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Robert Pattinson's REMEMBER ME Box Office Update: Close to $55 Million Worldwide

Robert Pattinson smiling Remember Me
Robert Pattinson, Chris McKinney, Chris Cooper, Remember Me
Robert Pattinson as Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me (top); Pattinson, Chris McKinney, Chris Cooper (bottom)

Robert Pattinson's Remember Me has likely crossed – or at least is quite near – the $55 million mark worldwide. In the United States and Canada, Allen Coulter's romantic melodrama starring Pattinson, Lost's Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan, has grossed $19.025 million to date. Overseas, box office figures found at Box Office Mojo add up to $33.139 million. Total: 52,164 million.

However, as I've mentioned in a previous post about Remember Me's international box-office performance, Box Office Mojo's figures for foreign countries are incomplete.

Less than half the countries listed have fully updated box office totals (Sunday, May 2), while key markets such as Brazil, Australia, Russia, and “near-major” markets such as the Netherlands and Poland haven't had their figures updated in weeks. Also, Swiss figures are unavailable.

Additionally, British and French box office numbers for Remember Me are a week old.

Remember Me has done particularly well in the UK – the London-born Pattinson was present at the movie's premiere in his native city – grossing $5.494 million (includes Ireland).

Although that doesn't mean Remember Me was a runaway hit in that country, it does mean that it did quite well for a “non-commercial” intimate drama. Obviously, Pattinson was the chief reason for the film's box office pull.

Other key Remember Me markets are: France with $3.534 million, Russia/CIS with $3.396 million, Germany with $3.311 million, Spain with $2.566 million, Italy with $2.358 million, Brazil $1.893 million, Belgium/Luxemburg with $1.288 million, and Australia with $1.216 million.

Remember Me has yet to open in three major markets: China, Japan, and South Korea. It opens in Hungary, where Pattinson filmed parts of Bel Ami, today.

Next, Robert Pattinson will be seen as the vampire Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, directed by David Slade, and co-starring Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Photos: Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

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6 Comments to Robert Pattinson's REMEMBER ME Box Office Update: Close to $55 Million Worldwide

  1. Kim

    It's now leaving the theaters for good in my country (France) but it did quite well in a month and I even have the feelings that some critics who had predicted it would be a failure were a bit in a huff over the good figures. Ha. How stupid can you get? Critics bashed the film here as almost everywhere else, but the huge majority of viewers loved the film. There's been a kind of grassroots movement, people commenting everywhere to protest against the nasty critics…

  2. Jamie

    Wow, congrats Rob!!! luv ya!

  3. Jayzee

    I also cant wait for the DVD to come out! Wow before you know it REMEMBER ME will make more than $60m once its opens to countries like Japan; China and Korea.
    Good job on Will; Rob; Allen and the cast!!!

  4. Belle

    Keeping proving your critics wrong, Rob. As Chris Weitz said “we haven't seen a tenth of what you can do on screen” I'm looking forwad to follwoing your career for many years to come. Remember Me is a great movie and will certainly be added to my DVD collection.

  5. bettyel

    Remember Me deserves to be seen by a lot of people. It was a wonderful picture and Robert Pattinson (as well as the rest of the cast) was wonderful in it.

  6. grace

    RM is a success..the movie is amazing