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Sundance Winners: 'Forty Shades of Blue,' 'Why We Fight'

Sundance winners Forty Shades of Blue Darren BurrowsSundance winners: Forty Shades of Blue, Why We Fight

Sundance Film Festival winners included Forty Shades of Blue, a love triangle featuring a country singer (Rip Torn), the Russian immigrant (Dina Korzun) with whom he lives, and the singer's estranged son (Darren Burrows), and Eugene Jarecki's Why We Fight, a look at decades of American warfare through a sociopolitical / economic / ideological prism. (Image: Darren Burrows Forty Shades of Blue.)

Forty Shades of Blue won the Jury Prize for best American narrative film at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Ira Sachs directed and co-wrote the Forty Shades of Blue screenplay with Michael Rohatyn. Why We Fight was the Sundance jury's best American documentary. Curiously, Eugene Jarecki's brother, Andrew Jarecki, won that same award in 2003 for Capturing the Friedmans.

Other Sundance winners: The Hero, Shape of the Moon, Amy Adams

The World Dramatic Grand Jury Prize went to Zezé Gamboa's The Hero / O Herói, the story of an Angolan man who tries to rebuild his life in the aftermath of that country's 30-year civil war.

Dutch filmmaker Leonard Retel Helmrich's Shape of the Moon / Stand van de maan, a portrait of a poor family's daily life in Indonesia, won the World Documentary Jury Prize.

Noah Baumbach won both the Best Director (Narrative) and the Waldo Salt Screenwriting awards for The Squid and the Whale, a semi-autobiographical dramatic comedy about two brothers trying to cope with the divorce of their ultra-intellectual Brooklyn parents (Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney). The Best Documentary Director was Jeff Feuerzeig for The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

Other Sundance winners include the World Cinema Audience Award for Susanne Bier's Brothers / Brødre (Denmark), the World Documentary Audience Award for Peter Raymont's Shake Hands With the Devil: The Journey of Romeo Dallaire, the Audience Award for Best U.S. Dramatic Film for Craig Brewer's Hustle & Flow (which also earned Amelia Vincent the Best Cinematography prize), and the Audience Award for Best U.S. Documentary for Henry-Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro's Murderball.

And finally, Amy Adams and Lou Pucci received Special Jury Prizes for Acting for, respectively, Junebug and Thumbsucker, while Sundance 2005's Special Jury Prizes for Originality of Vision went to Miranda July's Me and You and Everyone We Know and Rian Johnson's Brick.

2005 Sundance Film Festival: Park City, Utah, January 20-30, 2005

Dramatic Grand Jury Prize (U.S.): Forty Shades of Blue directed by Ira Sachs

Documentary Grand Jury Prize(U.S.): Why We Fight directed by Eugene Jarecki

World Dramatic Grand Jury Prize: O Herói / The Hero (Angola / Portugal) directed by Zezé Gamboa

World Documentary Grand Jury Prize: Stand van de maan / Shape of the Moon (The Netherlands) directed by Leonard Retel Helmrich

Director: Noah Baumbach, The Squid and the Whale (U.S.)

Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award: Noah Baumbach, The Squid and the Whale (U.S.)

Documentary Director: Jeff Feuerzeig, The Devil and Daniel Johnston (U.S.)

World Cinema Audience Award: Brødre / Brothers (Denmark) directed by Susanne Bier

World Documentary Audience Award: Shake Hands With the Devil: The Journey of Romeo Dallaire directed by Peter Raymont

Audience Award (U.S. Dramatic Film): Hustle & Flow directed by Craig Brewer

Audience Award (U.S. Documentary): Murderball directed by Henry-Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro

Special Jury Prize (World Dramatic): Live-In Maid (Argentina/Spain) directed by Jorge Gaggero and The Forest for the Trees (Germany) directed by Maren Ade

Excellence in Cinematography Award, Dramatic: Amelia Vincent, Hustle & Flow

Excellence in Cinematography Award, Documentary: Gary Griffin, The Education of Shelby Knox

Special Jury Prizes for Acting: Amy Adams, Junebug and Lou Pucci, Thumbsucker

Special Jury Prizes for Originality of Vision: Me and You and Everyone We Know directed by Miranda July and Brick directed by Rian Johnson

Special Jury Prizes for Editing: Geoffrey Richman and Conor O'Neill, Hustle & Flow

Special Jury Prizes (Documentaries):

After Innocence (U.S.) directed by Jessica Sanders

The Liberace of Baghdad (U.K.) directed by Sean McAllister

Wall (France/Israel) directed by Simone Biton

Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking (U.S.): Family Portrait, directed by Patricia Riggen

International Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking: Wasp (U.K.) directed by Alison Arnold

Special Recognition (Short Films): Bullets in the Hood: A Bed-Stuy Story

Honorable Mentions (Short Films): Eric Escobar's One Weekend a Month; Chris Landreth's Ryan (Canada); Katherine Leggett's Small Town Secrets; Taika Waititi's Tama Tu (New Zealand); and Cary Fukunaga's Victoria para Chino

Sundance winner Forty Shades of Blue Darren Burrows photo: FSOB LLC.

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