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Robert Pattinson's REMEMBER ME (Finally) Crosses the $19M Mark: Box Office

Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Remember Me
Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Remember Me

After eight weekend, Robert Pattinson's Remember Me has finally crossed the $19 million mark at the North American box office. After losing 86 theaters, the Allen Coulter-directed romantic/psychological drama grossed an estimated $46K, according to figures released by Box Office Mojo. To date, Remember Me has taken in a total of $19.019 million in the U.S. and Canada.

Considering that it lost about half its theaters (it's only playing at 118 venues now), Remember Me's 44 percent drop-off rate wasn't bad.

Worldwide, the $16 million drama has grossed more than $50 million.

Robert Pattinson will next be seen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which opens in the United States on June 30. Pattinson was recently in Vancouver with fellow Eclipse players Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner for several “pickup” shots with director David Slade.

Also in the Remember Me cast: Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and Lena Olin.

Photo: Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

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14 Comments to Robert Pattinson's REMEMBER ME (Finally) Crosses the $19M Mark: Box Office

  1. pc

    First off I was a Rob fan who was introduced to Twilight when he became involved in it. I always laugh when Rob haters automaticaly assume all Rob fans are Twilighters or all Twilighters are Rob fans. Do they conveniently forget how vehemently the Twilight fan base rejected the idea of Rob playing Edward? He wasn't good looking enough to play the mighty Edward.

    However, I read the books and the scripts suck. They have yet to produce a cript in the series that truly captures the essense of the books. I'm still waiting.

    As for being bombarded with all things Robert I think the site administrator did a better job of explaining what I meant than I could.

    I will add that I saw several appearances where Rob & Emilie were suposedly promoting RM, but Most of the questions were about Twilight & Lost. She was asked repeatedly about Lost and how it's going to end. Plus there was the endless drip drip drip of clips by Summit pimping RM as a chick flick. I think they should have involved the more seasoned actors like Chris, Pierce, Lena more in the promotions. I understand it is a difficult film to promote b/c it's not the typical feel good joy ride. However, if they did a more comprehensive promotion and it failed, at least they could say they gave it their best shots.

  2. nikki

    Thanks again Michelle, for your reply on the comment of Dorothy. I wouldn't say it is the studio's fault, Remember me is a difficult movie to market 'cause it doesn't fit in any genre. Not everyone likes this kind of movie and I think the understanding of and the love for the film and his story is more a question of personality than a question of age and gender.
    Should the end've been told in the marketing strategy? Again, this depends on the vision. Will Fetters told in an interview that they've choosen to let the audience unknown of the end as neighter the characters in the movie (nor everyone in real life) weren't aware of what was going to happen. I can agree with this vision and I see nothing exploitative or manipulative in it. It makes this film unique.
    I understand not everyone shares this vision, I understand not everyone loves this film. What I don't understand is the connection many reviewers and others (Dorothy?) make with Twilight. What have Twilight and Remember me in common exept their leading man? Is it a commonplace refering to another movie when reviewing a new one? So when a critic reviews Alice in Wonderland, is it than normal that he talks more about Pirates of the Caribbean? Because that's what happened whith Remember me. What I don't understand either is the cruelty reviewers used to bash the film, without even explain what was so wrong exept the ending. Being a critic doesn't give you the right to behave as an impudent chap (okay, looked for this in dictionary) as no one has the right to do, it makes life difficult to live in. When you don't like something than try to explain in a respectful way why. When you don't like someone (an actor as Rober Pattinso f.e.) than let him be,don't read about him, don't comment about him, don't waste energy on criticizing. Believe me, Robert Pattinson has more politeness and integrity in his little finger than many of his critics have in their whole body.
    And for all these reasons Remember me has got a worldwide fan base who'll defend the film and who's looking for a way to give recognition at this little underrated masterpiece. Tips are welcome.
    English isn't my native language, sorry for mistakes.

  3. jen

    After reading mh comments I must add to mine. I didn't see anything Pattinson before going to this movie. In fact I didn't know who he was. Iam not a twilight fan.My friends and associates that went to this movie aren't either. I don't follow any “STAR”.I just loved this movie. After seeing Pattinson in Remember Me I feel time will tell. Academy Award???? Yes! with this kind of talent..just a matter of time.

  4. carolyn

    Remember me was a beautiful film. I was wondering where the director was in this one though? I thought Pierce, Rob & Emilie's performances were excellent - but thought the director didn't get everything out of Rob they could have… his sense of humor is missing in New Moon, but shows in Twilight-it's a vital quality of Rob's and must be shown - if directors are afraid to direct him already, to push him to get the most from him, - not good for his career. Rob's a smart guy, he'll succeed despite lack of direction, and hopefully, won't get sucked into the ego/power trip of other actors and let them get these great performances from him - he's only just begun.

  5. mh

    >>>>>>>>>>Yes of course it's the studio's fault that the movie flopped

    A $16m movie that has grossed more than $50m worldwide shouldn't be considered a flop. Granted, in the US “Remember Me” was a box-office disappointment, but $19m doesn't make a small movie — that's what “Remember Me” is — a “flop.”

    >>>>>>>>>>even though we the public were bombarded with everything Pattinson for months and months on end.

    “Everyting Pattinson” doesn't mean everything “adequate” or everything “smart” Pattinson. In other words, everything that would make people want to go check out “Remember Me.”

    There's a huge difference between a publicity blitz (mostly related to “Twilight,” in Pattinson's case) and a dedicated publicity approach that carefully nurtures a “dificult” little movie such as “Remember Me.”

    >>>>>>>Don't worry I'm sure lover boy will make a movie with another studio that will flop and you can blame that studio too and the critics who just don't understand his genius.

    Do you wish Robert Pattinson's movies will flop? I can't understand why. Whether or not you appreciate his acting abilities (or lack thereof, as the case may be); why would you want him to flop? What is it about Pattinson or the diverse characters he has chosen to play that would merit one flop after another?

    >>>>>>>>>>I'm sure his Oscar nomination for this film will also get lost in the mail, or so you will tell yourself.

    If Robert Pattinson doesn't get nominated for an Oscar for “Remember Me” — and he surely won't — he'll be in VERY good company.

  6. Dorothy

    Yes of course it's the studio's fault that the movie flopped even though we the public were bombarded with everything Pattinson for months and months on end. Twilight fans are so overly dramatic. Don't worry I'm sure lover boy will make a movie with another studio that will flop and you can blame that studio too and the critics who just don't understand his genius. I'm sure his Oscar nomination for this film will also get lost in the mail, or so you will tell yourself.

  7. Jamie

    Btw, the 50 mil stat came last week… hopefully RM would have been able to reach 54-55 mil this week…

  8. pc

    “I hope Robert Pattinson does not make any more movies with Summit ever again.”

    I second that.

    Two crappy Twilight scripts wasn't enough. Nope they had to ruin Remember Me too. To say that marketing of RM was awful is an understatement.

  9. jen

    Great Movie!!! The total box office is 50 million. Although this movie should have made alot more.It has taught me never to pay attention to critics. I don't know what their problem was but they had decided before this movie was released to give it bad reviews. Everyone I know that saw Remember Me loved it. The cast,the story all was incredible.

  10. Anna

    I'm thrilled that the box office shows that this movie was worth more than the critics expected it to be. I was disappointed that this tasteful, haunting and beautiful movie was not given the proper marketing it deserved. Thank goodness the international market has taken this movie and run with it giving it all the positive feedback it deserves. Kudos! to the writer of this movie, the directors and actors they were all great.

  11. admin


    The post has been amended. Thank you for calling that matter to our attention.

    Michelle posted the following on April 25:


  12. amy

    Shouldnt' the title say it crossed the 50m mark? The article's a little unclear, because 50m is the total, and 19m is the US take only.

  13. sara

    I am glad this movie made back its money, it was made so well. I think if the marketing plan actually HAD the actors talk about the movie and story, it would have gotten more people into see it. I hope Robert Pattinson does not make any more movies with Summit ever again. It is just really disappointing that because it was not marketed correctly, really bad movies like the “back up plan” will make more money domestically.

  14. renate

    How many Critics told everybody it will FLOP…They really need to get a new Job because most of them SUCKKKK. RM was a tasteful insight about an event that should remember those who woke up to a day like it was sussposed to be like ever other day and ended in this Tragedy. My Prayers go out to the family again