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'Mr. Right,' 'Lion's Den': Outfest Movies

Outfest 2009 hightlights on Monday, July 13. Synopses from the Outfest website.

Mr. Right by Jacqueline Morris

Mr. Right (Mon, Jul 13th 7:00pm, FAIRFAX 1)

(UK, 2009, 95 mins)
World Premiere
Directed By: Jacqueline Morris
SCR: David Morris

What do a TV producer, a rugby player, two actors, a model and an artist have in common? Find out in MR. RIGHT, a delightful relationship dramedy from the brother/sister team of writer David Morris and director Jacqui Morris. As the boys hook up, break up and make up, they must get past the drama in order to find true happiness. A sentimental, sexy trip through London's gay enclave Soho, MR. RIGHT just might be the one!

Lion's Den by Pablo Trapero

Lion's Den (Mon, Jul 13th 7:00pm, LAEMMLE MONICA)

(Argentina, South Korea, Brazil, 2008, 113 mins)
In Spanish with English subtitles
Directed By: Pablo Trapero
SCR: Alejandro Fadel, Martin Mauregui, Santiago Mitre & Pablo Trapero

After murdering her abusive boyfriend, pregnant Julia is sent to the special maternity wing of a notorious Argentinean jail. There she discovers a cruel world utterly different from the one she left outside, one where the female inmates must depend on each other for support, protection and love. LION'S DEN takes the familiar tropes of trashy 'girls behind bars' flicks and deepens them, creating a tale of survival that is both inspiring and devastating.

Frequent Traveller by Patricia Bateira

Makin' Moves - Shorts (Mon, Jul 13th 7:00pm, DGA 2)

See Outfest July 10 highlights.

Choosing Children by Debra Chasnoff, Kim Klausner

Legacy Project Gala: Choosing Children (Mon, Jul 13th 8:00pm, DGA 1)

(USA, 1984, 45 mins)
Directed By: Debra Chasnoff,
Kim Klausner

One of the first movies about lesbian families, CHOOSING CHILDREN is an emotionally potent film that challenges society's definition of family by exploring the ways lesbians are raising children in couples, alone, with gay men and in extended families of friends.

Since the passing of Proposition 8 in California and similar bans against LGBT marriages and adoptions across the United States, illustrations of healthy LGBT families are crucial in breaking down stereotypes and ensuring the civil liberties of all families. CHOOSING CHILDREN began the fight against xenophobia and homophobia in 1984, but its work is not yet complete.

IN PERSON: Academy Award-winning director Debra Chasnoff, co-director Kim Klausner and documentary subjects will talk about the making and restoration of CHOOSING CHILDREN as well as discuss the current state of LGBT families in California in their struggle for civil rights

Event Schedule:
7:00pm: VIP Pre-Party, DGA Atrium (VIP ticket holders)
8:00pm: Screening and Panel (all ticket holders)
10:00pm: Gala After-Party, DGA Lobby (all ticket holders)

Ticket prices range from $30-$300.

Ander by Roberto Caston

Ander (Mon, Jul 13th 9:30pm, LAEMMLE MONICA)

(Spain, 2009, 128 mins)
In Spanish, Euskera with English subtitles
Directed By: Roberto Caston
SCR: Roberto Caston

Quiet farmer Ander is a dedicated creature of habit, but everything in his carefully constructed life is upended by the arrival of José, a migrant worker from Peru. As the men's friendship grows into something deeper, Ander is forced out of his routine and into the joyous uncertainty of the real world. Featuring sumptuous cinematography and a gorgeous Basque setting, ANDER is a captivating portrait of a life interrupted.

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