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BEL AMI Trailer: Robert Pattinson/Georges Duroy Has Looks, Guts, Sex

Robert Pattinson, Bel Ami movie
Robert Pattinson, Bel Ami

The handsome Bel Ami trailer has been released. (See below.) Instead of Breaking Dawn's near-teen Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, the Twilight movies' vampire Edward Cullen, “makes love to” (i.e., has sex with) a more mature Kristin Scott Thomas and a whole array of other females. Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod directed this latest movie adaptation of Guy de Maupassant's classic novel about an impoverished but ambitious ex-soldier who uses his drive, his wit, and his penis to get ahead in life.

Some will call Bel Ami's antihero Georges Duroy a man-whore, but that's pure envy. Men must sell their wares in every profession. Only the self-deluded will believe otherwise. But while at work, how many of those professionals get to bed, kiss, and (fore)play with the likes of Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, and Uma Thurman? And how many of them look like Robert Pattinson to begin with?

Now, comparisons to Stephen Frears' critical and box office flop Chéri, about the affair between a courtesan (Michelle Pfeiffer) and a younger man (Rupert Friend) are off the mark. Although it's true that both Bel Ami and Chéri are period pieces based on classic French novels (Chéri was written by Colette), Friend's Chéri character is quite different from Pattinson's Georges Duroy. And so are the plotlines.

Adapted by Rachel Bennette, the R-rated Bel Ami also features Colm Meaney, Natalie Tena, and Holliday Grainger, Pip Torrens, James Lance, and Todd Peterson. Bel Ami is scheduled to open on March 2 in the United Kingdom and Lithuania. June 27 in France. No scheduled dates as yet for the United States, Estonia, or Latvia. [Addendum: According to Larry Richman, Columbia Pictures will possibly release Bel Ami in the US sometime in March 2012. Richman also mentions a “rumor” that Bel Ami will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February.]

As for the trailer, the best line comes courtesy of Pattinson's Georges Duroy: “There's no next life. And I'm going to live.” Once again, that's why so many are envious of characters such as Duroy. They would like to live his life, but lack the guts and/or the apparatus to do so.

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8 Comments to BEL AMI Trailer: Robert Pattinson/Georges Duroy Has Looks, Guts, Sex

  1. gabi

    dear Page….I have nothing to add, but I need to thank you

  2. Michele

    Excellent comments, Page. Thank you. I really liked your statement:

    Paradoxically, it is the very doubts, fears and 'humanity' that all creatives feel, that is the fuel and portal through which they can connect with a role . . .

    I am a writer, you see, and fear, doubt and I are old friends. Anyway, I cannot wait for Bel Ami and Cosmopolis for a few reasons. One, I am not such a huge Twilight fan (I know, sorry, but I must be honest.) though I did love watching Rob and went to the films to support him.

    I think his talent goes far beyond Twilight and we see more depth with Remember Me, which I loved, or Water For Elephants, which I liked very much.

    Now, let's bring on George Duroy! Waiting for a Toronto release date.

    Happy Holidays,

  3. tinkrbe1l3

    @Page Mackinley: fantastic comment. all of it.

    also to the author of the post. the man-whore and Cheri comparisons have come out so your thoughtful (and less bitter) remarks nailed it for me as well.

  4. Kay

    Page Mackinley, standing o. Brilliant. Thank you for voicing what so many of us more mature fans (I'm 36) of both Rob and Kristen have been voicing since the beginning. I am excited to see where their inner compasses take them.

  5. nikki

    Belgium will be the first country to show the movie in avantpremiere on January 3 during the Ladies@the Movies night, an event organised monthly by Kinepolis a multicinemaplex groupe.
    Looking at this trailer it won't disappoint at all.
    I hope and am quite sure that the film makers didn't change the ending. It happened in the past but the ending is just what makes it real and still so actual: people doing everything to attain their goal and getting away with it.

  6. Page Mackinley

    Present company excepted, it's interesting watching some critics bend themselves around the reality that they don't define or get to tell the market what they should enjoy or support. Stephanie Meyers books hooked a nation — but Pattinson and Stewart did the rest.

    It really has been extraordinary watching Pattinson in particular navigate his way through a notoriously difficult industry and the complications that must have attended. One can only imagine the countless times, Pattinson may have wished he could clarify, change or do-over certain aspects of his experience, but through it all he has remained authentic. And it is that quality that is the real touchstone of why people have reacted to him as they have.

    Media, being the soundbite merchant that it is loves to rhapsody about teen “rabid fans” or “menopausal moms” as being the (undiscerning) extent of audience-goers interested in Pattinson. Certainly these are present — and their money's as good as anyone's — but they are not the whole picture.

    I am a mid-30's screenplay writer from the UK who loves movies and complex characters, but I have seen little in recent years in terms of actually interesting, fresh 'screen presence' that has impressed me as much as Pattinson has. Do his looks have something to do with that? Of course. But wasn't it the same with Newman, Taylor (Elizabeth), Redford and Bogarde — amongst others?

    Reverse prejudice based on Pattinson's physical appeal are both limited and churlishly motivated, especially considering Pattinson did not enter the fray thinking a great deal of himself, and further, whose previous roles did not play up that component. Looks may get you a knock on the door, but only talent and depth holds interest. Megan Fox, case in point.

    Movie-making isn't just big business, it's epic monster-making business. Funded by financiers who make the Koch brothers look like Greenpeace activists, Pattinson (and Stewart's) teams made canny business decisions to position their 'talents' in a film which — if it worked — would advance their charges considerably in the player stakes.

    That no-one could have anticipated the ensuing success would become as exponential as it has, is now the topic of countless talking-heads and avid note-taking by other agents. It's probably a tad sweeping to say it comes down to one or even two factors, but really it's self-evident.

    As we close out 2011, Patterson and Stewart — deservedly — emerge as the names to watch and invest in. Undeniably, the presence and depth both brought to their roles elevated an over-mined genre. Add an outstanding supporting cast, innovative soundtracks and scores, plus what can only be described as hardcore promotion on multiple levels, a great solid base to start with (due to Meyer's previous book success) to the mix — and one arrives at the TS phenomenon.

    Unassailable fact: A relatively inexperienced young man with no discernible media training, or seemingly any desire to be the next typical 'star-from-a pod,' stormed America with a charm inoffensive not seen in a very long time.

    It was Pattinson's astonishing funniness, openness, undeniable sweetness and originality on the horrifically gruelling press junkets he undertook — not to mention his iconic turn in Twilight et al –that enabled him to capitalize on the expert way his team have handled his rise.

    One hopes Pattinson never loses the qualities that first made people sit up and take notice. Paradoxically, it is the very doubts, fears and 'humanity' that all creatives feel, that is the fuel and portal through which they can connect with a role, audience — and indeed themselves. If, as Brosnan advises, Pattinson “keeps his wits about him,” he will follow his own compass, choosing and writing roles with dimension and nuance.

    One hears so many women in the industry talk about how limited roles are for female actors, but the same could equally be said for their male counterparts and the fare they are offered. The very different male actor 'template' Pattinson embodies has the potential to pack more than 45's and glib one-liners — simply by bringing the totality of who he is to the moment.

    If critics could put the tall poppy scythes down long enough to realize the TS saga does not define Pattinson or Stewart — they would see what the insightful can: The faces at the top of the tree have reshuffled and the determined consumer power of a denigrated demographic has spoken.


  7. LTavares2011

    Great comment, very objective. I also think Georges Duroy is anti-hero. I love Maupassant`s book, it`s a great reading.

  8. Bettybmusing