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Another Sarah Palin Movie Bombs: Palin = Box Office Poison

Sarah Palin You Betcha, Nick Broomfield
Sarah Palin cutout, filmmaker Nick Broomfield, Sarah Palin - You Betcha!

Sarah Palin - You Betcha! is the second Sarah Palin movie to bomb this year. Directed by sometime collaborators Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill, Palin's You Betcha! movie collected an estimated $7,400 at 6 locations in North America this weekend, averaging a disastrous $1,233 per theater.

Back in July, Stephen K. Bannon's strong 2012 Razzie contender The Undefeated earned $65,132 at 10 theaters, averaging $6,513 per site. Even though that wasn't too bad for starters – thanks to some strong Tea Party marketing – Palin's The Undefeated movie went on to cume at a dismal $116,381 domestically. Needless to say, outside the United States no one gives a damn about the widely derided hagiography.

In sum, Sarah Palin is what back in the days of the studio system, exhibitors would have called Box-Office Poison. After all, moviegoers don't seem to care whether the Sarah Palin movie in question is unabashedly fawning (The Undefeated) or an unflattering portrait of the far-right Republican (You Betcha!) – one that shows her at one point literally being exorcised of witches. Certainly not helping matters were the Palin films' poor reviews. You Betcha! has a 17 percent approval rating among Rotten Tomatoes' top critics, which makes it look like a masterpiece compared to The Undefeated's 0%.

Now, the populist Palin's popularity among book readers seems to be something else altogether. Joe McGinniss' sensational bio The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, which portrays the Alaskan Christian Mom as an adulterous cocaine snorter with a sexual fetish for black men, is selling briskly. The Rogue is no. 9 among political bios at Amazon.

Sarah Palin - You Betcha! was distributed by Freestyle Releasing, whose library includes Edward Norton's The Illusionsit, Zac Efron's Me and Orson Welles, Hal Holbrook's That Evening Sun, and Chace Crawford's The Haunting of Molly Hartley.

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