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'The Secret Life of Words' Tops Spanish Film Critics Awards

2006 Spanish Film Writers Circle Awards: Jan. 23, '06

("*" denotes the winner in each category)


Best Film
El Cielo gira
Habana Blues
*La Vida secreta de las palabras / The Secret Life of Words

Best Foreign Film
Broken Flowers, USA/France
Match Point, UK
* Million Dollar Baby, USA
The Twilight Samurai, Japan

Best Director
Mercedes Álvarez, El Cielo gira
* Isabel Coixet, The Secret Life of Words
Fernando León de Aranoa, Princesas
Benito Zambrano, Habana Blues

Best Actor
Manuel Alexandre, Elsa y Fred
Eduard Fernández, El Método
* Óscar Jaenada, Camarón
Tim Robbins, The Secret Life of Words

Best Actress (tie)
Adriana Ozores, Heroína
* Candela Peña, Princesas
* Sarah Polley, The Secret Life of Words
China Zorrilla, Elsa y Fred

Best Supporting Actor
Ernesto Alterio, El Método
Javier Cámara, The Secret Life of Words
* Carmelo Gómez, El Método
Fernando Guillén, Otros días vendrán

Best Supporting Actress
Beatriz Carvajal, Ninette
Marta Etura, Para que no me olvides
Pilar López de Ayala, Obaba
* Elvira Mínguez, Tapas

Best Original Screenplay
Frágil – Catalina Gilabert (aka Juanma Bajo Ulloa)
Habana Blues – Benito Zambrano and Ernesto Chao
Princesas – Fernando León de Aranoa
* The Secret Life of Words – Isabel Coixet

Best Adapted Screenplay
Hormigas en la boca – Alejandro Hernández, Mariano Barroso, and Tom Abrams
* El MétodoMateo Gil and Marcelo Piñeyro
Ninette – José Luis Garci and Horacio Valcárcel
Obaba – Montxo Armendáriz

Best Cinematography
El Cielo gira – Alberto Rodriguez
Ninette – Raúl Pérez Cubero
Obaba – Javier Aguirresarobe
* The Secret Life of Words – Jean-Claude Larrieu

Best Editing
* El Cielo gira – Sol López, Guadalupe Pérez, Julia Juaniz, Laurent Dutreche
Habana Blues – Fernando Pardo
El Método – Iván Aledo
The Secret Life of Words – Irene Blecua

Best Score
Fragile – Roque Baños
* Habana Blues – Juan Antonio Leyva, Magda Rosa Galván, José Luis Garrido, Equis Alfonso, Dayan Abad, Descemer Bueno, Kiki Ferrer, and Kelvis Ochoa
Obaba – Xavier Capellas
Princesas – Alfonso Vilallonga and Manu Chao

Best Newcomer
* Mercedes Álvarez, El Cielo gira
Jesús Carroza, 7 vírgenes / 7 Virgins
Bárbara Lennie, Obaba
Muriel, Frágil

Honorary Medal: José Luis López Vázquez

Journalism Medal: Julián Marías

Literary Medal: Ángel Luis Hueso Montón

Documentary Medal: Joaquín Jordá

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