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Les Misérables 1958: Articles

Danièle Delorme: Rare Woman Director's Muse & Pioneering Producer


Danièle Delorme: Pioneering woman director Jacqueline Audry's muse would eventually become a pioneering female movie producer. Remembering pioneering woman director's muse and pioneering woman producer Danièle Delorme Danièle Delorme, who died on Oct. 17, '15, at the age of 89 in Paris, is best remembered as the first actress to incarnate Colette's teenage courtesan-to-be Gigi and for playing Jean Rochefort's about-to-be-cuckolded wife in the international box office hit Pardon Mon Affaire. Yet few are aware that Delorme was featured in nearly 60 films – three of which, including Gigi, directed by France's pioneering woman filmmaker Jacqueline Audry, that country's sole major female director in the post-World War II years. Additionally, Delorme was seen in more than 20 stage plays and […]

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Danièle Delorme: Rare Woman Director's Muse & Pioneering Producer


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