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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Box Office International: $600 Million Milestone

The Dark Knight Rises box office Christian Bale Michael CaineThe Dark Knight Rises Passes $600 million milestone at the worldwide box office

The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman movie, is lagging far behind its predecessor, The Dark Knight, at the domestic box office. Outside North America, however, The Dark Knight Rises has far surpassed “Batman 2.” In fact, TDKR's international take has just passed the $600 million milestone overseas after adding $13 million in 64 markets. The film's international cume currently stands at an estimated $603.4 million (vs. TDK's $469.7 million), representing 58 percent of “Batman 3's"worldwide total. (Image: The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne / Michael Caine as Alfred.)

According to figures found at Box Office Mojo, The Dark Knight Rises' top international market by far (up to Sept. 2) is the United Kingdom, where TDKR is the year's top-grossing movie with $86.52 million. The UK is followed by the following: Australia with $43.03 million, China with $42.1 million (up to Sept. 9), South Korea with $41.99 million, France with $32.83 million, Germany with $31.95 million, Mexico with $30.71 million, Brazil with $26.1 million, and Japan with $24.11 million.

The Dark Knight Rises' estimated domestic cume is $437.84 million (vs. The Dark Knight's $533.34 million), for a worldwide grand total of $1.041 billion. TDKR is the no. 10 movie on Box Office Mojo's all-time worldwide box office chart, sandwiched between Rob Marshall / Johnny Depp / Penélope Cruz's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ($1,043.9 billion) and George Lucas / Ewan McGregor / Natalie Portman's Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace ($1.027 billion).

At this stage it's unclear whether or not TDKR will surpass nos. 7 and 8 on the list: Gore Verbinski / Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pixar's animated feature Toy Story 3.

Worldwide box office: Which Batman movie is ahead?

For comparisons sake: At no. 13 on the worldwide box office chart, The Dark Knight's total is $1.003 billion. However, adjusted for inflation* (a more accurate indication of ticket sales), in 2012 U.S. dollars The Dark Knight cumed at approximately $1,095.5 billion worldwide – $595.7 million domestic plus $499.7 million international. In other words, TDK remains about $52 million ahead of TDKR. (Note: Adjustments for the myriad currency-exchange fluctuations would be a long and laborious effort beyond our capabilities.)

The Dark Knight Rises cast

The Dark Knight Rises was directed by Christopher Nolan from a screenplay by Nolan and his brother, Jonathan Nolan, which was inspired by Charles Dickens' novel of the French Revolution A Tale of Two Cities. In addition to Christian Bale and Michael Caine, the TDKR cast includes Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Tom Conti, and Matthew Modine.

* The Dark Knight's inflation-adjusted domestic box office via the Box Office Mojo / National Theater Owners Association data; inflation-adjusted international box office via the U.S. Department of Labor's inflation index.

The Dark Knight Rises' China box office source: The Hollywood Reporter.

The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale / Michael Caine photo: Ron Philips / Warner Bros.

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  1. amarallio

    Not bad for a movie that some considered a “box office disappointment.” Christopher Nolan delivered the goods in “The Dark Knight Rises,” even if some felt it wasn't as good as “The Dark Knight.”