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Robert Pattinson & Sexually Explicit 'Taxi Zum Klo': Torino Gay Film Festival

Boy in a Bathtub Maria Beatty
Leo's Room Enrique Buchichio

Maria Beatty's Boy in a Bathtub (top); Enrique Buchichio's Leo's Room (middle); João Gabriel Vasconcellos, Rafael Cardoso in Aluisio Abranches' From Beginning to End (bottom)

Maria Beatty will be honored with a screening of Boy in a Bathtub at the 2010 Torino GLBT Film Festival - Da Sodoma a Hollywood (Turin's GLBT Film Festival - From Sodom to Hollywood) on Wednesday, April 21

Set in 1920s Paris, Boy in a Bathtub tells the story of a courtesan who seduces a very young man – only to turn him into an androgynous “love slave,” with whom his/her mistress can do as she pleases.

Also at Torino, the international premiere of Rosa von Praunheim's New York Memories, in which the filmmaker, accompanied by his new partner, Oliver, follows the same terrain he covered two decades ago in Survival in New York. The new film features old archival footage of Andy Warhol, Divine, and Harvey Milk.

Uruguayan filmmaker Enrique Buchichio's semi-autobiographical feature debut El cuarto de Leo / Leo's Room follows a young man who can't quite find a satisfying romantic relationship in his life. He hasn't been lucky with women, but doesn't seem to be into guys, either. Things get more complicated in this melancholy comedy when he meets an old school girlfriend and her gay buddy.

Aluisio Abranches' controversial Do Começo ao Fim / From Beginning to End, an arthouse hit in Brazil, was screened on Tuesday. The drama revolves around the love affair between two hunky brothers.

Robert Pattinson Salvador Dali, Javier Beltran Federico Garcia Lorca Little Ashes
Eytan Fox Mary Lou drag queen
Taxi Zum Klo Frank Ripploh
Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali, Javier Beltrán as Federico Garcia Lorca in Paul Morrison's Little Ashes (top); Eytan Fox's Mary Lou (middle); Frank Ripploh's raunchy gay classic Taxi Zum Klo (bottom)

Other Torino screenings on Wednesday, April 21, include Paul Morrison's Little Ashes, starring Twilight idol Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali (!) and Javier Beltrán as Federico Garcia Lorca. Set in 1920s Spain, Dali is portrayed as a closet case in love with Lorca, who ended up killed by Franco sympathizers during the Spanish Civil War. Future filmmaker Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty) is depicted as an anti-gay grouch. Producer Carlo Dusi will be present at the screening. No word on Pattinson.

Eytan Fox's Mary Lou will have its international premiere at Torino as well. Fox, the director of Walk on Water and The Bubble, will present to introduce the film, described as a coming-of-age musical in which a young man moves to Tel Aviv where he becomes famous as a drag queen named Mary Lou. Music by Svika Pick.

Frank Ripploh's early gay classic Taxi zum Klo (Taxi to the Toilet), which is sort of like the sexually explicit gay male version of Looking Mr. Goodbar – minus the moralistic ending. Get ready for some kinky action if you decide to catch this one. Ripploh died of cancer in 2002.

In the “Focus: My God, religion and homosexuality” sidebar, Chaim Elbaum's And Thou Shalt Love and Haim Tabakman's Eyes Wide Open will be screened.

Also screening: Several Brazilian shorts, among them Ricky Mastro's O Mais Forte / The Strongest, Tarcísio Puiati's Garoto de Aluguel / Rent Boy, and Rafael Saar's Depois de Tudo / After Everything.

More information at the Torino GLBT Film Festival - Da Sodoma a Hollywood websote.

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  1. Donna H

    In LITTLE ASHES, Javier Beltran was excellent at portraying his character, a truly beautiful movie that didn't get the distribution it deserved.