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Drunken Angel (1948): Articles

'Drunken Angel': Akira Kurosawa in 'Unformed' Pre-Masterpiece Stage

Watching Akira Kurosawa's 1948 black-and-white effort Yoidore Tenshi / Drunken Angel is an interesting experience, for he clearly had not mastered the art form, yet. Even so, there is so much that is good in Drunken Angel – touches that would become great in just a few years. It's like looking at a fetus and seeing distinguishable characteristics of its parents, though none is fully formed. Additionally, the same could be said of the director's budding partnership with leading man Toshiro Mifune, partly because Mifune is not the film's main character. After all, the 'drunken angel' is played by Takashi Shimura, one of the best actors in film history - just watch Ikiru - and Kurosawa's leading male actor until […]

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'Drunken Angel': Akira Kurosawa in 'Unformed' Pre-Masterpiece Stage


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