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Summertime (1955): Articles

Katharine Hepburn: 'The Philadelphia Story,' 'Woman of the Year' Movie Career Landmarks

Katharine Hepburn ca. 1940: 'The Philadelphia Story,' 'Woman of the Year' were film career turning points. Katharine Hepburn in 'The Philadelphia Story,' 'Woman of the Year': Movie career landmarks on TCM Four-time Best Actress Academy Award winner Katharine Hepburn is having her own private “Summer Under the Stars” day on Aug. 20, '10. Although Turner Classic Movies will be presenting a number of her prestigious films – among them The Philadelphia Story, Woman of the Year, and Summertime – Hepburn Day doesn't quite make my pulse race. Of course, Hepburn could be an outstanding actress; the problem is that her RKO and MGM movies are always playing on TCM. So, Mr./Ms. TCM … In August 2011, what about a John […]

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Katharine Hepburn: 'The Philadelphia Story,' 'Woman of the Year' Movie Career Landmarks


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