Sarah Palin Movie Plummets (Again), Dominic Cooper's THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE Opens Okay: Box Office

Dominic Cooper, The Devil's Double, Uday Hussein
Dominic Cooper as either Uday Hussein or Latif Yahia in Lee Tamahori's The Devil's Double

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The Sarah Palin movie The Undefeated plummeted once again at the North American box office this weekend (July 29-31), according to studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo. After losing 10 of its 14 theaters, The Undefeated collected a meager $5,200 over the weekend – down a horrific 79 percent – and a dismal $1,300 per venue. Last weekend, The Undefeated was down 62 percent despite a 40 percent rise in the number of theaters showing the film.

Sarah Palin fans shouldn't despair. Next February, both the former U.S. vice presidential candidate and The Undefeated movie should be up for Razzie Awards – handed out to the very worst cinematic mis-accomplishments of the year.

Starring Mamma Mia! and Captain America: The First Avenger's Dominic Cooper and Swimming Pool's Ludivine Sagnier, Lee Tamahori's The Devil's Double opened with $95,000 at 5 locations, averaging an acceptable $19,000 per site. The Devil's Double is a fictionalized account of Latif Yahia, a man forced to impersonate Saddam Hussein's son Uday Hussein. An Arabic-accented Dominic Cooper plays both Uday H. and Yahia.

Directed by Joe Cornish and co-executive-produced by Edgar Wright, the comedic alien invasion movie Attack the Block opened with $130,000 at eight locations, averaging $16,850 per site. Much like the opening figures for The Devil's Double, those are acceptable – though not more than acceptable – opening numbers for a movie in very limited release. Remember: all things being equal, the fewer the number of theaters, the higher the per-theater average. In the Attack the Block cast: Nick Frost, Luke Treadaway, and Jodie Whittaker.

Last weekend, Elle s'appelait Sarah / Sarah's Key opened at five sites, averaging $23,142 per theater. This weekend, The Weinstein Company expanded its release to 33 sites. The buzz must have been good, as Sarah's Key was up 218 percent, collecting a solid $369,000 and averaging $11,182 per site. In other words, there's still room for further expansions.

Sarah's Key's North American total currently stands at $539,000; overseas, it has already pulled in nearly $13.5 million. The Gilles Paquet-Brenner-directed Jewish Holocaust-themed drama stars Kristin Scott Thomas and Mélusine Mayance as Sarah. The original French title literally translates as “She Was Called Sarah” or “Her Name Was Sarah.”

Photo: The Devil's Double (Herrick Entertainment / Sofie Van Mieghem).

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