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'My Name Is Khan': Shah Rukh Khan Political Film Targeted by Nationalist Hindu Fanatics

My Name Is Khan Kajol Shah Rukh Khan Hindu nationalist outrage'My Name Is Khan' with Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan: Cricket League comment leads to Hindu nationalist outrage and fat box office receipts.

'My Name Is Khan': Solid box office in spite of – or because – threats of attacks

Like Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer, My Name Is Khan, directed by Karan Johar and starring Bollywood idol Shah Rukh Khan (a.k.a. Shahrukh Khan), is a recent release that seemingly has benefited from widespread controversy.

Currently screening at about 1,570 venues worldwide, in its first 10 days out My Name Is Khan collected $25 million – most of that on its first weekend, when the furor and threats of attacks at movie houses showing the film in India were very much in the news.

The 2h45m tale of a man (Shah Rukh Khan) with Asperger Syndrome who who wants to meet U.S. President Barack Obama while suffering discrimination in the United States because of his Muslim-sounding name, on its opening weekend My Name Is Khan broke Bollywood records in the U.K., the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and New Zealand.

Hindu nationalist outrage results in fat box office receipts

That was following a major political uproar – unbelievably – caused by Khan's remark that India's Premier League cricket team didn't have any Pakistanis in it. In response, the nationalist Hindu party Shiv Sena attacked both Khan and his film.

On its second weekend out, after things had cooled down, My Name Is Khan dropped 69 per cent at the North American box office and 55 percent worldwide.

20th Century Fox, My Name Is Khan's international distributor, expects it to reach $30 million worldwide – not an inconsiderable sum for a Bollywood production. In India, it remained the top movie this past weekend, with $3.6 million and an outstanding $18.6 million cume as per Screen International.

According to Rediff, the biggest Bollywood release ever at the North American box office is Rajkumar Hirani's 3 Idiots, starring another Khan – Aamir Khan of the Oscar-nominated Lagaan. 3 Idiots has taken in $6.53 million since its late Dec. 2009 debut.

Shahrukh Khan in My Name Is Khan

According to a Reuters report, the Friday opening of Karan Johar's My Name is Khan forced movie theaters in Mumbai to be turned into “fortresses,” with thousands of police in riot gear outside theaters and plainclothesmen inside the halls. Reason for all that protection: flag-waving Hindu fanatics who now have star Shah Rukh Khan as their Enemy No. 1 after the actor remarked that no Pakistani cricketers had been picked for the Indian Premier League. The radical nationalist Hindu Shiv Sena party, which runs the Mumbai municipality, is a fierce opponent of Muslim Pakistan.

In My Name is Khan, which is being screened out of competition at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival, Khan plays an autistic Muslim who suffers discrimination in the United States after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. It was ironic, Khan was quoted as saying, that “a film made for peace 'has led to so much angst in my own house. My city. My country. Am I political or politically incorrect?'"

Mumbai is home to the Bollywood film industry, and some political analysts have warned the Sena's radicalism may hurt Mumbai's image abroad. Others targeted by the party include industrialist billionaire Mukesh Ambani and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Here's an interesting piece on how My Name Is Khan may profit from the controversy.

March 24 update re: 'My Name Is Khan':

Shahrukh Khan in My Name Is Khan

Shahrukh Khan's My Name Is Khan and its impact in both India and Pakistan is discussed at length in a very interesting piece at Despardes. In it, the author (I couldn't find a byline) talks about the furor that followed Khan's remarks about India's Pakistani-less cricket team and how the Karan Johar-directed My Name Is Khan is perceived differently by Indian and Pakistani audiences.

“This film certainly resonates with Pakistani audiences because of its theme,” the author explains, “it tells the story of an autistic Muslim man's struggles against prejudices in the United States in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. The big applause line in Pakistan comes at the beginning, when Khan proclaims, 'My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist!'"

At the U.K. box office, My Name Is Khan has scored a remarkable $3.8 million. Among other Bollywood titles at the U.K. box office are Ajay Devgan's Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? with $170,000 and Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots with $2.77 million.

In the U.S., My Name Is Khan's total grosses currently stand at $3.975 million.

Feb. 22

The Ghost Writer Pierce Brosnan Tony Blair inspiration'The Ghost Writer' with Pierce Brosnan: Tony Blair as inspiration.

Box office: Controversy to help or hinder Roman Polanski thriller 'The Ghost Writer'?

Feb. 22, '10, update: Controversy sells. At least sometimes it does. Roman Polanski, under house arrest in Switzerland while fighting extradition to the United States on charges of having drugged and had sex with a minor in the late 1970s, was named Best Director at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival for The Ghost Writer, a political thriller starring Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, and Kim Cattrall.

This past weekend (Feb. 19-21), The Ghost Writer had the highest per-theater average by far at the domestic box office: $45,752 at four theaters in New York and Los Angeles, for a total of $183,009 according to figures found at Boxofficemojo.com.

Some, including a number of people commenting on Alt Film Guide's Roman Polanski articles, have affirmed that those who watch Polanski's movies – be it Chinatown, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Tess, Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby, or The Pianist – are aiding a child rapist. Some among them have gone as far as to vow that they would boycott the work of all of the dozens of celebrities who have signed petitions demanding Polanski's release.

Yet, considering the initial box office grosses of The Ghost Writer, there are clearly many moviegoers who don't see things quite the same way. Besides, one of the Free Roman Polanski signatories was Martin Scorsese, whose Shutter Island grossed more than $40 million at the U.S. and Canada box office this past weekend.

Rave reviews for 'The Ghost Writer'

U.S. (and U.K.) critics, for their part, have been mostly enthralled with Polanski's latest.

In The Christian Science Monitor, Peter Rainer called The Ghost Writer a “deft political thriller … [that is] equal parts comedy and black comedy. Gracefully, inexorably, it goes from silly to scabrous. The film may seem insubstantial while you're watching it, but, in its own tingly, deadpan way, it has many of Polanski's trademarks: a curdling, cruel humor; an outsider hero who is also a patsy; and a pervasive dread.”

Kenneth Turan in the Los Angeles Times:

Between his September arrest in Switzerland and the media rehashing of the case that made him flee the U.S. in the first place, it's been possible to forget that his powerful gifts as a filmmaker were what made him famous in the first place.

With the deliciously unsettling The Ghost Writer, however, a dark pearl of a movie whose great flair and precision make it Polanski's best work in quite a while, the 76-year-old director forcefully reminds us what all the fuss was about.

Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian:

Roman Polanski's latest movie happens to be about a public figure, once hugely admired, now disgraced, fearing extradition and prosecution and confined to virtual house arrest in a vacation spot for rich people.

Did the director, when he shot this film, get a chill presentiment of how personal it was all going to look? Maybe. But it didn't stop him making a gripping conspiracy thriller and scabrous political satire, a Manchurian Candidate for the 2010s, as addictive and outrageous as the Robert Harris bestseller on which it's based. … This is his most purely enjoyable picture for years, a Hitchcockian nightmare with a persistent, stomach-turning sense of disquiet, brought off with confidence and dash.

Don't be too surprised if Roman Polanski ends up getting an Academy Award nomination in early 2011. That's certainly not impossible; he was nominated for Tess two years after fleeing the United States and won an Oscar for The Pianist in early 2003.

Tony Blair: Inspirational figure

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was the inspiration for the shady character played by Pierce Brosnan in The Ghost Writer. However, unlike The Ghost Writer's fictional former PM (or Roman Polanski, for that matter), Blair isn't under any sort of court-imposed or self-imposed seclusion.

In fact, despite a Iraq War inquiry held in the U.K. a few weeks ago, Iraq War co-orchestrator Blair – approximately 100,000 Iraqi civilians dead since the 2003 invasion – was just recently in Liberia and is now in Nigeria.

'The Ghost Writer' cast

Besides Ewan McGregor in the title role, Pierce Brosnan, and Kim Cattrall, The Ghost Writer features the following:

Olivia Williams.

Best Actor Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson (In the Bedroom, 2001).

Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People, 1980).

Veteran Eli Wallach (How the West Was Won, Act One).

James Belushi. Jeff Burrell. Robert Pugh.


Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol My Name Is Khan image: 20th Century Fox.

Pierce Brosnan The Ghost Writer image: Summit Entertainment.

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34 Comments to 'My Name Is Khan': Shah Rukh Khan Political Film Targeted by Nationalist Hindu Fanatics

  1. laura

    best movie ever.. my 12 year old is watching it now as a homeschool study unit

  2. mayafaheem

    i hope my name is khan get ascor awaed

  3. meltem arslan



  4. muhammad

    you did a great job sharukh and you inspired a lot of Muslims round the world who watched this movie thank you sharukh

  5. Kahil

    i watched the movie “my name is khan” five days after it's release dates because we get em late in Australia.
    The movie was awesome and i am sure it will be a blockbuster movie this year.

  6. alin radjab

    It's The best india-movie, The greatest.
    equal to titanic or scarlet o Hara.
    SRK so wonderfull playing this caracter.
    ONLY him can do this act.
    A movies that make Us re-thinking again
    what we are here for on this planet.

  7. Don Heckers


    If ever a Roman Polanski film has had a chance to
    make more than 100 million dollars at the American box office , it is this time with “THE
    Grab your chance with both hands.
    Remember what LIZA MINNELLI and JOEL GREY sang in
    their movie “Cabaret” : MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO
    And that's the way it is.
    Don't be so stupid to miss a golden chance for
    cold hard cash , GRAB IT !!!!!

  8. brandoko

    The only sure bet this year is MoNique having won ALL awards in her category. My bets? Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, The Hurt Locker.

  9. Marshal

    Of course it should have ended ages ago, Don, but the judges just love/d playing with the case for various political reasons, which the analyses and comments there, or even other freely available legal sources have explained already why. They never listened to him then, they never listened to her now – it's pure exploitation by now. She never wanted him in prison, they both long ago came to an agreement, and only the vicious media/public has made it into another very ugly witch hunt.

    As for Penn and Portman – the most I can come up with is that she was in Polanski's 'fake' perfume commercial 'Greed', that Penn will probably end up in jail again for another battery/assault charge, and that the two once dated.

    I doubt Polanski would want him on his set, he's too violent and disruptive. Besides, the film is in its preliminaries and Reza has a say in the casting too. So I don't know. Ta for now.

  10. Don Heckers

    Marshall , it was a very long but interesting
    It's time they let it go.
    If they don't do-it for Roman Polanski then AT
    LEAST for his victim.
    Do you know that Samantha Geimer thinks that 2009
    was worse than 1977 , when Roman abused her ?
    The press (a very ugly media circus) , the nasty
    gossip (people say a million things and only out
    of a million is honest) , some even attacked the
    victim calling her a whore.
    They only do that because they want Samantha to
    PUNISH Roman Polanski.
    But that will FORTUNATELY never happen.
    And if distributors in America are a little
    smarter than i thought , they must give his new
    film a massive release with at least 5000 copies
    running throughout the USA.
    I Have a question for you : I have heard that
    Sean Penn and Natalie Portman will star in Roman's
    next movie “God Of Carnage” , but i don't know if
    that's true.
    Do you know something about it that i don't know ?
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Marshal

    Don - Of course I know Maastricht - not only for the 'treaty', but for the Limburg/er cheese and that it's very multi cultural.

    As for Polanski's films, I have them all on DVD and will watch Ghostwriter in the cinema. And yes, I know his daughter is in it, and several others actually like his son. I'm only 16 years Polanski's junior, so I was there when Tate was murdered, and of course I know of the 1977 case. But I for one don't believe in black and white stories of it, and I know the Seventies, and Hollywood.

    If you want to find our more about the important sociopolitical and legal side of the messy case, let me be so bold dear blogmaster, to link you [both] to an in-depth analysis of it, written by someone who also was there, to unravel the much more complex events bit by bit and form a wider view of it. That's the [very] long version.


  12. Don Heckers

    Hello Marshall

    I'm from The Netherlands.
    I don't live in Amsterdam , but in a small place
    called Limburg (Maastricht).
    Maybe you've heard of it , maybe you didn't.
    But i can tell you one thing :
    I've seen SEVEN films of Roman Polanski in the
    cinema (“Tess”/”Frantic”/”Bitter Moon” twice/
    “Death And The Maiden”/”The Ninth Gate”/”The
    Six movies , “Bitter Moon” twice , means that
    i've bought SEVEN TICKETS for Roman Polanski's
    films and “The Ghost Writer” follows next.
    And after that i'll see the movie that he's
    writing the screenplay for these days “God Of
    Nevertheless I WISH that Roman Polanski had never
    done the things he did with that girl.
    By the way , Do you know that Morgane Polanski
    (his 16 year old daughter) is also in this film ?

  13. ayesha zaki

    its a good movie.i like n weep during movie many times its good

  14. Marshal

    I'm not sure where you are, Don, but in the US they're lagging behind now with a measly 4 screens, just out of spite - and not to give him much royalties for it. I unfortunately have to wait till April here in the UK, while Shutter arrives in March I will not watch. Nice he got a little Silver Bear for it too.

  15. Don Heckers

    This movie THE GHOST WRITER will become the
    biggest box office hit Roman Polanski has ever
    In Europe EVERY COUNTRY is going to release this
    Bad publicity is sometimes good publicity.
    When i go to the theater to see this film and
    somebody has the nerve to stop me , that person
    spends the next six months in a hospital.

  16. Yeti

    Aamir Khan is the actual King of Bollywood!! His films are the biggest blockbusters of all times.

  17. Marshal

    The superior Ghostwriter is screened in only four US cinemas, true, while Scorsese's Berlinale flop is shown in three thousand - go 'figure' why he's grossed more despite lesser ticket sales per screen, when Ghostwriter in fact would have grossed multiple times that of Scorsese's film. Had they levelled its release the public in fact want to see, but now can't because distributors are so dumb not to show it more widely, they entirely self-defeated their objective of making money.

  18. TINI

    Shahrukh khan and Kajol IS THE BEST

  19. waseem kapoor

    iam the great fan of srk i know that the srk will be the best actor in the world i want become like u plz help me srk kuda kie vaste plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. Jalpesh Mehta


    My Name is Khan will be more famous in the History not for the content or the great acting of SRK-Kajol or the sensitive topic, but merely for the Controversy around it with the Shiv Sena”s protest against Shah rukh Khan this Pro-Pakistani players approach in the IPL

    Today, the Cub turned young Tiger woke up and roared - at the right time with right data. The man is non other than RAJ THACKERAY who speaks the fact so true which neither the accused nor the media has an answer to. Was thinking since last few days, where did Raj Thackeray vanish amidst the re-hijacked Marathi Maanus and Mumbaikar Issue raised by the so-dead-now alive Uncle Bal Thackeray Re-Hijacked as in it was erstwhile the agenda of Shiv Sena to play around the vote bank with Marathi Card, which was successfully hijacked by much dynamic and young nephew of Bala Saheb Raj who proved the same by data in the last 2 elections. And again the agenda is Re-Hijacked by the Uncle. One thing is simply clear - Caste and Creed are the only productive cards for Victory in Indian Politics. Development is some strange new word in the dictionary of Indian Politicians.

    This is for the first time Raj spoke about his rival party”s protests against the movie. This as well as some more facts can open eyes of the Citizen and as a Marketing Strategies, I would refer the whole controversy around the Movie as a Win-Win Situation for 3 Parties. The Shiv-Sena, SRK and the Congress-NCP Government. The only party left out this time is Raj and his MNS and hence we hear him.

    Raj”s point is very clear, which helps open the eyes of the Indian Citizen on the whole issue. The point is simple. “Such a noise is made over Shah Rukh Khan for this one statement of his. But no one is saying anything about Amitabh Bachchan singing poetry with Pakistanis for a newspaper,” said Raj at a press conference in Mumbai. “They are demanding an apology from Khan for his remarks on Pakistani players. But Bachchan was seen a couple of days ago sharing the dais with Pakistani artistes and reciting poems. If Khan has to apologise, then why not Bachchan.”

    This is a hard fact and I agree with Raj atleast for this. Some brief analysis on the 3 beneficiaries of the whole Controversy (1) Shiv-Sena and Bal Thackeray (2) SRK (3) Congress-NCP Government- The Strategic Analysis* of MNIK Controversy is as below.

    (1) Beneficiary 1 : Uncle Bal Thackeray who was almost a written off case as good as a Jyoti Basu, who most Calcuttans abused to the core, but when he died, all paid homage to, - Bala Saheb has all of a sudden come into limelight. The base is the Marathi Vote Bank and the existence (hindi- astitva) of Shiv Sena in front of the growing strong MNS of Raj Thackeray. Since 2-3 years, no one wrote or quoted Bal Thackeray so seriously except his own party run paper Saamna. And todays TOI is all praises about the man quoting that all from various walks of life come to Bal Thackeray to seek his divine blessings.

    Well, nothing is wrong from their perspective. Any party will need some strategy to regain its lost vote bank and it is their job. This controversy will help get them some mileage as each of the 1500 arrested Shiv Sainiks who would have spent 3-4 nights in the lock up will be almost like a small semi demi god in their chawls and areas when they go back. They will be garlanded and welcome and will gain more popularity as much as Bhagat Singh gained to become like a martyr and fight for his cause. Each Sainik will get a new lease of life, a refreshed vote bank and this will help in the time to come.

    (2) Beneficiary 2 : Bollywood Baadshah SRK- Well, I highly respect this guy not exactly for his acting, but for his marketing and branding skills and this could be the best possible way to outshine much stronger competitors around. That is the difference between Sachin Tendulkar and SRK. The former, sleeps on the floor and touches the feet of Uncle Bal and the latter squeezes the complete mileage out of the situation before doing so. The common factor is that possibly both sleep.

    Now, coming to SRK - One fact is a mystery as per Raj and all of us too - will tweet SRK on this and am sure he will reply back with some convincing answer- that”s his skill. The Mystery is if SRK is backing the participation of Pakistani cricketers in the IPL, why did he not select Pakistani cricketers for his Kolkata Knightriders team.

    The cast and crew of “My Name is Khan” are attending its premiere in Abu Dhabi and later head to Europe for a screening at the Berlin film festival. Well, one more fact that Raj missed out and may be some of us is that (1) the movie of Rs 50 Crs, bought by the Fox group for Rs 90 Crs- My Name is Khan is going to make ONLY Rs 10 Crs from Mumbai - That is hardly 10% - so why would some one be so bothered over it - but well, the publicity out of the controversy can make the Mumbai contribution Rs. 6 Crs, but the other places would make up or may be gross much more than expected due to the whole controversy.

    A good strategy SRK- to overpower the recent fame of Competitors - Aamir Khan (3 idiots) or even Amitabh Bachchan (even at this age,he keeps on doing anything to be there) or Sachin Tendulkar even Rahul Gandhi (if he sees him a peers from any angle). Atleast I see this a little positive as compared to others who have always bowed down and said sorry… Good stand SRK, atleast from a Citizens view.

    (3) Beneficiary 3 : The Congress-NCP led government, where in CM Ashok Chavan and RR Patils Home Ministry has arrested 1500 Shiv Sainiks and warned 50 Middle level leaders (what do you mean by warn ??) and are assuring the Citizen of Mumbai full security and support just to fool us, where on the otherside, their own leaders like Sharad Pawar (NCP Head), DY Patil (Congress past few days to seek good wishes and blessings.strong man, educationist, now the Governor of Tripura), have been visiting Bala Saheb over the past few days to seek good wishes and blessings.

    Lots of questions arises in the Middle and Upper Middle class on the assurances of the CM and team to control the situation - this class ideally do not matter for the politicians as they are not the vote banks. The proof is despite the assurances of Police and the whole bandobast, the cinema and multiplex owners do not have faith in the system and have not been selling tickets. But yes, the Lower and lower-middle class is ga-ga over the superb guts of the Government to commit full security and safety. This class does not understand that its the Governments job and they get paid for it. The Government is gaining more confidence of the so called votebank, the masses.

    Thanks Raj, intriguing me to write this piece post reading your pain point. But you should also remember that when you were a part of Shiv Sena years ago, you and your team also protested against Sanjay Dutt (For Khalnayak due to his TAT case ) , Aamir Khan (For Fanaa) and your Favourite Amitabh Bachchan for Shahenshah (during Bofors).

    Strategies aside, I am looking forward to see My Name is Khan either today, tomorrow or whenever and am sure many of us would - We should not get surprised, if we see Aditya Thackeray, the young and creative Shivsainik - son of Uddhav Thackeray watching and enjoying My Name is Khan with close friends. And one more good news for the young lovers. feel free to express your love this valentine, as the Sainiks will be busy achieving their targets for My Name is Khan !


    *Well, Strategy is a game of mind and one has to speculate all areas possible to derive the win-win situations as winning is the core objective behind any strategy, not necessarily exactly what has come out below is the strategy of the beneficiary, but one can speculate around the same if it could be the strategy at all. Deriving a strategy is game of adding one plus one ofcourse with past track records, peoples view as there can never be a published data of any such strategy.


  21. zazaziya

    Watched the movie today. Cried countless times, soo touching. I have a son with Asperger's, and I certainly hope that my son can achieve what SRK's character achieved in the movie, a job, a loving wife, a kind and humane character. I will teach my kids also tht there are only 2 types of people. the good and the bad.

  22. yuni

    srk is best 4ever

  23. Saif

    One of the greatest movie in the world and SRK is simply a great actor. SRK is the best………….

  24. I luv SRK. He is just d best as far as bollywood is concerned. More sweat 2 his armpit(ie more power 2 his elbow)

  25. S Hussain

    This was a great film!
    I work with the Autism community and I appreciate the making of this outstanding movie!!

  26. Akash Adhikari

    I like this movie and love SRK.

  27. shihab

    the best movie i have ever seen

  28. Nancy Assaf

    I just saw this movie today and SRK is a wonderful actor. I have a n autistic daughter, and his portrayal was dead-on. My only criticism is that the USA is portrayed as anti-Muslim. This is not the case. After 9/11, the entire country was afraid. We do know that the Muslims who did this to our country are RADICAL followers of Islam, therefore, we, as average Americans, do not hate Muslims. The Muslims who attacked us on 9/11 were, nonetheless, Muslims, however. We, as Americans, want to defend our country as much as Indians do theirs. I was hoping that this movie would not portray George Bush as being mean and unfeeling and Obama as soft and cuddly, however, so I was disappointed at that. Remember that President Bush had to deal with the immediate aftermath of 9/11, and Obama has the luxury of pointing out any mistakes the earlier administration may have made. Americans do not think they are perfect….we just love our country as much as Indians love theirs.

  29. manish

    my best movie
    i like srk

  30. Rakib

    This movie is so well.i hope it will be gretest movie all over the world.

  31. Robert Cadalso

    I wish the rap part had be omitted; it was not necessary. The The rap part is abusive to the ear.

    Barbra's voice is as usual, the best.

  32. dee


  33. Avinash

    I think no movie is made for hitting any religous community,so such type of protest are of no mean

  34. Hamlong

    I'av not watched the movie yet…..
    I think it's a great one.
    I came to know that……
    This movies is mostly based on Peace.
    It's a Great job.
    Encouraging unity & Peace among each other.
    Thats a true hero of my world.
    I would love to see that movie 10 times.
    When i get it.
    I Love it…………