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SAG Life Achievement Award Winners

James Earl Jones
James Earl Jones, 2008 SAG Life Achievement Award recipient

1962 Eddie Cantor

1963 Stan Laurel

1965 Bob Hope

1966 Barbara Stanwyck

1967 William Gargan

1968 James Stewart

1969 Edward G. Robinson

1970 Gregory Peck

1971 Charlton Heston

1972 Frank Sinatra

1973 Martha Raye

1974 Walter Pidgeon

1975 Rosalind Russell

1976 Pearl Bailey

1977 James Cagney

1978 Edgar Bergen

1979 Katharine Hepburn

1980 Leon Ames

1982 Danny Kaye

1983 Ralph Bellamy

1984 Iggie Wolfington

1985 Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

1986 Nanette Fabray

1987 Red Skelton

1988 Gene Kelly

1989 Jack Lemmon

1990 Brock Peters

1991 Burt Lancaster

1992 Audrey Hepburn

1993 Ricardo Montalban

1994 George Burns

1995 Robert Redford

1996 Angela Lansbury

1997 Elizabeth Taylor

1998 Kirk Douglas

1999 Sidney Poitier

2000 Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee

2001 Edward Asner

2002 Clint Eastwood

2003 Karl Malden

2004 James Garner

2005 Shirley Temple

2006 Julie Andrews

2007 Charles Durning

2008 James Earl Jones

2009 Betty White

2010 Ernest Borgnine

2011 Mary Tyler Moore

James Earl Jones photo: Mark Hill/TNT

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5 Comments to SAG Life Achievement Award Winners

  1. Clive Rosengren

    I just finished watching a little indie film called “That Evening Sun.” Isn't it about time SAG honored Hal Holbrook with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Long overdue, in my opinion

  2. cclair

    There are a lot of people who deserved to win that award but who have died without ever getting it.

    I can think of so many.
    Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas to name a few.

  3. Elizabeth Z.

    An impressive list, but did charlton Heston really deserve to win that sort of award back in 1971?? Couldn't they have found people who had been around much longer?

  4. Andre

    Sorry, I don't know if that has ever happened.

  5. helen dozar

    who was removed from list due to racial stereotyping?