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'Super 8/12' Movie Review: Bruce LaBruce

Super 8 1/2 by Bruce LaBruce

After Federico Fellini's 8 1/2 but before Rob Marshall's Nine there was Bruce LaBruce's “8 3/4” – better known as Super 8 1/2, LaBruce's no-budget mix of cleverness, self-indulgence, and explicit sex.

Having just watched the film, my three biggest complaints are: a) at about 100 minutes, Super 8 1/2 is way too long; b) the lead character is hard to swallow (no pun intended); c) much of the dialogue is inaudible.

On the positive side, a handful of the supporting characters are quite funny, while LaBruce makes great use of pop songs to accompany the action – which mostly consists of people talking at the camera while reminiscing about down-on-his-luck former sex star Bruce (played by LaBruce himself).

And who was this Bruce guy?

Paraphrasing a lesbian documentary filmmaker (Stacy Friedrich) who “exploits” him, Bruce was an existentialist trapped in a (gay) porn-star's body, a swishy type who, Citizen Kane-like, may have been a genius or an asshole (or both); the mind behind and the penis in front of productions such as “I Am a Fugitive from a Gang Bang,” “Ride, Queer, Ride,” and “No Skin Off My Ass” (the title of a 1991 LaBruce-directed film; I'm not sure if the first two titles are matches as well).

It's too bad that its potential is left unrealized, for Super 8 1/2 could have been a great, daring comedy, treading on territory into which, say, John Waters, Paul Morrissey, and Andy Warhol never dared to venture. But with LaBruce's Bruce coming across as such an irritating figure, after half an hour I was no longer interested in hearing any more insights into his character traits. Boredom set in and wouldn't let go.

Yet, for those willing to sit through it, Super 8 1/2 offers several creative moments – e.g., an explicit (and bizarre) sex scene featuring Bruce and a driver whose car he steals (other sex scenes in the film, however, are a big yawn) – and some quirky, funny supporting performances, most notably those of Stacy Friedrich and Christeen Martin as incestuous lesbian sisters (I think).

Summing it up: Super 8 1/2 could have been an excellent experimental 30-minute short.

Super 8 1/2 (1995). Direction & Scr.: Bruce LaBruce. Cast: Bruce LaBruce, Stacy Friedrich, Mikey Mike, Nicholas Davies (a.k.a. Klaus von Brücker), Christeen Martin, Kate Ashley, Scott Thompson, Mike Gibb.

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1 Comment to 'Super 8/12' Movie Review: Bruce LaBruce

  1. balyer

    This can surely become one of the surprise hit of summer, 20011. I haven't had so much fun watching a movie since first seeing Close Encounters. Although, the movie's title can be quiet deceptive, the film itself is a must-see. Totally fun, exciting, adventurous, and thrilling. The special effects are mind-blowing, the kid's characters were believable, and the script was written to kept even the most calm natured, on the edge of their seats. The film is in fact a story within a story, but it never seems to lose its sense of reality blended in a very science fictional plot. Its early seventies setting has a sort of magical effect on the senses, a walk down memory lane with some of the hit songs played in the background. Do not cheat yourself. This is a must movie for the whole family to see.