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San Sebastian Film Festival 2006

San Sebastian International Film Festival 2006 AwardsAmong the nineteen films in the main section of the San Sebastian International Film Festival are John Boorman's The Tiger's Tail, about twins whose radically different paths become intertwined later in life; Lars von Trier's big-business charade Direktøren for det Hele / The Boss of It All; and Forever, director Heddy Honigmann's look at the importance – for the living – of Paris' Père-Lachaise cemetery, where lie the remains of Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Marcel Proust, and Chopin, among others.

The festival's Golden Shell winner will be announced on Sept. 30. Jeanne Moreau is the head of this year's jury.

Max von Sydow starred in Shame, The Seventh Seal, Flash Gordon, Pelle the ConquerorAlso at San Sebastian, Max von Sydow and Matt Dillon will receive the Donostia Award for the bulk of their careers. Previous winners – most of whom were Hollywood stars – include Glenn Ford, Bette Davis, Claudette Colbert, Isabelle Huppert, Lauren Bacall, Susan Sarandon, Francisco Rabal, and Catherine Deneuve. (Unlike the Lifetime Achievement Oscars, the career Donostia has gone to numerous female performers.)

Main Competition Films:

El Camino de San Diego (2006) directed by Carlos Sorin, starring Ignacio Benítez, Carlos Wagner La Bella, Paola Rotela

El camino de San Diego / The Road to San Diego
Carlos Sorin • Argentina •

Copying Beethoven (2006) directed by Agnieszka Holland, starring Ed Harris, Diane Kruger, Nicholas Jones

Copying Beethoven
Agnieszka Holland • USA - UK - Hungary •

Delirious (2006) directed by Tom DiCillo, starring Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Alison Lohman, Gina Gershon

Tom DiCillo • USA •

Direktoren for det Hele / The Boss of It All (2006) directed by Lars von Trier, starring Jens Albinus, Peter Gantzler, Louise Mieritz

Direktøren for det Hele / The Boss of It All
Lars von Trier • Denmark - Sweden - France •

Forever (2006) directed by Heddy Honigmann

Heddy Honigmann • Holland •

Ghosts (2006) directed by Nick Broomfield, starring Ai Qin Lin, Zhan Yu, Zhe Wei

Nick Broomfield • UK •

Hana yori mo naho / Hana (2006) directed by Kore-eda Hirokazu, starring Okada Junichi, Miyazawa Rie, Asano Tadanobu, Furuta Arata, Kagawa Teruyuki

Hana yori mo naho / Hana
Kore-eda Hirokazu • Japan •

Karaula / Border Post (2006) directed by Rajko Grlic, starring Toni Gojanovic, Sergej Trifunovic, Emir Hadvihafizbegovic, Verica Nedeska

Karaula / Border Post
Rajko Grlic • Croatia - Bosnia Herzegovina - Macedonia - Slovenia - Serbia - UK - Hungary - Austria - France •

Lo que sé de Lola / Ce que je sais de Lola / What I Know About Lola (2006) directed by Javier Rebollo, starring Michaël Abiteboul, Lola Duenas, Carmen Machi

Lo que sé de Lola / Ce que je sais de Lola / What I Know About Lola
Javier Rebollo • Spain - France •

Lonely Hearts (2006) directed by Todd Robinson, starring John Travolta, James Gandolfini, Jared Leto, Salma Hayek, Scott Caan

Lonely Hearts
Todd Robinson • USA •

Mas alla del espejo / Beyond the Mirror (2006) directed by Joaquin Jorda

Más allá del espejo / Beyond the Mirror
Joaquín Jordá • Spain •

Mon fils a moi / My Son (2006) directed by Martial Fougeron, starring Nathalie Baye, Victor Sevaux, Olivier Gourmet, Marie Kremer, Emmanuelle Riva

Mon fils à moi / My Son
Martial Fougeron • France •

Niwemang / Half Moon (2006) directed by Bahman Ghobadi, starring Ismail Ghaffari, Allah Morad Rashtiani, Hedye Tehrani, Golshifteh Farahani, Hassan Poorshirazi

Niwemang / Half Moon
Bahman Ghobadi • Iran - Iraq - Austria - France •

Orae doin jung won / The Old Garden (2006) directed by Im Sang-soo, starring Ji Jin-hee, Yeom Jeong-a

Orae doin jung won / The Old Garden
Im Sang-soo • South Korea •

Si le vent souleve les sables / Sounds of Sand (2006) directed by Marion Hansel, starring Issaka Sawadogo, Carole Karemera, Asma Nouman Aden, Saïd Abdallah Mohamed, Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed

Si le vent soulève les sables / Sounds of Sand
Marion Hänsel • Belgium - France •

Sleeping Dogs Lie (2006) directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, starring Melinda Page Hamilton, Bryce Johnson, Geoff Pierson, Colby French, Jack Plotnick

Sleeping Dogs Lie
Bobcat Goldthwait • USA •

The Tiger's Tail (2006) directed by John Boorman, starring Brendan Gleeson, Kim Cattrall, Sinead Cusack, Ciarin Hinds, Briain Gleeson

The Tiger's Tail
John Boorman • UK - Ireland •

Vete de mi (2006) directed by Victor Garcia Leon, starring Juan Diego, Juan Diego Botto, Cristina Plazas, Rosa María Sardá, Esperanza Roy

Vete de mí
Víctor García León • Spain •

Las Vidas de Celia / Celia's Lives (2006) directed by Antonio Chavarrias, starring Najwa Nimri, Luis Tosar, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Aida Folch

Las vidas de Celia / Celia's Lives
Antonio Chavarrías • Spain - Mexico •

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