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'Mother' Tops Blue Dragon Award + Asian Festival of 1st Films Winners

Directed by Joon-ho Bong, Mother, South Korea's submission for the 2010 best foreign language film Academy Awards, won the top prize at the Blue Dragon Awards ceremony held tonight in Seoul.

Despite its important victory, Mother, the tale of a middle-aged mother (Kim Hye-ja) fighting to clear the name of her son (Won Bin), who has been accused of a vicious crime, failed to win many more trophies. In fact, the film won only two other awards: best supporting actor (Jin Ku) and best lighting.

The best director was Yong-hwa Kim for Take Off, an action film about Korea's national ski jumping team.

Best acting honors went to the following: Myeong-min Kim, best actor for Closer to Heaven; Ji-won Ha, best actress, also for Closer to Heaven; Hae-suk Kim, best supporting actress for Thirst; Ik-jun Yang, best new actor for Breathless; and Kot-bi Kim and Bo-yeong Park, who tied for the best new actress award for, respectively, Breathless and Scandal Makers.

Actress Jang Jin-young, among whose credits are Over the Rainbow, Scent of Chrysanthemums, and Between Love and Hate, and who died this past September at the age of 35 of stomach cancer, was given a special award.

2009 Blue Dragon Awards

2009 Blue Dragon Awards – Nominations: Nov. 14, 2009

2009 Blue Dragon Award Winners: KBS Hall in Seoul on Dec. 2, 2009

Directed by Joon-ho Bong, Mother chronicles the fight of a middle-aged mother to clear the name of her son, accused of a vicious crime. Mother is South Korea's submission for the 2010 best foreign language film Academy Awards.

Best Film
Take Off – Yong-hwa Kim
Good Morning President – Jang Jin
* Mother – Joon-ho Bong
Thirst – Chan-wook Park
Haeundae – Je-gyun Yun

Best Director
* Yong-hwa Kim – Take Off
Jang Jin – Good Morning President
Joon-ho Bong – Mother
Chan-wook Park – Thirst
Je-gyun Yun – Haeundae

Best New Director
* Hyeong-cheol Kang – Scandal Makers
Keon-hong Park – Lifting King Kong
Ik-jun Yang – Breathless
Yong-ju Lee – Possessed
Ki-hun Jeong – Aeja

Best Actor
* Myeong-min Kim – Closer to Heaven
Yun-seok Kim – Running Turtle
Kang-ho Song – Thirst
Dong-Kun Jang – Good Morning President
Jung-woo Ha – Take Off

Best Actress
Ok-bin Kim – Thirst
Ha-Neul Kim – My Girlfriend is an Agent
Hye-ja Kim – Mother
Kang-hee Choi – Aeja
* Ji-won Ha – Closer to Heaven

Best Supporting Actor
In-kwon Kim – Haeundae
Dong-il Song – Take Off
Ha-kyun Shin – Thirst
Min-ki Lee – Haeundae
* Jin Ku – Mother

Best Supporting Actress
Bo-yeon Kim – Possessed
Yeong-ae Kim – Aeja
* Hae-suk Kim – Thirst 
Yeong-nam Jang – My Girlfriend is an Agent
Ja-Hyeon Chu – Portrait of a Beauty

Best New Actor
Mu-yeol Kim – The Scam
Ji-seok Kim – Take Off
Chang-ui Song – Once Upon a Time in Seoul
* Ik-jun Yang – Breathless
Jae-woong Choi – The Sword With No Name

Best New Actress (tie)
Hye-won Kang – Haeundae
* Kot-bi Kim – Breathless
* Bo-yeong Park – Scandal Makers
Woo-seon Seon – Running Turtle
Yeon-seo Oh – A Blood Pledge

Best Original Screenplay
Yong-hwa Kim – Take Off
Eun-kyo Park, Joon-ho Bong – Mother
* Yong-ju Lee – Possessed
Hae-jun Lee – Castaway on the Moon
Ki-hun Jeong – Aeja

Best Cinematography
Yeong-ho Kim – Haeundae
* Hyeon-cheol Park – Take Off
Jeong-hoon Jeong – Thirst 
Hyeon-ki Choi – A Frozen Flower
Kyeong-pyo Hong – Mother

Best Lighting
Song-kyu Kim – Portrait of a Beauty
Hyeon-won Park – Thirst 
Ji-won Yun – A Frozen Flower
Seol-hwan Lee – Take Off
* Cheol-su Choi, Dong-sun Park – Mother

Best Music
Jun-seok Kim – Scandal Makers
Ki-heon Park – Closer to Heaven
Byeong-woo Lee – Mother
Jae-hak Lee – Take Off
* Yeong-ok Jo – Thirst

Best Art Direction
Ki-cheol Kim – A Frozen Flower
Eon-ok Min – The Sword With No Name
Seong-hee Ryu – Thirst 
Ha-jun Lee – Portrait of a Beauty
* Hwa-seong Jo, Hyeon-seok Choi – Private Eye

Technical Award
A Frozen Flower – Costume
Private Eye – Make-up
Take Off
* Haeundae – Special Effects
Chaw – Special Effects

Best Short Film
* Gookyeong

Honored Popularity Award
Lee Byung-heon, Ha Jung-woo, Ha Ji-won, Choi Kang-hee

Special Award
Jang Jin-young

2009 Asian Festival of 1st Films Awards

2009 Asian Festival of 1st Films: Singapore, Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2009

Kazuko Yoshiyuki in Looking for Anne, the story of a young woman looking for the wartime lover of her grandmother on Canadas Prince Edward Island, the setting of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of the Green Gables.

Best Film: Looking for Anne Takako Miyahira

Best Documentary: Superman of Malegaon Faiza Ahmad Khan

Best Producer: For Real Sona Jain

Best Director: Looking for Anne Takako Miyahira

Best Director of Documentary: Addicted in Afghanistan Jawed Taiman and Superman of Malegaon Faiza Ahmad Khan

Best Male Actor: For Real Sriharsh Sharma Churai

Best Female Actor: For Real Zoya S. Hasan

Best Screenplay (tie): For Real, Sona Jain and Land Gold Woman Avantika Hari

Best Cinematographer / Editor: Superman of Malegaon Shweta Venkat

Best Short Film: Vitthal Vinoo Choliparambil

Foreign Correstpondents Orchid Award: Land Gold Woman Avantika Hari, Vivek Agrawal

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