranes Are Flying.

Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema: Alexey Batalov, Tatyana Samoilova


"Perspectives” Best Film Award: Monotony (director Juris Poskus)

The Special prize I Believe K. Stanislavsky “for the outstanding achievement in the career of acting and devotion to the principles of K.Stanislavsky's school”: Daniel Olbrychsky (Poland)

FIPRESCI (International film critics) Prize: Nothing Personal (director Larisa Sadilova, Russia)

Russian Film Critics Prize: Temporary Release (director Eric Klausen, Denmark)

Audience Award (tie): Moliere (director Laurent Tirard), La Sconociuta / The Unknown (director Giuseppe Tornatore, Italy)

Russian Film Clubs Federation Award: Temporary Release (director Eric Klausen, Denmark)

Best Film in the Russian Program: The Banishment (director Andrey Zviaguntsev)


Main Competition Jury: Fred Schepisi (chairman) director, Australia; Anna Galiena, actress, Italy; Dito Tsintsadze, director, Georgia; Ildiko Enyedi, director, Hungary; Othman Karim, director, scriptwriter, photographer, TV host, Sweden; Renata Litvinova, actress, director, scriptwriter, Russia; Fred Roos, producer, USA

“Perspectives” Competition Jury: Ulrich Gregor, film critic, co-founder and chairman of “Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek", Germany; Alexey Popogrebsky, director, Russia; Yosif Feiginberg, director, Canada; Andrey Khalpakhchi, director of Film Festival Molodist, Ukraine

FIPRESCI Jury: Mihai Chirilov, Romania; Namrata Joshi, India; Sergei Lavrentiev, Russia; Anita Uzulniece, Latvia

Russian Critics Jury: Dmitry Karavayev, deputy director of the Scientific Research Institute of Film Art (chairman); Svetlana Khokhriakova, “Kultura”; Ekaterina Barabash, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”; Anton Dolin, “Izvestia”; Sergei Zemlianukhin, Selection Committee, “Kinoshock” (CIS and Baltic countries Festival)

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