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Tiburon Film Festival 2007 Awards

6th Tiburon (Calif.) International Film Festival - 2007 Golden Reel Awards

2007 Tiburon International Film Festival: March 22-30.

Tiburon Film Festival 2007 Winners - Article


A White Ballad by Stefano Odoardi

Best Film: Una Ballata bianca / A White Ballad, Directed by: Stefano Odoardi (Italy)

Relatives by Istvan Szabó

Best Dir.: István Szabó, Rokonok / Relatives (Hungary)

Janne Virtanen in Frozen City

Best Actor: Janne Virtanen, Valkoinen Kaupunki / Frozen City (Finland)

Celine Bonnier in Forgive Me

Best Actress: Céline Bonnier, Délivrez-moi / Forgive Me (Canada)

Best Documentary: The Sermons of Sister Jane, Directed by: Irving Saraf, Allie Light, Carol Monpere (US)

Humanitarian Award: Rwanda. Through Us, Humanity…, (Directed by: Marie-France Collard) [Belgium]

Best Musical Documentary: Si Sos Brujo: A Tango Story, Directed by: Caroline Neal (Argentine)

Best Animation: Temerario, Directed by: Carl Zitelmann (UK)

Federico Fellini Award: Brigit Moller, Valerie (Germany)

Orson Welles Award: Janghun Troy Choi, Blind Love (US)

Luiz Gustavo, Luana Piovani in Romeo and Juliet Get Married

Best Comedy: O Casamento de Romeu e Julieta / Romeo and Juliet Get Married, Directed by: Bruno Barreto (Brazil)

Best Sports Film: Peel: The Peru Project, Directed by: Wes Brown & T.J. Barrack

Best Experimental Film: Quio: So Dazed, Directed by: Christine Lang (Germany)

Best Children's Film: The Tillamook Treasure, Directed by: Jane Beaumont Hall (US)

Best Short: Hero by Nature, Directed by: Roger Cantin (Canada)

Best Student Film: 365 Boots on Ground, Directed by: KC Wayland (US)

Best Music Video: King Without a Crown, Directed by: P.R. Brown (US)

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