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West of Zanzibar: Articles

Lon Chaney Films on TCM

This evening, Friday, June 29, Turner Classic Movies will screen three creepies: The Unholy Three (1925), West of Zanzibar (1928), and Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey / The Adventures of David Grey / Castle of Doom. The first two are silent Lon Chaney vehicles directed by Tod Browning at MGM; the third one is a German production directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer. I haven't seen Vampyr, yet, though if it's a Carl Dreyer film it must be watched at least once. The Danish-born Dreyer isn't the most accessible of filmmakers, but his films tend to be visually stunning. Indeed, Dreyer is a master when it comes to creating striking, unforgettable compositions. My chief problem with his work is […]

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Lon Chaney Films on TCM


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