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Robert Pattinson 'Bel Ami' Film Box Office

Robert Pattinson news Bel Ami
Robert Pattinson news: Bel Ami film box office

Bel Ami's box office performance has been surprisingly sturdy since the Robert Pattinson film opened in late Feb./early March, in a handful of territories. Up to the end of April, in only nine countries – of which only three are major markets – the Bel Ami film version of Guy de Maupassant's novel has taken in $6.12 million as found at Box Office Mojo. That's not bad at all for a movie budgeted at $11.8 million.

Now, although Bel Ami's corrected figure is considerably more modest than the one originally reported, that doesn't change the fact that Robert Pattinson's movie has mostly been performing surprisingly well, especially for a period piece that received mixed reviews and no major studio / distributor marketing push. I've added a few comparisons in the ensuing paragraphs.

Robert Pattinson's Twilight popularity surely helped Bel Ami gross a solid $3.14 million in Russia. For comparison's sake: Tarsem Singh's Mirror Mirror, starring an established star like Julia Roberts and costing $85 million – about eight times Bel Ami's budget – collected $9.73 million in that country.

At no. 31 on Box Office Mojo's Russian chart for 2012, Bel Ami earned more money than the Oscar winner The Artist, Rachel McAdams / Channing Tatum's US sleeper hit The Vow, George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D, Mark Wahlberg's Contraband, Steven Spielberg's War Horse, Meryl Streep's The Iron Lady, Clint Eastwood / Leonardo DiCaprio's J. Edgar, Mel Gibson's Get the Gringo, and Matt Damon / Scarlett Johansson's We Bought a Zoo. And nearly three times more than George Clooney's The Descendants and The Ides of March combined. [Note: figures for The Avengers and other movies that opened last weekend in Russia haven't been updated yet. That means Bel Ami is down – at least – one spot on the Russian chart.]

At no. 44, Bel Ami earned a not inconsiderable $1.39 million in Italy, where it opened in mid-April. The Robert Pattinson movie is already only slightly behind Emma Stone / Viola Davis' The Help ($1.56m) and War Horse ($1.43 million), and ahead of Daniel Radcliffe's The Woman in Black, Reese Witherspoon's This Means War, Brad Pitt's Moneyball, Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill, the kiddie flick Dolphin Tale, and The Phantom Menace.

Another comparison: Bel Ami opened in Italy with $868,000 at 254 theaters. Zac Efron's The Lucky One, with a reported $25 million budget and distributed by Hollywood major Warner Bros., opened two weeks later with $997,000 at 281 locations.

Robert Pattinson photo Bel Ami
Robert Pattinson photo: Bel Ami

In the United Kingdom, the home country of Robert Pattinson and much of the Bel Ami cast and behind-the-scenes talent, Pattinson's movie scored $1.14 million. It's no. 50 on the UK box office chart.

Relatively speaking, Bel Ami was a more modest performer in the UK, especially compared to Hollywood movies, e.g., War Horse grossed $29.57 million, the Fox-distributed The Iron Lady $15.71 million, Mirror Mirror $10.78 million, and The Phantom Menace $8.23 million as per Box Office Mojo. A handful of independent releases fared much better as well, particularly the aforementioned Daniel Radcliffe movie The Woman in Black, which took in a whopping $34.55 million. Having said that, one must take into account that Bel Ami, unlike the vast majority of the more successful movies at the UK box office, has an “adult” theme.

In fact, the Robert Pattinson film earned a “15” certificate in the UK – no one under 15 allowed in theaters. The Woman in Black, on the other hand, had a “12A” rating – not recommended for those under 12, though children could watch the movie if accompanied by an adult. Steve McQueen / Michael Fassbender's Shame, which received an “18” rating and became a cause celèbre because of its theme and sex scenes, grossed $3.2 million.

Bel Ami was only slightly behind three other “15”-rated movies: Clint Eastwood / Leonardo DiCaprio's J. Edgar ($1.64 million), Roman Polanski / Kate Winslet / Jodie Foster's Carnage ($1.67 million), and Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus, and ahead of Tom Hanks / Sandra Bullock's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the (modest) US sleeper hit Act of Valor, Jason Reitman / Charlize Theron's Young Adult, Madonna's W.E., and Glenn Close's Albert Nobbs. So far (figures for last weekend are unavailable), Bel Ami is distributor Studio Canal's third biggest movie of the year in the UK, behind the PG-rated Mirror Mirror and Carnage.

Bel Ami became available on VOD in the US on May 4, the same day The Avengers dominated movie news in North America. Bel Ami opens in select US and Canadian theaters on June 8. Note: the “Bel Ami Video on Demand” site refers to the gay Bel Ami, a highly popular explicit-sex site that has nothing to do with the Robert Pattinson movie.

Others in the Bel Ami cast: Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, Colm Meaney, Natalie Tena, Holliday Grainger, Pip Torrens, James Lance, and Todd Peterson. Movie first-timers Nick Ormerod and Declan Donnellan directed from a screenplay by Rachel Bennette.

Robert Pattinson busy in 2012

Also in 2012, Robert Pattinson will be seen in two more movies:

Bel Ami / Robert Pattinson photo: RAI Cinema / 19 Entertainment / Redwave Films

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8 Comments to Robert Pattinson 'Bel Ami' Film Box Office

  1. betty b

    As always A-Z professional .. Giving facts not nonsensical opinions based on personal biases… Conveying a great knowledge and understanding regarding independent films and niche marketing. I have learned so much about the movie industry reading your articles. Thank You :-)

  2. just me

    detailed, clear, very professional, as usual:)

  3. zac gille


    How did I get that “Bel Ami” box-office figure? By making a *stupid* error.

    Apologies. The article has been appended, corrected, amended, and expanded.

    That's the least I could do…

  4. chrisg

    “Bel Ami had taken in $11.52m in eight countries. ”

    How did you get this total?

  5. California

    I watched Bel Ami last night from Amazon.com and thought it was very well done. I only hope the critics (reviewers) can divorce Robert Pattinson's performance from that of Edward Cullen in The Twilight Series. They were unable to do so when they reviewed Remember Me and Water For Elephants. He played very different roles in both of those films and, I thought, enacted them very well. He does a similarly good job in Bel Ami and is surrounded by the talented Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Christina Ricci. Ricci was outstanding, but the movie depends a lot on Pattinson's performance and he was definitely up to the task. The script followed the book relatively well. It will be interesting to see if Robert's Twilight fans go to see a movie in which his character is so unsympathetic. I will be eagerly awaiting the attendance figures from the United States. I hope they are very high, because Bel Ami deserves to be seen.

  6. lake

    so its almost made back its budget? not bad for a movie that wasn't even marketed hardly anywhere. one thing is for certain, russia is very good to rob pattinson. if lionsgate/summit is smart they will send him there for breaking dawn promo.

  7. didi

    The promo for Bel ami was non existing in most countries. Fortunately I could go to theatre during its first weekend of release in my country, the other week it was already gone. The movie did quite well in countries were it got a bit promoted like UK, Italy and Russia. It's a pity because Bel ami is a beautiful movie with very good performances of everybody.
    It got mixed reviews depending on the aknowledge of the source material of the reviewer. Those who had read the book or even were experted in Maupassant's work gave Bel ami a good review though.

  8. Chris

    Thanks for the info. I think Bel Ami was mismanaged from the start, what with constant re-editing and no promotion to speak of. The fact that it made 11 mil so far is great. I'd be really interested to know what the VOD numbers were, but I don't see any way to get them. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it does well. I've seen it a few times now and while it's not a perfect movie it's a very interesting one and I thought the performances were spot on.