'The Ten-Year Lunch' & 'Young at Heart': Oscar's Docs

Young at Heart by Sue Marx

The Oscar-winning documentaries Young at Heart, The Ten-Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table, and You Don't Have to Die will screen on Monday, November 19, at 7:30 p.m. at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Linwood Dunn Theater as the final installment of “Oscar's Docs, Part Three: Academy Award-Winning Documentaries 1977–1988.” Oscar-winning producer Sue Marx and executive producer Jennifer Warren will take part in post-screening discussions.

Young at Heart (top photo), the 1987 Documentary Short Subject winner co-produced by Marx, follows the journey of two widowed artists in their mid-eighties who meet on a painting trip and fall in love despite differences in temperament.

(On Marx's website, there's a quote by Gregory Peck: “I loved your documentary and that wonderful couple! The Oscar went to the right filmmaker.”)

The Ten-Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table by Aviva Slesin

Aviva Slesin's The Ten-Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table, the 1987 Documentary Feature winner, revolves around the group of artists and intellectuals – snooty (or brilliant, depending on your take) people like Dorothy Parker, Alexander Woollcott, Edna Ferber, George S. Kaufman, and Robert Sherwood – who traded quips while stuffing their faces at New York's Algonquin Hotel during the 1920s.

The Ten-Year Lunch was written by Peter Foges and Mary Jo Kaplan, and it is narrated by Heywood Hale Broun, son of Algonquin Round Table member Heywood Broun. Among the interviewees are playwright and former Round Tabler Marc Connelly and actress Ruth Gordon.

You Don't Have to Die by Malcolm Clarke and Bill GuttentagMalcolm Clarke and Bill Guttentag's You Don't Have to Die, the 1988 Documentary Short Subject winner executive produced by Warren, tells the story of Jason Gaes, a young cancer survivor who went on to help other children to overcome their fear of the disease.

“Oscar's Docs” is a comprehensive screening series of every short subject and feature to win the Academy Award for documentary filmmaking since the category was established in 1941.

The series will return in September 2008 with its fourth installment, screening Academy Award-winning documentaries between 1988 and 1998.

Tickets to “Oscar's Docs” are $5 for the general public and $3 for Academy members and students with a valid ID. The Linwood Dunn Theater is located at 1313 Vine Street in Hollywood. Free parking is available through the entrance on Homewood Avenue (one block north of Fountain Avenue). For additional information, visit www.oscars.org/events or call (310) 247-3600.

Photos: New Dimension Films (Young at Heart), Direct Cinema (The Ten-Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table), Filmworks, Inc., and Tiger Rose Productions (You Don't Have to Die)

Artivist festival winners

The 4th Annual Artivist Film Festival, which was held between Nov. 8-11 at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

According to its press release, Artivist short for Activist Artist "is the first international film festival and awards dedicated to addressing Global Consciousness (Human Rights, Childrens Advocacy, Environmental Preservation, and Animal Rights)."

This years Artivist Award honorees were Ted Danson, Alyssa Milano, and Claes Nobel (from the Nobel family).

Since its inception in 2004, the Artivist Film Festival has screened 223 films from about 50 countries. Among the films presented this year were Darryl Roberts America the Beautiful, about Americans obsession with youth and beauty; Peter Josephs Zeitgeist (see below), which is supposed to address myths about democracy both in the U.S. and elsewhere (I havent watched the video, yet); and Roberto Maders Condor, a depiction of the lasting consequences on a personal level of Latin Americas repressive governments.

Also this year, there was some angry controversy because Artivist (see "Environmental Preservation" above) reportedly accepted financial sponsorship from Brazils government-owned oil giant Petrobrás, which has been accused of drilling in protected and environmentally fragile areas in the Amazon basin.

A "Best of Artivist Fest" will take place in Lisbon on Dec. 1-2. That will be followed by London screenings on Dec. 8-9.

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