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Tom Cruise 'Jack Reacher' Movie Trailer HD

Tom Cruise Jack Reacher movie trailer
Tom Cruise Jack Reacher movie trailer

Tom Cruise Jack Reacher movie trailer. The "international” trailer for the latest Tom Cruise movie, Jack Reacher, first appeared online a couple of days ago. Now comes the official Jack Reacher trailer for the North American market. And in HD, too. Well, make that the official “teaser trailer” for the Tom Cruise thriller. (Say that three times really fast, and then scroll down to check out the trailer.)

In Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise has the title role as a criminal investigator out to solve an unsettling mystery: five people have been shot dead. All evidence points to a lone military sniper. That is, until Jack Reacher uncovers some disturbing revelations.

One man, apparently the accused, explains in the trailer: Jack Reacher “doesn't care about proof. He doesn't care about the law. He only cares about what's right.” Lest audiences think Jack Reacher will be a paean to fascist cops like Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry and myriad facsimiles, Tom Cruise's Jack R. adds the following character analysis in the trailer: “You think I'm a hero? I'm not a hero. If you're smart, that scares you. Because I have nothing to lose.” Whether the violence that follows is supposed to be exciting or stomach-churning I'm not sure.

Jack Reacher movie cast

Based on Lee Child's novel One Shot (the movie's original title), and written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie (Valkyrie / The Usual Suspects), Jack Reacher also features Rosamund Pike, Jai Courtney, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkins, James Martin Kelly, David Oyelowo, Martin Raymond-James, Alexia Fast, and iconoclastic filmmaker Werner Herzog.

Jack Reacher opens in North America on Dec. 21. It opens later in the month in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, and several other countries. Tom Cruise's upcoming movie will reach Germany, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, and Sweden in January 2013.

Tom Cruise Jack Reacher movie trailer screengrab: Paramount Pictures.

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