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'Sex and the City 2' Once Again Highest Box Office Average

Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City 2
Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City 2

Shrek Forever After's maintained its position at the top of the U.S. and Canada box office on Thursday, June 3. The 3D animated fantasy grossed $3.61 million (+4.8 percent from Wednesday), according to Box Office Mojo.

Michael Patrick King's Sex and the City 2, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis, was once again the no. 2 movie, with $3.06 million.

At no. 3, Mike Newell's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, and Ben Kingsley, earned $2.29 million.

Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man 2 took in $1.25 million at no. 4, followed by Russell Crowe's Robin Hood with $943,000.

Starring Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Egan, and Vanessa Redgrave, Letters to Juliet was no. 6 with $723,000. Next in line was Will Forte's MacGruber with $203,000.

Rounding out the top eleven were Tina Fey's Date Night with $186,000, Queen Latifah's Just Wright with $178,000, Gerard Butler's How to Train Your Dragon with $98,000, and Jackie Earle Haley's A Nightmare on Elm Street with $92,000.

Among the top eleven movies, Sex and the City 2 had the highest per-theater average, $890. MacGruber had the lowest, $80.

Also among the top eleven, MacGruber had the worst drop-off rate from the previous day, down 11.2 percent. How to Train Your Dragon posted the highest gains, up 12.7 percent.

Photo: Sex and the City 2 (Craig Blankenhorn / New Line / Warner Bros.)

Follow-up Post

Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Get Him to the Greek
Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Get Him to the Greek

Shrek Forever After will likely rule North America's weekend box office once again, according to most predictions. Figures are expected to remain tepid, as business should heat up only with the arrival of Jackie Chan's The Karate Kid, Lee Unkrich's Toy Story 3, and Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Shrek Forever After is expected to gross between $25-$30 million on its third weekend, while the four new releases – Get Him to the Greek, Marmaduke, Killers, and Splice – will likely fail to offer it any major competition. As for last weekend's holdovers, Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex and the City 2 and Jake Gyllenhaal's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, they'll be lucky if they're still found among the top ten a few weeks from now.

The Jonah Hill-Russell Brand comedy Get Him to the Greek is expected to take in somewhere between $17-22 million. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Katharine Heigl, the action-romance-comedy Killers should nab between $15-$18 million, thus running neck-and-neck with kiddie flick Marmaduke, which revolves around a talking dog.

Executive produced by Guillermo del Toro, and starring Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody, Vincenzo Natale's Splice should gross around $10 million.

Both Sex and the City 2 and Prince of Persia are expected to collect another $15 million or so; Iron Man 2 around $9-11m; and Robin Hood around $2-5 million.

Here are a few sources: Box Office Mojo, boxoffice.com, blogcritics.org, movieweb.com, EW.com.

Photo: Universal Pictures

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  1. Sia

    I'm excited for Eclipse and I plan on watching it 4 times that week !

  2. Angela

    I feel extremely offended by The Karate Kid's trailer! I don't think it presents the Chinese people fairly. I might be bais because I'm ethnic Chinese (I'm Canadian); but I think I can speak for the majority of the Chinese people that most of us don't know kungfu, nor we see it as a way to solve our problems. I really believe that Jackie Chan made a mistake in agreeing to do this movie, and I sincerely hope that this movie flops in the box office.