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'On the Road' Weekend Box Office Updated: Lower Than Early Estimates

On the Road movie Garrett Hedlund Sam RileyOn the Road weekend box office figures updated

On the Road, toplining Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, and Kristen Stewart, and directed by Walter Salles, opened to disappointing figures this past weekend in North America: an estimated $39,550 at four locations, according to (updated) figures found at Box Office Mojo. On the Road's per-theater average was a quite modest $9,888 per site. (Image: Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley On the Road.)

On the Road's opening-weekend box office take is particularly disappointing when one considers that the film was directed by the well-regarded Walter Salles, among whose credits are two key road movies of the last 15 years – Central Station (1998) and The Motorcycle Diaries (2004). And that it features TRON: Legacy's Garrett Hedlund; in addition to Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, and Kirsten Dunst in supporting roles; and Twilight's Kristen Stewart doing things that Bella Swan could only dream of doing with Edward and Jacob.

I haven't been able to find On the Road's box office estimates for the last three days. Though not guaranteed, chances are the film's figures improved on Christmas Day, as that has been a regular pattern. We'll only find out for sure once IFC Films makes those figures available.

On the Road box office post: Lots of angry comments

Now, my previous two-part On the Road post became one of Alt Film Guide's most commented posts in months. Why? For two reasons:

a) Those with a strong sense of moralistic outrage but little-to-no sense of basic ethical principles sent a barrage of foaming-at-the-mouth comments filled with ad hominem attacks against either Kristen Stewart or myself – or both. (Those have been duly deleted and the commenters in question have been banned.)

b) I dared to compare the U.S. opening-weekend box office performances of On the Road and Cosmopolis. (Needless to say, my comparisons to Amour, The Impossible, Central Station, and The Motorcycle Diaries went unnoticed.) As a result, I became enmeshed in lengthy discussions with assorted Robert Pattinson fans who expressed outrage at the Cosmopolis / On the Road comparison and at my raising the issue that on its opening weekend Cosmopolis was helped by the Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders-Liberty Ross Quadrangle Scandal.

The Attack of the Moralistic Brigade and bias accusations

Regarding “item a),” there isn't much I can say except that holier-than-thou moralists are some of the most venomous, most repulsive, and, really, most dangerous people on the planet. That's no exaggeration. Take a good look at history – up to the present day – and you'll see that I'm right.

Now, do Alt Film Guide and myself have a “pro-Kristen Stewart bias”? Well, as much as I have a pro-Norma Talmadge bias. Or a pro-Tyrone Power bias. Or a pro-Susan Sarandon, pro-Pierre Fresnay, pro-Anna Magnani bias. Or an anti-Clint Eastwood bias, for that matter. I love watching Anna Magnani; I don't love watching Clint Eastwood. If that's having a “bias,” then I'm biased. If that's merely having one's likes and dislikes, and expressing one's opinions about issues, then, horrors, I'm a human being with a functioning brain.

Check out my (very negative) review of Eastwood's Oscar-winning Million Dollar Baby. One trade-magazine critic sent me a note (I should have kept it…) calling my commentary “the most idiotic film review I've ever read in my 200 years as a film critic.” (Okay, I'm paraphrasing a bit here.)

Now, was I being biased? Had I expressed my dislike for Million Dollar Baby merely because I saw Clint Eastwood's name attached to it, that would unquestioningly have been a form of bias. But I disliked Million Dollar Baby for a variety of reasons, as explained in my review. And if you, like that trade-magazine critic, don't agree with me, that doesn't necessarily make you biased either. It could just mean we have different likes and dislikes. Nothing wrong with that.

As for accusations that Alt Film Guide gets “paid by Kristen Stewart and her people” because we dare not judge or attack her private life … Hell, I'd be thrilled if Kristen Stewart (or any of “her people”) has even heard of us – though I doubt very much that either she or they has/have.

The positive articles I've recently written about Kristen Stewart have been the result of two things: a) I enjoy watching her – in fact, she's one of the few current performers that I truly enjoy; b) I utterly despise moralists and judgmental morons with no lives.

[“Updated Weekend Box Office: On the Road” continues on the next page. See link below.]

Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley On the Road photo: IFC Films.

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20 Comments to 'On the Road' Weekend Box Office Updated: Lower Than Early Estimates

  1. Andre


    Thank you. And thanks for the Kristen Stewart quote. I hadn't seen that. She put it very succinctly.

  2. Vanquish

    Andre, fantastic piece. Your were merely reviewing OTR's progress and then you were attacked by “starving sh*t eaters” as quoted from Kristen. Honestly these people who attacked you and attack Kristen need help. They are bitter, awful little girls who never grew up. I'm a fan of Kristen's work and am looking forward to see what OTR will be like.

  3. Andre


    Use a calculator and add up the figures per country.
    And next time, take a look at the DATE next to the “Total” figure. Box Office Mojo's international totals aren't always fully up to date.

    As for the rest of your inane rant, no calculator can help with THAT…

  4. Parker

    Just a question about earlier post about On The Road, the one where you passively aggressively trashed Cosmopolis and credited its opening of more than twice On The Road's to Kristen's publicly cheating on Rob with a married father (or, in your words, the Rupert Sanders/Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson “to-do” - cuz sure - why not throw some blame at Rob too!!!). You noted that according to BOM, On The Road has grossed over $8m internationally. Just wondering if there's some other BOM site that I'm missing. According to the one I go to, it's grossed, $5.9m internationally (http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=intl&id=ontheroad.htm). Do you have some other source?

  5. Andre

    Just wanted to thank everyone who posted comments — heck, I'm in a good mood, so that includes even those who disagreed with me.


    “On the Road” didn't do well in the UK. I've posted a few international box-office figures elsewhere… Here:



    The “Los Angeles Times” and “The Hollywood Reporter” called Robert Pattinson a “cuckold”? Well, if they did (I haven't seen that), stop reading them. Now, I saw TONS of tabloid/tabloidized articles viciously attacking Kristen Stewart — and without looking for them as I stay away from that kind of shit. Tons. I'm flabbergasted you missed those.


    I've never read/seen interviews in which Kristen Stewart puts down other performers' deeds or charity work. But one thing I did read: the “rape” deal. She did NOT compare “being photographed” to getting raped. At all. That's a blatant distortion of what she actually said. I actually wrote a piece about it at the time:


    As for Kristen Stewart badmouthing her *crazed* (as in, “not sane”) fans, I can understand that if she has really done so. (I haven't seen any such — direct — remarks.)

    But guess what? Robert Pattinson implies the same in his and Stewart's **brilliant** “Eclipse” commentary. You need to read between the lines, but it's there when they mention “The Fans.”


    I agree. “On the Road” will likely do much better on DVD/VOD.

    Once again, thanks everyone for writing…

  6. danielle

    There is only one film that I didn't particularly find interesting to watch with Kristen in. That was 'In The Land of Women'. I haven't been able to see 'Cutlass' though I'd love to. Every other movie I have enjoyed, even her relatively small part in 'Jumper', I loved the film. She picks brilliant movies, and whether she has a lead, supporting or minor role, I usually tend to love films she is in. 'On The Road' included. And I cannot wait to own it on DVD once it is released in the UK. I was wondering, do you know what the results are for OTR in the UK?

  7. danielle

    To be honest @Jen even if someone is ungrateful you shouldn't hate them. I'd understand disliking someone for allegedly being ungrateful, but to hate them? I have to in turn judge people like you that say you hate her. Hate is a strong word.

  8. Sandy Cheeks

    You are my hero. Thank you for finally speaking up!

  9. Bonboy

    @jen hahahaha jen poor woman!!! iam boring read hater comment, why dont you go back to your blog robsessed!!!

  10. Bonboy

    Obviously they are ugly people who's attack you and Kristen on internet!!!

  11. Adriana

    Preach it!! I admire you so much for telling it like it is and calling things by what they are! Bravo!! *claps*…We all have a right to our opinion…and we also have a right to have them respected! My sentiments EXACTLY!

  12. Mi

    You should read comments/articles written by middle aged critics/bloggers/reporters about Robert when the scandal broke.Now you can say what ”attack” means.Some of them(from The Hollywood Reporter,The Los Angeles Times) were so smart that called him ”cuckold”,I've never read that some journalist from tabloid press would have called Kristen ”wh@re”.Those journalists were defending Kristen and at the same time they insulted and ridiculed Robert, they forgot he was a victim in all this scandal.Those(mostly guys)didn't even mention Sanders in their articles,didn't say anyting about his ”talent” as director or insulted him on private level,just nothing,like he hadn't been a part of this scandal.People will continue to comment,because you write about R&K together.And you know that,you figured out how get hits.

  13. Jen

    “there isn't much I can say except that holier-than-thou moralists are some of the most venomous, most repulsive, and, really, most dangerous people on the planet.”

    And Kristen Stewart is one. I get you have never read any of her interviews because she has a constant habit of putting fellow actresses and peers down. No one is as honest, real and as non-Hollywood as she is. Everyone else is fake. Heck, she even had the audacity to devalue some of other people's charity work (when she's barely doing any). So when she turns around to be the biggest Hollywood cliche it's hard not to enjoy a little Schadenfreude. She calls her fans retards, compares being photographed to rape, and her cussing to Tourette's. She's so arrogant and self centered with zero awareness. YET she's one of the most overrated actresses of her generation and has Hollywood constantly blowing smoke up her behind with no merit for it. She still gets jobs because of her many connections (because lets be real, unless she's riding a franchise with other A lists she can't fill those seats) while other far better actresses don't. Those are very valid reasons why people hate her. People may hate cheaters but they hate overrated, hypocrite ungrateful brats more.

  14. natt39

    I have morals but the difference is I have a heart and I am not judgemental like some people are.Kristen is a good actress and I enjoy her work and look forward to seeing her in future movies.And my hats off to you for speaking up against all these venom spewing people.

  15. maria

    so Cosmopolis succes in comparison with OTR was because K-Rupert story? Think again! Cosmopolis is a interesting dinamic movie, while OTR is a long,boring jazzy story. Cosmopolis has great critic reviews in Europe and US while OTR was a flop at Cannes. Looks like it ll be a big flop in US also. Not to mention Cosmo didnt have a chance of a big promo, while OTR promo was bigger than any blockbuster's

  16. Audrey

    Thanks so much for this article!!

    Enough of morons and stupid people who only know to offend and insult famous because only think all know about them thanks to tabloids.

    I don´t understand why they waste their time talking about a person they don´t like in all gossip sites. With respect we can opine about everything, we can say I don´t like Kristen Stewart in her last movie por example but why talking about her private life.

    If private life are very important for us so we shouldn´t see more films because each actor, director, etc… has got a sleketon in his closet…who care their private life?? The important is their work.

  17. L

    Regarding “item a),” there isn't much I can say except that holier-than-thou moralists are some of the most venomous, most repulsive, and, really, most dangerous people on the planet. That's no exaggeration. Take a good look at history — up to the present day — and you'll see that I'm right.

    Couldn't agree more. Have serious film goers even bothered to read the book before getting on their high horse?

  18. Connan

    Bravo! As always I enjoy reading your blog/reviews (though not always agree with your opinion on different aspects - and it's how it's supposed to be). Kristen is one of my fave actresses now, especially after OTR. It sucks that BO disappointed, I can see a lot of reasons, but somehow I think DVD sale should be good.

  19. danielle

    I enjoy reading your posts talking about Kristen as an actress and as a person. I'm a fan of hers, and just like you, I don't think there's any other actresses performances that I've enjoyed the most. I enjoy pretty much all of her roles and movies that she has chosen.

    Thank you for drawing attention to a post where you received a lot of negative comments. And thank you for giving your interpretation as to why they were so negative and angry. They usually are known for “foaming-at-the-mouth” when anyone is being positive about Kristen.

    Usually I stay away from comment boards on film or celebrity related sites for the sole reason if I comment, I'll no doubt get into an argument with the people who foam-at-the-mouth. But I plan to comment on your posts about Kristen in future. I want to help spread appreciation for your posts, and I'd like to show that there are fans out there.

  20. Liz

    You're right. The reason they continue to comment or rather attack is because you haven't had anything bad to say about Kristen.