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Paul Mazursky: Los Angeles Film Critics Career Achievement Award

Elliott Gould, Natalie Wood, Dyan Cannon, Robert Culp, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
Elliott Gould, Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Dyan Cannon, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Paul Mazursky, among whose efforts as writer-director are Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969), Harry and Tonto (1974), An Unmarried Woman (1978), and Enemies: A Love Story (1989), will receive the Los Angeles Film Critics Association's 2010 Career Achievement Award at the LAFCA awards dinner on Jan. 15, 2011, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City.

Throughout his three or so decades as a writer-director, Mazursky earned five Oscar nominations: four for writing/co-writing the screenplays of the aforementioned four titles; one as a producer of Best Picture nominee An Unmarried Woman.

He also helped six performers earn Academy nods: Elliott Gould, Dyan Cannon (both for Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice), Art Carney (who won the Best Actor Oscar for Harry and Tonto), Jill Clayburgh (An Unmarried Woman), and Anjelica Huston and Lena Olin (both for Enemies: A Love Story).

Following a number of acting gigs, including supporting roles in Stanley Kubrick's first feature, Fear and Desire (1953), and Richard Brooks' The Blackboard Jungle (1955), the Brooklyn-born Mazursky, 80, made his feature-film screenwriting debut with I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! (1968), a comedy-drama about the late '60s culture clash directed by Hy Averback.

Paul MazurskyMazursky's directorial debut took place in 1969 with Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, another comedy-drama he wrote, this one about swinging couples.

Among the other movies Mazursky wrote and directed are Alex in Wonderland (1970), Blume in Love (1973), Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976), Moscow on the Hudson (1984), and Enemies: A Love Story (1989).

“It's impossible to imagine American independent cinema in its current form without Paul Mazursky, in all his multi-hyphenate glory,” LAFCA president Brent Simon said in a statement.

In addition to the aforementioned Oscar-nominated actors, Mazursky also directed Natalie Wood, Robin Williams, Robert Culp, Bette Midler, Woody Allen, Margot Kidder, Alan Bates, Richard Dreyfuss, Raul Julia, Molly Ringwald, Vittorio Gassman, Nick Nolte, Harry Hamlin, Ellen Burstyn, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Susan Sarandon, Donald Sutherland, Shelley Winters, John Cassavetes, and Gena Rowlands.

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  1. Diego Vallone

    Congratulations Paul, a gentleman on the court and out, amazing sense of humor, a great man with his feet on the ground, we spent many weekends playing tennis doubles at TennisPort New York with my dear friend Sam Cohn.
    Cheers to the wonderful moments we shared.
    Love, Diego Vallone.