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Outfest Awards: 'Mississippi Damned'

Mississippi Damned by Tina Mabry

The tale of a poor backwater family struggling against poverty, addiction, and assorted personal and social maladies, Tina Mabry's Mississippi Damned was the jury's pick for best U.S. narrative film at this year's edition of Outfest, Los Angeles' gay and lesbian film festival.

The Man Who Loved Yngve by Stian Kristiansen

Among the other Outfest 2009 jury winners were Stian Kristiansen's The Man Who Loved Yngve, the late 1980s tale (written by Tore Renberg) about a Norwegian teenager who unexpectedly finds himself madly in love with a handsome tennis player, which was chosen as the festival's best international narrative feature; Nicole Opper's documentary Off and Running, about a young woman trying to discover the identity of her biological mother; and best actress Laura Harring and best actor Derrick L. Middleton, selected for their performances in, respectively, Drool and Rivers Wash Over Me.

Javier Camara in Chef's Special

The audience winner for best narrative feature was Nacho G. Velilla's Spanish comedy Chef's Special, starring Javier Cámara (above, right) as a top chef who suddenly finds himself having to take care of his two children while trying to come to terms with his attraction for a hunky new neighbor (Benjamín Vicuña).

Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement by Greta Olafsdottir and Susan Muska

Greta Olafsdottir and Susan Muska's Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement was the audience winner for best documentary. The film revolves around a lesbian couple who, after 42 years together, are about to get married.

Melia Renee, Mary Elise Hayden in We Are the Mods by E. E. Cassidy

Directed by E. E. Cassidy and written by Cassidy and Bruce Pavalon, We Are the Mods won the jury award for best screenwriting, in addition to audience awards for best U.S. first feature film and best soundtrack. We Are the Mods tells the story of a high-school student who falls for a mod gal, thus becoming part of the mod-iste circle.

2009 Outfest Awards

2009 Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival: July 9-19


Mississippi Damned

Outstanding U.S. Dramatic Feature Film
MISSISSIPPI DAMNED, Directed by Tina Mabry

The Man Who Loved Yngve by Stian Kristiansen

Outstanding International Dramatic Feature Film
THE MAN WHO LOVED YNGVE, Directed by Stian Kristiansen

Off and Running by Nicole Opper

Outstanding Documentary Feature Film
OFF AND RUNNING, Directed by Nicole Opper

Derrick L. Middleton, Aidan Schultz-Meyer in Rivers Wash Over Me

Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film
Derrick L. Middleton (above, left) in RIVERS WASH OVER ME

Laura Harring in Drool

Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film
Laura Harring in DROOL

We Are the Mods

Outstanding Screenwriting
E.E. Cassidy and Bruce Pavalon, WE ARE THE MODS

First and Loveliss by Shaun Kadlec and Deb Tullman

Outstanding Documentary Short Film
FIRST AND LOVELISS, Directed by Shaun Kadlec & Deb Tullman

The Bath by Lee Mi-rang

Outstanding Dramatic Short Film
THE BATH, Directed by Lee Mi-rang



Javier Camara in Chef's Special

Outstanding Dramatic Feature Film
CHEF'S SPECIAL, Directed by Nacho G. Velilla

Edie and Thea: A Very Long Engagement

Outstanding Documentary Feature Film
EDIE & THEA: A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT, Directed by Greta Olafsdottir & Susan Muska

Outstanding First U.S. Dramatic Feature Film
WE ARE THE MODS, Directed by E.E. Cassidy

Liza Minnelli in Get Happy

Outstanding Documentary Short Film
GET HAPPY, Directed by Mark Payne

Awakening by Christian Tafdrup

Outstanding Dramatic Short Film
AWAKENING, Directed by Christian Tafdrup

Outstanding Soundtrack
WE ARE THE MODS, Directed by E.E. Cassidy



On These Shoulders We Stand by Glenne McElhinney

Special Programming Award for Freedom
ON THESE SHOULDERS WE STAND, Directed by Glenne McElhinney

Greek Pete by Andrew Haigh

Special Programming Award for Artistic Achievement
GREEK PETE, Directed by Andrew Haigh

College Boys Live by George O'Donnell

Special Programming Award for Emerging Talent

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