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Close-Up (1990): Articles

'Close-Up' Review: Abbas Kiarostami Movie in Pantheon of Quasi-Documentaries

Abbas Kiarostami's Close-Up Abbas Kiarostami is one of those “name” non-American directors who is looked to as a god. The low-budget Nema-ye Nazdik / Close-Up is the second Kiarostami effort I have seen and it is an excellent film. [Note: spoilers ahead] Close-Up is a pseudo-documentary – not a mockumentary, even though it has been labeled as such. Written and directed by Kiarostami between the making of two bigger-budgeted projects, Close-Up shows what pouncing upon something that just happens can do for an artist. Sometimes it's not the force of creation, but the moment of recognition that defines when a piece of good art is wrought. Everyone in the film plays themselves, as the tale is putatively based upon real […]

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'Close-Up' Review: Abbas Kiarostami Movie in Pantheon of Quasi-Documentaries


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