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Robert Pattinson COSMOPOLIS Movie Box Office: Highest Per-Theater Average

Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis movie David CronenbergRobert Pattinson Cosmopolis movie off to solid start

Directed by David Cronenberg and starring Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis opened to solid box office numbers in the United States. Whether because of the recent Kristen Stewart / Rupert Sanders “cheating scandal" – Pattinson, as Stewart's reported boyfriend, became enmeshed in the media sewer – or because of several key positive reviews, or a combination of both, Cosmopolis took in a respectable $72,300 at three locations this weekend, Aug. 17-19, according to studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo.

As a result, Cosmopolis' per-theater average was the highest on Box Office Mojo's (incomplete) weekend chart: $24,100. That's quite remarkable for a film that panders neither to its audience nor to its critics. The distributor is eOne Films, a subsidiary of the Canadian-based conglomerate Entertainment One.

Now, to compare Cosmopolis' per-theater average to those of fare such as The King's Speech ($355,450 at four theaters), Moonrise Kingdom ($130,749 at four theaters), or The Kids Are All Right ($70,282 at seven theaters) would be ludicrous. Unlike David Cronenberg's effort, those movies – distributed by well-established US-based companies (Focus Features, The Weinstein Company) – are highly accessible crowd pleasers. Cosmopolis, on the other hand, is anything but. Even Cronenberg's own A Dangerous Method ($41,988 at four locations last year) was a much more accessible film.

Cosmopolis movie: 'Uncommercial' narrative

In Cosmopolis, Robert Pattinson plays a young New York City billionaire riding around town in a gigantic white limousine while on his way to getting what turns out to be a fateful haircut. The film, I should add, is set mostly inside the limo, where just about everything happens, from social protests to a revealing prostate exam.

Screened at the Cannes Film Festival last spring, Cosmopolis was greeted by mostly positive reviews while Robert Pattinson, best known as the Twilight movies' vampire Edward Cullen, earned his best personal notices to date. Admittedly, some critics did complain that both Cosmopolis and Eric Packer came across as too cold and distant to elicit any sort of audience empathy.

As an audience-"unfriendly” effort, Cosmopolis needed all the box office buzz it could get. After spending several weeks “in hiding” from the media in the aftermath of the Kristen Stewart / Rupert Sanders scandal, Pattinson returned to the spotlight in full force earlier this week, showing up at the Museum of Modern Art Cosmopolis premiere, and guesting on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show and Good Morning America.

As part of the Cosmopolis promotional blitz, the film's star and director even rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange last Tuesday. It remains to be seen whether the David Cronenberg / Robert Pattinson collaboration will also generate awards-season buzz in the coming weeks. Despite a mediocre 55 percent approval rating and 6/10 average among Rotten Tomatoes' top critics, that's not an impossibility.

Cosmopolis' North American cume currently stands at $268,900. Last June, the film opened in Canada, where it bombed. Among the countries listed on the Box Office Mojo Cosmopolis movie chart, the Pattinson / Cronenberg movie was best received in France, where it grossed a respectable $2.27 million (around the time of the Cannes festival), followed by Italy, with a passable $1 million, and the United Kingdom with a disappointing $524,000.

Cosmopolis movie cast

Besides Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis also features Oscar winner Juliette Binoche (The English Patient), Oscar nominees Samantha Morton (Sweet and Lowdown, In America) and Paul Giamatti (Cinderella Man), and Cannes Film Festival Best Director winner Mathieu Amalric (On Tour). In addition to Sarah Gadon, Jay Baruchel, Kevin Durand, Emily Hampshire, and K'Naan. David Cronenberg wrote the screenplay (reportedly in six days), based on Don DeLillo's novel.

Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis movie pics: Alfama Films

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9 Comments to Robert Pattinson COSMOPOLIS Movie Box Office: Highest Per-Theater Average

  1. Nin

    Small-budget movies such as Cosmpolis usually don't get all high-visibility promo that his has received such as Today Show, GMA, ringing of the bell, museum premiere, etc. Interesting.

  2. editor

    The article refers to Rotten Tomatoes' top critics. Approval rating: 55%.

  3. Jaybird

    You might want to correct an inaccuracy in this article. The critics reviews at Rotten Tomatoes website have have had this movie at over 60% for quite some time now. It has been as high as 66% but is currently holding at 64%.

  4. Twpoppy

    Rob is being an ass to Kristin and was riding high on the scandal publicity.. Yes Kristin had wronged him but she had been punished enough!! He should at least let her know if he had moved on with or without her instead of leave her hanging as now…. He is being a coward for not facing the her nor making his decision on their relatinship…. Parental n friends pressures on Rob for to break it off with Kristin is just disgusting…. He is obviously to his own man yet… Kristin , cast off the scalet letter… It's time for forgiveness and move on… Rob is not worth throwing your career nor your life away for ….. Hold your head up high as you had been honest, punished for your error and most important you took responsibility for it!!!! Kristin.. All these t- shirt n stuff n pain… Will come to past….. Right now clear his popularity is from the scandal….

  5. Deanna

    I haven't seen the film yet because it didn't come out in my state so I will probably have to wait for it to come out on DVD, but from the previews i've seen I think Rob has done a great job playing this character. The book was very strange & eccentric and kind of scrambles the mind a little so I can only imaging how hard it was for Rob to portray this part. It is something completely different than he has ever done. I must say though that I believe Kristen has had a huge, huge part in making Rob into the star he is becoming & I am praying that Rob will make a go of working things out with Kristen because they are so good together and bring out the best talent & personality in each other.
    I'm hoping for a great acting future for Rob either way.

  6. Beth

    Cosmopolis may be less accessible than A Dangerous Method (although that is arguable given that Method was a period piece which can be hit and miss with audiences and it challenged as well because it wasn't a typical Cronenberg movie), it got a huge promotional push that few Cronenberg movies receive. So it is fair to compare as the promotional push balances accessibility.

  7. emlyn

    im also watching Cosmopolis today second time

  8. Mary

    Cosmopolis is a strange, fascinating movie. And Robert Pattinson is excellent as the young billionaire. I've seen it twice already.

  9. gopattz

    Glad to hear that Cosmopolis is doing well. I wish the film and Robert Pattinson a lot of success at the box office.